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In the Jungle

By Nerey Camille

Posted 4 March 2011

The Ring has been destroyed, but only after Sauron’s armies have defeated the host of the Men of the West before the Black Gate. So now the Dark Lord is gone, Aragorn and Gandalf are dead and the world, including Gondor, is ruled by the Haradrim. Like many others, Faramir is sent to the south of Harad into forced labor. That region is a jungle, hot and damp, the home of the Mûmakil (and the mosquitoes). There Faramir meets an original female character (woman, Elf or Maia, you choose). They become friends and plan to escape together. In the course of their adventures love may arise, as well as other needs (!), but that’s up to you. I sure have no problem with some hot sex in this story. I’d like to feel the oppressiveness of those green, dense, tropical regions. Any rating, and the end of the story is up to you.


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