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Call for Non-English Stories

Jun 16, 2008

2008 was declared the International Year of Languages by the United Nations, and as a site by and for authors, with language as our essential tool, we can only wholeheartedly support this noble cause.

At the same time—with the holiday season (nearly) upon us—some of us may be wishing they’d paid a little more attention at those language lessons all those years ago, or else, had done more to keep up that valuable knowledge. If only we could find something interesting to read in that nearly forgotten language… something appealing enough to keep us motivated through the tricky bits…

This archive tries to bring together all types of Faramir Fiction: in all flavours (gen, het and slash), all ratings, and all languages. We have had a non-English section for over three years, but so far it only holds one story, despite the fact that English is but a second (or third…) language to the majority of our visitors.

Therefore, we’d like to use this post to draw your attention to our non-English section, and hope you can help us fill it up some more. If you have written a story about Faramir, in whatever language, we’d love to hear about it! Please contact us at admin@faramirfiction.com if you’d like to share your work with our readers, either on our site or as a link to yours.
If you’re a member of a non-English site, forum or community where Faramir stories are posted and/or discussed, we’d be very grateful if you could refer to this post (—as long as it is within the site’s rules of course, we wouldn’t want you spamming on our behalf).

2 Comment(s)

好主意!Great idea! :)

dream.in.a.jar    17 June 2008, 16:54    #


So… Will you provide the first entry in our Chinese section?

Iris    18 June 2008, 11:40    #

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