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A Welcoming Family

By Nerey Camille

Posted 19 October 2010

Faramir is an unhappy child because of Denethor’s treatment of him, so Gandalf decides to take him away to Lothlórien (how he convinces or fools Denethor is up to you). Galadriel and Gandalf have been lovers for ages, and they foster and love the boy as their own. But when the young human is nearing manhood, he begins to feel a strong physical desire towards both his step-parents (Gandalf can take the appearance of a young beautiful Maia whenever he feels like it, and so is very, very attractive). Maybe Faramir finds them in bed, maybe he is just envious of their affection for each other – you decide. But I’d like the three of them to end up sleeping together, preferably this being Faramir’s first sexual experience.

Bonus points if you draw a funny misunderstanding out of Gandalf’s Maia appearance, Faramir thinking at first he’s some handsome unknown elf or something. I’d love you to put in some gorgeous sex scenes, a lot of psychological emotions and some funny situations. But then I’d be honoured with any version of this story.


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