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Feb 28, 2009

balloonToday, February 28, 2009, it’s exactly five years ago that the Faramir Fiction Archive was born. On this day five years ago, a first version was put together by one half of your friendly admin duo and a link emailed to the other half. The site was unveiled to the public 5 days later, on March 4, 2004.

We’d like to thank you all for being a part of these five years, whether as a writer, or an artists, or a reader!

Last year, on the archive’s fourth anniversary, we asked all authors and artists to riffle thought their hard drives, memory sticks and notebooks and see if they had any nearly finished, or simply never posted, stories or artwork that they could post in the 5 days. This year, we’d like to ask all the readers to do something back for the authors and artists whose work built this archive.

If you’ve enjoyed the stories and pictures at this site over the past five years, please take a moment during the next couple of days to think back of your favourite stories or pictures, and show your appreciation by either leaving a comment or a ‘thank you’ for the author/artist. To make commenting extra easy for even the most persistent lurkers, it’s not necessary to leave a name or email address when you post a comment this week (though we still encourage you do to add at least an email address to ensure the author/artist can get back to you – email addresses are never displayed on the site).

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Thanks to everyone who posted comments or thank-yous over the past weeks! (And please, keep it up!)

12 Comment(s)

Thank you for a beautiful archive!

I only wish there were even more participants, but I am not the only reader to appreciate all the work the archivist(s) and the authors put into this.

Thank you and many happy returns!

—    1 March 2009, 05:44    #

Thank you for putting together this archive. I’ve really enjoyed the many amazing stories over the years and it’s wonderful having an archive where I don’t have to slog through tonnes of fics to find my favourite character.

—    1 March 2009, 06:14    #

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your hardwork with this archive. I remember when this all started – it’s really hard to believe it was five years ago. It’s so nice to have many of the best stories out there all located in the same place – I find myself frequently returning to reread my favourites and to see what’s new. Thanks again for your dedication!!

—    1 March 2009, 18:19    #

Thank you darlings! We’re very happy to hear you enjoy the site – we also hope it’ll grow and grow, and can’t quite believe it’s been five years already.

Now if you haven’t done so already, please go look up all your all-time favourite stories and art and let the authors and artists know how much you enjoyed their work — they deserve it! After all, without out their contributions, this site would be nothing but a useless, empty shell.

admin    1 March 2009, 19:26    #

Thank you for this beautiful place to dream and enjoy the results of all those genial peoples’ talents. I’ve found so many lovely stories here – things to think about, to laugh about and not so rarely to cry about – but all of them beautyful. Thank you all!
And – many happy returns!

— Minkicat    1 March 2009, 19:28    #

I think I joined Faramirfiction about six or seven months ago and I’m still amazed and impressed! You’re doing such, such a good job with this site and you deserve all the praise you can get! —praises— Thank you!

— Geale    4 March 2009, 13:44    #

Minkicat – thanks for you kind words and for all your comments: without these contributions from the readers such as yours this archive would be a bleak and boring place, and I doubt many writers would want to post here – so again, thank you very much!

Geale – thank you! You’re a fabulous addition to this site, a real star! Whenever we start to fear the interest in Faramir might be dwindling, a hero like you stands up and puts our minds at ease: this site will be here for a few years yet!

Thank you both-

admin    4 March 2009, 14:37    #

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
This archive is the one sweet home for me to return to night after night over the five years.
Thank you!

dream.in.a.jar    5 March 2009, 15:35    #

This is my favorite archive, and the only one I check consistently. From the elegant way you’ve set it up to the quality of the writers attracted and archived here, well done. It seems the site mirrors Faramir himself – separate and contemplative, moving between sorrow and searing passion, but always with intelligence and attention to detail. You’ve created and nurtured that and invited us all in to enjoy it. Thank you.

— Vanwa Hravani    9 March 2009, 19:08    #

dream.in.a.jar – thank you sweetie! I hope you’ll keep coming back again and again… and perhaps the next five years will even see our first Chinese language story (hint, hint;))

Vanwa Hravani – oh my, you do know how to push all the right buttons, don’t you?! Thanks for your kind words, and of course for your wonderful contributions to the site!

admin    10 March 2009, 23:12    #

What is wonderful about this archive is the way it allows us to watch so many talented writers “grow” their work over time. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to make comments here: thank you all very much for making it possible!

— ebbingnight    11 March 2009, 05:43    #

Ebbingnight – thank you! We hope to be here for many more years, and see many more authors develop and hone their skills. Thank you for keeping them motivated with all your lovely comments!

admin    14 March 2009, 14:08    #

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