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By December

Posted 2 June 2011

Is there some analogue of our star-sign system in Arda?

The stars hold a prominent place in Tolkien’s world. Could it then be, perhaps, that they are also believed to influence one’s personality and fate? Explore the notion in the context of whatever Faramir-connected story you want, pairing him up with whoever if anyone, making it serious or light, etc.

What would be Faramir’s sign? Boromir’s? Aragorn’s? What would be expected for/of them basing on it, is there some stereotypical understanding of what people born in, say, March or September are like? Would they get in some silly/funny/annoying situation because of these assumptions?

Is one believed to have a guardian gem, metal, colour, element? To have favourable/unfavourable days? To be a good/poor love match for someone basing on their sign? Could one be believed to have been born on an unlucky day and therefore come to no good in life?


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