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6th Anniversary Challenge: Éowyn!

By Iris

Posted 13 March 2010

Éowyn returns to Minas Tirith (or their home in Ithilien; doesn’t really matter) a few days earlier than expected, late at night, covered in mud and reeking of horse. So before finding her husband to let him know she’s back, she goes to clean up. While she’s washing off the dirt of the road, she hears voices, moans coming out of her bedroom. She peeks around the door and sees her husband sharing their marital bed with Aragorn, of all people.

First she’s angry and jealous — she’s had a crush on Aragorn for years, but he rejected her; and now he’s finally in her bed, but with Faramir?! But then she realizes how hot they look together, and soon enough she’s moaning along with them, which of course gives her away. At that point —after some grumbling an name-calling perhaps— I think they ought to invite her to join them;)

So yeah, total PWP, but slash with a smidgen of het, the latter I think this archive needs more of.

Archivist’s Note: December has taken up this challenge, resulting in Hungry Eyes and a Blade of Steel (Work in Progress) (but please don’t let that stop you from writing another version! ;) – iris).

This is a challenge posted in celebration of this archive’s 6th Anniversary — please keep them coming!


2 Comment(s)

excellent idea!

— Azalia D.    Tuesday 11 May 2010, 3:15    #


iris    Monday 6 September 2010, 16:02    #

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