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Feb 16, 2007

Lately we’ve noticed more and more hits coming from handheld devices — so it was about time for a decent mobile edition.

Until now, mobile visitors would see the site stripped of all formatting (Firefox users: for an idea of what the site looks like nekkid, select ‘View’ > ‘Page Style’ > ‘No Style’).
That was workable, but not pretty.

Now we’ve made a custom handheld stylesheet, cutting out some elements that would only clutter up the small screen, but bringing back some others that add colour and whatnot.

So far this has only been tested on Blazer (Palm’s standard browser) and Opera Mini. (As it turns out, friends and family are far more likely to give you some alone time with their old computers than their shiny new handhelds…) If the site looks a disaster on your device, please let us know.

PS: Of course, feeds are always great on the go too.

2 Comment(s)

Fantastic! Now one can go to any boring meetings by reading something really hot WITHOUT passing company‚Äôs firewall…

dream.in.a.jar    17 February 2007, 04:06    #

Oh, you are naughty! I just like reading in the train, or at home, in bed or in the bath.
(Say things like that and one wonders why a wicked mind like yours doesn’t sprout more naughty stories… ;) )

Happy New Year! :@)

iris    19 February 2007, 12:16    #

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