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Poor Consolation

By December

Posted 9 July 2011

After years of thinking he was tougher than that, Boromir falls helplessly, soppily in love with someone of your choice. This may take place after the War, if you like, so the object of his adoration could even be King Elessar. Or whoever, really, could even be a woman (ah, the way my slashy mind works – “even” a woman…) – but not Faramir.

Boromir is a confident man, and he expects no problems – but when he goes to confess his feelings, he is completely and adamantly rejected. This being Boromir, he may even get a little gropy out of spite, and get a punch in the nose – although that is optional.

Humiliated, indignant and utterly heart-broken, Boromir ends up confiding his plight in Faramir. Faramir is totally sympathetic as Boromir rambles on and on about the injustices of life, people’s stupidity, etc. Boromir has a glass or two, or five too many, and Faramir is so kind, so caring, so understanding… Faramir, of course, has loved him for years – with a deep serious feeling, although he had always kept it to himself. One thing leads to another and Faramir puts up no resistance…

But then comes morning, and Boromir of course is still in love with the other person. How do things develop?


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