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Dream in a Jar

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Written by Dream in a Jar; with Boromir

POV of a white tree who spent her whole life in Ithilien for the entire Third Age, and her encounters with the most beloved two sons of Gondor.

Posted Jul 09, 2005 | 3120 words | Comment

Written by Dream in a Jar; with Rúmil

Faramir met a mysterious elf in a misty land.
Written for the 2007 Midwinter Swap.

Warnings: hint of sibling incest

Posted Dec 22, 2007 | 4990 words | Comment [4]

Challenges by this author

Challenge: 6th Anniversary Challenge: Faramir as Genji

By Dream in a Jar; with Boromir

I do like to read an epic, The Tale of Genji kind of epic. In which Faramir can be portrait as the charming Genji, Faramir’»»»

Posted 1 April 2010 in: challenges | Comment


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