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The Heirs

By December

Posted 16 May 2011

A Faramir/Aragorn love story in a Denethorlives! universe.

The War of the Ring has been successfully ended, but Gondor is far from a reunited kingdom and not much of a kingdom at all, seeing as the Steward Denethor has, perhaps not entirely unpredictably, denied Aragorn’s claim to the throne.

Denethor’s only surviving son, however, believes in the legitimacy of the Ranger’s right – but who has ever asked what Faramir thinks? And whatever the young man’s private convictions, he does not rebel against the rule of his father who, after all, remains the lawful lord over the country.

Aragorn, too, is being decent about the situation and does not wage war on Denethor or do anything similarly impolite. And yet he does not leave the scene altogether either, for, among other things, he doesn’t get his Elven princess unless he becomes King.

Such are the opening settings, and how it develops from here is for you to decide.

Some questions that might help to get the ball rolling:

- How are things between Faramir and his father? Would Denethor, perhaps, suspect Faramir of planning treason and therefore disown him and kick him out? Or does the Steward rather resolve to badmouthing Aragorn and thus sowing doubt in his son’s heart? Would Denethor go as far as to send Faramir to get rid of the would-be usurper for good?

- How did Faramir and Aragorn meet in the first place given the AU aspect? What made Faramir see Aragorn as the rightful heir? Did this happen at once, or did it take time for Aragorn to win his trust, and if so, how was it done?

- Similarly, how does the romance come about? Is it mutual and, if so, are both equally smitten or does one have to win the other over? How does Faramir feel about the conflict between his loyalty to his lord/father and his feelings for Aragorn? What, on the whole, is the tolerance of male love in Gondor? Would it, maybe, only hinder Aragorn’s cause?

- How is Aragorn faring? Is he alone in this, taking refuge with only a couple of close friends somewhere in the woods nearby, and Faramir paying him a stealthy visit every once in a while – or does he have some powerful support, maybe from the Rohirrim, maybe by Gandalf, the Elves? Is he even allowed to stay in the country or rather put under threat of death should he dare cross the borders? Is he feeling depressed, disillusioned, bitter – or is he, in fact, not much surprised at all and staying philosophical about it?

What is Faramir’s emotional role in their relationship? Is he searching for solace or rather the one providing it? What does he know about the Arwen situation? Does seeing Aragorn bring him relief or rather fill him with heavy thoughts and despondence? Does he see a future for them and what kind of future?


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