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Six years of Faramir Fiction

Mar 04, 2010

six!Today, February 28, 2010, it’s exactly six years ago that the Faramir Fiction Archive was born. On this day six years ago, a first version was put together by one half of your friendly admin duo and a link emailed to the other half. The site was unveiled to the public 5 days later, on March 4, 2004.

We’d like to thank you all for being a part of these six years, whether as a writer, or an artists, or a reader!

Last year, on the archive’s fifth anniversary, we asked all readers to go back to their all-time favourite fics and pics and let those authors and artists know how much they appreciate their work. Two years ago, we asked all authors and artists to riffle thought their hard drives, memory sticks and notebooks and see if they had any nearly finished, or simply never posted, stories or artwork that they could post in the 5 days. This year, we’d like to ask everyone about the one story they think is still missing from the archive — in other words, we’d love to hear your plot bunnies!

If you have an idea for a Faramir story, please share it with us by commenting below. Your idea can be anything from a one line prompt to a full-fletched plot — something you’ve been thinking about for years or something you’ve thought up on the spot. We’ll gather up all ideas and post them on our Challenges page, and hopefully they will inspire someone to write!

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Congratulations! I found this page not very long ago but fell in love with it at once. All stories here are simply incredible and I want to tell you, dear admin, thank you for that excellent site! Of course, I have some ideas for challenges page. :))

— Anastasiya    1 March 2010, 07:31    #

It’s great to have you aboard, Anastasiya. And do share your bunnies! Here’s what I’ve been toying with lately:

Éowyn returns to Minas Tirith (or their home in Ithilien; doesn’t really matter) a few days earlier than expected, late at night, covered in mud and reeking of horse. So before finding her husband to let him know she’s back, she goes to clean up. While she’s washing off the dirt of the road, she hears voices, moans coming out of her bedroom. She peeks around the door and sees her husband sharing their marital bed with Aragorn, of all people.
First she’s angry and jealous — she’s had a crush on Aragorn for years, but he rejected her; and now he’s finally in her bed, but with Faramir?! But then she realizes how hot they look together, and soon enough she’s moaning along with them, which of course gives her away. At that point —after some grumbling an name-calling perhaps— I think they ought to invite her to join them;)
So yeah, total PWP, but slash with a smidgen of het, the latter I think this archive needs more of.

Iris    1 March 2010, 09:54    #

Congratulations! This is such an amazing site – I’m quite addicted. You take care of it so professionally, you’re easy to get in touch with and you have lots of patience with people such as myself who is still convinced the Internet doesn’t really exist. The ambiance is so friendly and positive and the site’s pretty too. So lots and lots of love!
But, oh, I’m terribly bad at coming up with challenges (I do like yours, Iris). So, I challenge anyone to pair Faramir with… Legolas, I think, in a story that contains at least three – green – apples (possible more, but definitely green), a huge mirror, a tiny book and one boot. Absolutely no mpreg and no dogs allowed! There’s no need to take this request seriously at all but all items must appear. And it doesn’t have to be a steamy romance either… as long as the apples are green.

Geale    3 March 2010, 17:24    #

Ok, I also have a challenge.
I would like to see jealousy. Boromir’s jealousy…
I want Faramir to be especially attractive and alluring to him and at the same time Boromir to be a very strong man who is able to fight with his affection to his own brother. Until he saw Faramir with another man, I think. Maybe with Aragorn, maybe not. And then it must be jealousy, all-absorbing love and great feelings. Interesting, whom Faramir would choose? Yes, he has to choose. Or Boromir or someone else, not both. No, it mast be not Aragorn, he is too handsome man to refuse!

— Anastasiya    4 March 2010, 18:31    #

Congratulations! I love this site and think it’s great that we can all come together and enjoy Faramir Fiction. I’m pretty bad at plot bunnies but I’ll give it a try. It would have to be a Faramir/Haldir pairing since that’s my favorite. It can have anything you want fluf, steamy action, maybe Denethor is alive and causing problems. Anything you want so long as there is a happy ending.

— waterwolf    5 March 2010, 07:35    #

Congratulations, I LOVE this site, I am not myself a writer (in french, perhaps, but not in english!!!!) but I would like very, very much read a fabulous, long, realistic and with suspense, love story between Faramir and Aragorn (post-war) with, also, an happy ending.!!!!

— sophie    5 March 2010, 17:01    #

Congratulations! Thank you so much for this site. I am so thakfull for it. It has done so much för me.
I have tried to write stories of my own, but right now there is too much going on with my life for me to have the energy to write for myself.

I have a challenge, or a request rather, I would like to see a story set before the war.
Faramir is eleven and has just begun with more serious military training. He is known to the soldiers and the cadettes just as Boromr’s brother and the Steward’s youngest and lesser son. They see him as a weak and scared boy who would much rather read and write than fight.
Boromir has left for hoarstraining i Edoras so there is no one there for him.
After being hurt both physically and mentaly by both his father and the cadettes too many times he runs away.
Starving, lost and exhausted he stumbles into someone of free choice (not Boromir). What will happen next is also free and it does not have to be a happy ending.

Again, Thank you Minx and Iris for starting this site. It sound so cheap with just a thank you when I want to say so much more but my vocabulary is too limited.

With love

— Ingrid    5 March 2010, 19:54    #

This site has been pretty cool to me for while now – I feel it’s got me through some stuff by allowing my mind to wander down paths not affected by everyday problem and also allowed my writing style to develop somewhat – which is a good thing I can tell you.

Challenge wise – it’s been seen on here every once in a while, but never really gone anywhere – I’d really like it if faramir get taken away from Gondor for whatever reason (denethor, war, etc) when he was youngish and grows up in Lothlorien or Rivendell, with everyday life stuff, a bit of comfort/angst and Aragorn? yep, Aragorn! (it wouldn’t work with Beregond… =[)

Thank you everyone on here for creating a expansive and well maintained (and smooth-looking) site. I’m highly appreciative and very grateful to you all – truly.

— AlexW    8 March 2010, 02:15    #

I would like to say Thank You for everyone who’s been posting Faramirfiction. This site has been one of my greatest favorites since I found it, nearly 6 years ago.

Thank You also admins giving the possibility to read best fics ever!

— Kiissu    8 March 2010, 07:36    #

Thank you all for those kind words and your lovely challenges!

And Sophie — stories in French are also very welcome here!

admin    11 March 2010, 20:16    #

I discovered this website not so long ago and now I am addicted! :)
I wanted to make a challenge, but my plot bunnies do not want to leave my computer.
Thanks to all the writers.

— lille mermeid    19 March 2010, 00:18    #

Six years! What an achievement! Congratulations! And thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you for all your passion and hard works in building and maintaining this site! This archive is more than just a site for me; it is a living world of the Middle Earth. And in this world, imaginations run wild! So I could not think of a “missing” story from this archive!

However, I do like to read an epic, “The Tale of Genji” kind of epic. In which Faramir can be portrait as the charming Genji, Faramir’s passion of his life long forbidden love to his own brother, would be similar to Genji’s love of his stepmother. (Well, just some silly thoughts from me!)

Thank you again dear ladies for your dedication to this site over the years!

dream.in.a.jar    23 March 2010, 16:13    #

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