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I Can’t Breathe Without You (And I Don’t) (NC-17)

By eyeus; with Boromir

Faramir hears tell of a village, forsaken by the Valar, that can bring loved ones back to life. He sets out to determine the truth of this rumor himself.

Posted 1369 days ago | 15372 words | Comment

Work In Progress Refuge (R)

By Iris; with Unknown / Surprise Characters

Originally posted to celebrate the birthday of fabulously fantastic Minx, founder of this archive. Happy birthday darling!
Added: Part 7

Warnings: dubious content

Posted 1417 days ago | 2456 words | Comment [14]

Good Enough (R)

By Eora; with Aragorn

You are the light of my life.

Warnings: Slash and sexual scenes.

Posted 1468 days ago | 590 words | Comment [3]

A rabbit in a wolf's den (PG-13)

By Laivindur; with Éomer

Eomer and his men decides to have a bit of fun in the dark and boring forest long way from civilization. And Faramir is introduced to the games.

Posted 1529 days ago | 2951 words | Comment

Work In Progress Naval Training (NC-17)

By Nerey Camille; with Éomer

Faramir and Éomer experience together the hardships of life at sea. They are both young, noble, and seasick. Can they find comfort in each other?

Written for the 2011 Midsummer Retakes.

Added: Chapter 3

Warnings: Violence, injuries, acute misery, comfort sex (slash)

Posted 1558 days ago | 8901 words | Comment

A Conversation with the King (R)

By Eora; with Aragorn

Idle banter takes a more seductive turn and the soft furnishings are put to practical use.

Warnings: Slash, sexual scenes.

Posted 1567 days ago | 2621 words | Comment [3]

Of the First Joining (R)

By Geale; with Aragorn

And Faramir said: “For long have I loved you and desired you, and this act shall be the proof of my love; and my oath to serve you as you wish until the end of my days.”

If Tolkien had included a chapter about the events in Gondor after the War of the Ring in the Silmarillion, this is what it would have contained.

Warnings: Parody, slash & silliness!

Posted 1686 days ago | 2896 words | Comment [6]

Work In Progress Shattered illusions (R)

By Finduilas Minyatur; with Éowyn

How many times he repeated what had happened in his head he could not make it undone. He had hurt his wife, the one he swore to protect with all his power. He had lifted his hand and struck her fully aware of what he was doing.
Is Faramir really as loving and caring as so many seems to think? What if years of always comming second and never feeling anything else but ‘sufficient’ have become to much for him to handle?
Added: Chapter IV

Warnings: Domestic violence, child abuse

Posted 1692 days ago | 8607 words | Comment [9]

Work In Progress Daily brotherly love (G)

By Laivindur; with Boromir

Faramir is ordered to play a strategic board game with his older brother to make him more of a thinker than the rash doer.
Added: Chapter 4

Posted 1705 days ago | 3387 words | Comment

Work In Progress When a king wants it all (R)

By Laivindur; with Aragorn, Unknown / Surprise Characters

The chaos Faramir is put through when his King demands his best qualities as both handsome man and loyal steward.
Will he decide to stand up against his king for his own good? Or does someone else need to step in?

Warnings: Rape, MalexMale, hurt/comfort,

Posted 1733 days ago | 7383 words | Comment [6]

Work In Progress Grief and Hope (NC-17)

By Minx; with Aragorn

In the months after the war, Aragorn and Faramir find themselves drawn to each other. But Faramir has issues that need to be resolved.
Added: Chapter 10

Warnings: Slash, AU (Denethor!lives)

Posted 1737 days ago | 40330 words | Comment [76]

Practise Makes Perfect (R)

By Eora; with Aragorn

It’s not every day one becomes a king.

Warnings: Slash, sexual scenes.

Posted 1757 days ago | 11372 words | Comment [2]

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