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May 18, 2006

Our host moved the site to a different server yesterday, which resulted in some downtime, ranging from mere minutes to several hours, depending on your ISPs propagation cycle. (The move itself was done in minutes, but in order for your computer to find the site at the new location, your internet service provider needs to learn where it is again, and they renew their records every so many hours.)

So yesterday we cursed our host for not telling us about the move in advance, but were glad all had gone well.
Today, however, we found out that all was not well at all, and that some of our longer stories (War of the Wizards, Warriors of Gondor, ...) had gone missing.

Turned out that the database settings on the new server were ever so slightly different from those on the old one, and that the new database didn’t like large packets. And that the most recent backup that would work was the one from May 9th.

So there we are, it’s May 9th. I’ll restore the fics that have been posted / updated since then, but unfortunately all comments posted since May 9th cannot be restored.
Appologies to everyone who commented recently. Your comments have been emailed to the people whose work you commented on, so they know, it is just the site’s copy that has now been lost.
And please keep on commenting – authors love comments, it keeps them motivated to write!

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Nothing is really easy and simple now a days, especially when a database is involved. (just had a similar nightmarish battle with different databases today at work). Sorry you have to manually “remind” the DB of things had happened since May 9th. Hope such unexpected move won’t happen too often.
And thank you for the admin works you put for this site!


dream.in.a.jar    18 May 2006, 22:52    #

Not very much had happened since the 9th, so I only had to update 3 articles. It’s as a famous Dutch philosopher once put it: every disadvantage has its advantage…

Iris    18 May 2006, 23:07    #

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