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Four Years!

Feb 28, 2008

balloon Today, February 28, 2008, it’s exactly four years ago that the Faramir Fiction Archive was born. On this day four years ago, a first version was put together by one of your friendly admin duo and a link emailed to the other half. The site was unveiled to the public 5 days later, on March 4, 2004.

To celebrate four years of great Faramir goodness, we’d like to ask all authors and artists who have contributed in the past, as well as those who may have thought of entering there work, but never quite got around to it, to rummage round their harddrives and see if they can find anything – story, art or challenge, of any length – that could be in the archive, but isn’t… and send it in during the next couple of days. That way we could have a 5-day posting fest, much like we had four years ago, when we were setting up this archive.

If you’re not an author or artist, but just come here to read and look at pretty pictures, you can still contribute: your comments are an important building block of this archive! So try to think back of the stories and pictures you’ve enjoyed most over the years, look them up again and – if you haven’t already – add your comments: it’s your feedback that keeps authors and artist motivated!
And if the story you’d most like to see is not yet in the archive, but rather in your head, consider entering a challenge.

So if you have any previously un-archived Faramir stories and artwork (we accept all ratings, as long as Faramir plays a major part), please send it to admin@faramirfiction.com – we hope you will!

And here’s to four more years!

6 Comment(s)

Well done 4 years and still going strong! I posted my only other Faramir centred story to date. I like 4th age stories about Faramir and his relationship with Aragorn and Legolas but they should have happy endings. Anyone one like to take that up as a challenge?

— HeriTavaril    28 February 2008, 20:41    #


Thank you – for both your kind words and your story! (And I know there are many more fans of happy endings out there…)

Admin    28 February 2008, 22:18    #

I would like to congratulate you on 4 YEARS!!!!!YAHOOOOO!!!!!! I love the balloons. They are great.

— balrog    5 March 2008, 21:11    #

Thanks Balrog! And glad you like the balloons :))

Admin    8 March 2008, 12:10    #

Happy Birthday! Wow! Four years! Thank you Admins for the great works you put to maintain and promote the site! I love it!

dream.in.a.jar    8 March 2008, 15:11    #

@ dream.in.a.jar: Thank you very much for your kind wishes, and thank you for all your contributions – couldn’t have made it without people like you: it’s the authors, artists and commenters that make a site like this.

Admin    10 March 2008, 21:58    #

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