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The Steward's Bride

By Nerey Camille

Posted 19 October 2010

Let’s suppose Éowyn died after slaying the Witch-king (or stayed in Rohan, or never existed at all), and so Faramir never got to know her. Who would Faramir have married then? A noble Gondorian woman is the first idea to come to my mind, but please feel free to choose or invent a character from another country or indeed another race – as long as it is a female (not Arwen or Galadriel, please). I would like to have a love story, and I would like to know why he falls for this particular being and she for him. I’d like them to end up happily married, but you can introduce as many obstacles/angst/hardships as you want before that. They can be in love long before the War of the Ring, or meet long after. Otherwise I would prefer the story to be as book-canon as possible regarding events and Faramir’s character.


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He would have married me, of course Er, never mind, that was just, like, a stray thought. Totally no idea where it came from, not like I had ever imagined…

Anyway… I find this very interesting and relevant. Frankly, it has always irked me he had not married till he was 37, and I had come up with quite a few fancy reasons as to why. Of course, Boromir who was even older had not married at all, but then Boromir wasn’t much into women (that’s not a flight of my imagination, see the Appendices :)))) – but Faramir was different, apparently. So, why…?

It totally breaks my heart to think that if he had not met someone so extraordinary and unusual like Eowyn, he would have stayed single for the rest of his life! So maybe there was someone, long before her… But they couldn’t be together, because… because she was married to someone else! It would have been an arranged marriage, of course, and she would love Faramir, not her elderly abusive husband… But then the old geezer would die in the War, and then…

Just thinking aloud, you know :) In any case, I really like this idea, and would love to see it explored!

December    Monday 25 October 2010, 8:43    #

Why that’s certainly an idea! And as for why he would not have married you, well first you don’t live in Middle Earth and then of course I would have married him (except that I don’t live there either and I don’t think much of living near Sauron). Hrhm. Seems that unholy diabolical thoughts are invading us out of nowhere. Anyway.

I hope “someone” gives us a story out of this, but of course I’m absolutely not pointing at anyone in particular, least of all you.

Nerey Camille    Monday 25 October 2010, 12:12    #

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