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6th Anniversary Challenge: Green Apples

By Geale

Posted 13 March 2010

I challenge anyone to pair Faramir with… Legolas, I think, in a story that contains at least three – green – apples (possible more, but definitely green), a huge mirror, a tiny book and one boot. Absolutely no mpreg and no dogs allowed! There’s no need to take this request seriously at all but all items must appear. And it doesn’t have to be a steamy romance either… as long as the apples are green.

This is a challenge posted in celebration of this archive’s 6th Anniversary — please keep them coming!


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Uhm…I wrote one. It is called Fates Mirror. I did read this yesterday night and somehow, it did not let me think of anything else since. So I wrote one last night.
Since I am Native German, it would need a Beta reader for sure and it is slightly AU too… I somehow do not think it is what you had in mind in the first place…however; if you still want it, I would give it to you gladly. _

Suryallee    Saturday 7 January 2012, 13:08    #

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