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Faramir raised by Elves

By sheneya

Posted 28 August 2009

I would like a story, where Faramir was taken from his father after Finduilas passed, Authors choice whether the person who grabbed Faramir had good or bad intentions, and if they survive after taking him.

After the Elves get him/rescue him, depending on the person who took hims intention, they decide to raise him themselves, Author decides whether they know who he is, I like to give Authors as much freedom as possible.

I personally prefer it be Haldir who raises him, but any Elf you’d like to write is good.

I accept gen het and slash fic, so anyone who’s interested can write it.


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This request was made a long time ago, and I was looking through this challenges section when I found this. Right now I am writing a story called “Faramir’s Second Chance” in which Faramir is rescued by Elrond, and is taken to Rivendell. It is a work in progress and can be found at http://www.faramirfiction.com/Fiction/faramirs-second-chance

Great minds think alike! :)

— Morwen    23 December 2010, 08:15    #

Morwen- a good few year before this challenge was posted, I wrote a story —or started to write a story— like this too: Lorien Interlude, where Gandalf takes Faramir away from Gondor and brings him to Lothlorien to be raised by —amongst others— Haldir.

Iris    23 December 2010, 10:53    #

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