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Written by Liz; with Boromir

Faramir wishes his brother’s touch was not so dark

Warnings: Incest, non-con

Posted Nov 04, 2005 | 1030 words | Comment [4]

Written by Liz; with Denethor

First part of a trilogy continued by Thief in the Night and When Night Falls

Warnings: Incest

Posted Nov 04, 2005 | 2401 words | Comment

Written by Liz; with Aragorn, Imrahil

Scars from war are long to linger

Warnings: angst

Posted Oct 08, 2005 | 9762 words | Comment

Written by Liz; with Imrahil

After being refused his nephew, Imrahil decides on a second prize.

Warnings: incest, blackmail, and a tad of non-con

Posted Apr 04, 2004 | 7656 words | Comment


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