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Lord Faramir’s Lover

By December

Posted 3 April 2011

Totally AU, and totally inspired by (read ‘based on’) one of my favourite love-stories1, and incidentally one of my favourite films with Sean Bean (faints)2.

Prince Faramir is living in his Ithilien estate with Lady Éowyn his wife – and their marriage is only seemingly enviable. Éowyn had barely survived her first labour (it is up to you whether they managed to save the child) – so Faramir and she have decided to abstain from trying to have another baby. Soon their relationship begins to deteriorate, frustration and misunderstanding growing like mushrooms after a rain.

Faramir feels trapped and depressed in the walls of the house, and begins to spend more and more time away, i.e. out in the calming peaceful woods of Ithilien. It is there he gradually comes to befriend his low-born game-keeper Boromir (nah, don’t tell me you didn’t expect that). So, no, Boromir is not his brother – but character-wise he is still perfectly Boromir, of course, and an ex-soldier by the way.

The man is gruff and unfriendly at first, wary of his noble master, and their relationship is hardly more than an awkward mutual tolerance – but it quickly grows into a tentative friendship as soon as they dare to open up a bit. And then other developments start to take place. I would please like there to be lots of angst and mad passion in the process.

Both come to realise soon enough that there is more than carnality between them – each is lonely in his own way, and needs true warmth and companionship, a lover in the full meaning of the word. So, naturally, more angst…

I don’t know how you choose to wrap this up. Maybe in accordance with the classic plot, what with them running away to start a new life (but no pregnancies, please!) – or maybe you would decide on something else. Pretty much a carte-blanche for you here.

It would be nice to have some of those fabulously erotic scenes included, i.e. Faramir spying on Boromir washing himself out in the yard; and Faramir getting romped against a tree after they have an argument; and the lovers running merrily through the woods in the pouring rain, collecting wild-flowers…

P.S. If this is all a little confusing and you’re not sure which story I’m referring to, but you like the challenge, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll clear everything up!


1 Lawrence, D. H. (1960). Lady Chatterley’s Lover. London: Penguin Books.

2 Russell, K. (1993). Lady Chatterley. London Films/Global Arts Production for BBC TV


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