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The Night before the Coronation (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

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This picture is inspired by the fics of the wonderful and skilled Eora and my personal tribute/offering/gift in the hope that it will be pleasing.

The fic I had in mind will probably never be written (I would feel like poaching in somebody else´s territory), but if there was a blurb, it would say approximately that (in a more appropriate language):

It´s not an everyday´s event to be crowned as a king, not even for Aragorn. Especially not for Aragorn. Rightful heir or not, that doesn’t change the fact that he spent most of his life in the wilderness and has no idea how that stuff goes. What if he spoils the whole thing? What if he does something really really stupid? So the night before the coronation he wanders around restlessly, fretting about the upcoming event. Until he meets a friendly soul who has never witnessed a coronation either, since the last king has reigned more than 800 years ago, but is familiar with the courtly protocol and ready to help his future king out. Just imagine him saying something like “No worries, it´s not as bad as it looks like. Just give me a minute to get that crown and then we go through the whole procedure and bang! Bob is your uncle.” Okay, imagine a less slangy version. But generally it´s true.1

Technique: Water Colours

1 A way less slangy. But you got the point.

Posted Nov 17, 2012

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4 Comment(s)

SHRIEK!!! Oh my!!!!! And you say this is inspired by my writing? I don’t know what to say! I’m honestly (for once) speechless! Honestly it’s such an honour, thank you so much for this wonderful treat at the end of a very long and trying day :D

Is it wrong that I…really want to write this little fic? Haha, but of course I’d never dream of stepping on your toes, for it is your idea and you’ve captured the main scene far better than I ever could hope to do with mere words on a page. It’s such a warm scene, so tender; I wonder if they have been dancing around one another for a while, smitten, but only now when Aragorn confesses his nerves do they finally find the perfect opportunity to get a little closer, and of course get in the much-needed rehearsal :P I love this so much, the detail of the crown and the candlestick and the cosiness of the whole image is just so perfect (I know you probably didn’t intend this but I’m imagining that Aragorn’s cloak is just a bedsheet they’ve appropriated for the purpose!) Thank you, thank you again! :)

Eora    Saturday 17 November 2012, 20:31    #

Would you…oh my goodness, would you really do this? Never in my wildest dreams I would have ever hoped… okay, secretly I had the faintest, slightes, tiniest hope of all you might like it and agree to write the story… it´s not that I had not spent hours making up what they might say to each other (like “and then they say this and then you say that and then you can sing a littlle song or something; it´s not in the protocol, but it would be such a nice and touching gesture, exactly what people expect from an event like that. Just make sure it looks spontaneous.”) But as I said, I feel like this being your domain, not to mention that I couldn´t hold a candle to your skills anyway. So… if you would like to make me feel very honoured and incredibly happy – please, go on and do it! :D

Haha, yes, the cloak… Believe it or not, but that was exactly what I intended! On the contrary, I was already worrying that the cloak wouldn´t look enough like a bedsheet! XD I guess they also found replacement ceremonial staffs and replacement ceremonial parchments, all in order to make it feel more realistic. XD

The candlestick, I admit, is part of my own little household. ;) I felt there should be something in the foreground and it was just close at hand. My drawing teacher must never know it, otherwise she might have some nasty ideas… all those freaking spirals! XD

I hope you are better now, my dear? Diseases have left you to visit somebody else (like: your bosses for example)? And saying this I firmly forbid to you stress yourself with writing e-mails and doing anything else than what your heart desires. :) Quoth The Raven. Get well soon!

— raven22372    Sunday 18 November 2012, 14:52    #

I only have one question, why does your Faramir talk like a Kiwi? ;) Though no, I have another one, why the heck is he still wearing his trousers when the King-to-be is so blatantly naked (who counts the cloak? let alone the bedsheet, hehe)? What’s with that, huh, huh?

I wonder also if the King will be able to sit on the throne properly after their nightly practice xD

To say something less lewd though, I really like the idea of Aragorn being crowned in a fashion simila to this, as opposed to just popping it on his own head like in the film. It shows more humility and nobility this way, imho. And despite all the apparent nudity and nudity-to-be, there’s still so much purity and holiness in this picture, just lovely really

AND I’d definitely love to see this story written, uh-huh

December    Saturday 15 December 2012, 23:15    #

We-eee-eell, perhaps you would prefer him talk like an Australian? ;)

And the other question is easy to answer. See, while Aragorn was snuggling up in his cuddly kingsize bed, full of sorrow and anticipation, Faramir hurried through the hallways to fetch the corpus delicti (i.e. the crown), wherefore he was well-advised to wear his pants in order to not draw any redundant attention because of indecent behaviour in public. And furthermore: considering Faramir´s posture in the picture we might come to the conclusion that the same but textile-free pose might transport a slightly too free-swinging attitude, not quite fitting the gravity of the situation. X)

And for the third: You might have noticed that during the coronation ceremony in the movie Aragorn receives his crown STANDING… now you know the reason! XD

Many thanks for your kind words… regarding the holiness, that reminds me of a distant friend who saw that and the “Healing” picture without knowing the context and called them both ´biblical`. Given that he´s a faithful Christian, I wonder how he managed to blank out certain aspects… XDDD

— raven22372    Sunday 16 December 2012, 10:25    #

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