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Twin Souls

By Nerey Camille

Posted 7 March 2011

Gandalf and Dumbledore are old friends. Years ago Gandalf sent help to protect the wizarding world against Voldemort, and thus ensured Harry’s survival in the attack where Lily and James Potter were killed. Now, as Sauron’s menace grows closer, it is Dumbledore’s turn to repay the favour. Remus Lupin and Severus Snape are sent to help destroy the Ring of Power. They arrive into Ithilien where they meet an unsuspecting (and amazed) Faramir, around the time of Frodo’s passage through the land (either before or after, whichever suits you better). How does Faramir deal with those strange visitors, and how will the two wizards intervene in the war? I’d like this story to explore the similarities of character between Faramir and Lupin on the one hand, and Snape and Denethor on the other. If you are a fan of Sirius Black, he might step in some time later, if the other two are having trouble coping with their mission… and then of course he’d soon make friends with Boromir. Dumbledore should not appear in Middle Earth, but you might include some conversations about him and Gandalf between the Englishmen and the Gondorians, where they compare the two old wizards’ merits, tell stories about them, etc.
I’d love to see a good friendship between Faramir and Lupin, and some good verbal fights between Snape and… well, anyone else, and of course why not some unexpected love. In the end, both wizards return to Hogwarts… but if that’s a relief or a heartbreak to them, is up to you.


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