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Looking for a fic with Gothmog

Apr 03, 2011

Lauderdale is looking for a story with Faramir and the orc Gothmog:

It was a Gen story (neither romance nor rape) featuring Gothmog and Faramir. It takes place in the aftermath of the failed sortie at Osgiliath, as depicted in the movie. It ends with Gothmog tying Faramir to his horse and swatting the beast on its way back to Minas Tirith as a parting insult to Faramir and implicit taunt of the Citadel. I believe but cannot remember if it was from Gothmog’s perspective as well as Faramir’s.

If you think you know who wrote it and/or where it can be found, please contact us a admin@faramirfiction.com or comment below!

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Being a Gothmog fan, I had gotten curious as to the fanfic that you are looking for. So, I decided to search around for a little and I stumbled on this..

I do not know if this is the one that you are searching for, but I hope it helps. :)


— Nazgurl    8 April 2011, 23:41    #

Fribble, I don’t think it’s the right Gothmog. I’m not sure.. :(

— Nazgurl    8 April 2011, 23:49    #

No, that’s not it, but it warms my heart that you looked. Thank you for commenting!

Plus, you’ve reminded me of this story. I was reading “A Bit of Rope” by Aiwendiel but have fallen far behind on it – somewhere around chapter 32.

If you are a Gothmog fan, you might be interested in “All in the glow of the Mountain” by Angel of Spiders. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1654822/1/All_in_the_glow_of_the_Mountain

Thank you again for looking! I continue my search as well…

The Lauderdale    9 April 2011, 17:03    #

You’re welcome :)

I shall continue my search as well.

And yup! I’m quite familiar with that story! It’s a shame there hasn’t been any new chapters of that fanfic in a long time.. :( It was VERY interesting and his personality was rather.. Unique(I especially loved the part where he and his son were in the tavern. :) ) it was definitely a rarity when it comes to fics with Gothmog in it.

It’s a shame, really. I like Gothmog!

— Nazgurl    11 April 2011, 14:56    #


— Annawen E    12 April 2011, 09:48    #

THAT’S IT. The very one! So, he’s not named Gothmog per se in the fic, but it is in fact the same character based on the description. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

Thank you, Annawen, for finding this for me, and thank you, Faramir Fiction Archive people, for posting this search on your web site. I have been looking for this story a long time.

The Lauderdale    12 April 2011, 19:13    #

And you can see how single-minded my Orc interest is. Gothmog’s POV is not used, and this does not end with Faramir being dragged behind his horse. It has an entire second chapter…

The Lauderdale    12 April 2011, 19:20    #

No problem, The Lauderdale. The second I saw your message I knew that’s what you were looking for. Nobody’s memory is perfect, but your description was detailed and close enough to the mark that I could tell what you meant. Glad to be of service!

— Annawen E    12 April 2011, 22:04    #

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