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25 Prompts

By December

Posted 22 April 2011

Write a story inspired by or themed around one (or several) of the phrases. Or else write a story where some of the phrases would work as chapter titles.
Any genre, any length, any rating, any pairing.

1. Dancing Whispers
2. Black Feathers
3. Cold Water
4. Raspberry Marmalade
5. Tickling His Feet
6. Broken Fingers
7. Sulfur
8. Vengeance
9. Apple Cider
10. Autumn Poesy
11. Forgotten Anniversary
12. Birds and Breadcrumbs
13. Starless Night
14. A String of Pearls
15. Kissing with a Split Lip
16. Damp Winds
17. Sunshine through the Rain
18. Watermelon Seeds
19. Wordless Lullaby
20. Gossip
21. Honeysuckle Tea
22. Stale Promises
23. Sparkling Tears
24. First Wrinkles
25. Running Barefoot


4 Comment(s)

Oh my, thank you for these! A couple of ideas have already begin to develop in my imagination (lets pretend I’m not already supposed to be working on two stories already!) I won’t say which ideas I like specifically because it would be more of a surprise I think, but there’s definitely more than one that takes my fancy! :D Yay!

Eora    Sunday 24 April 2011, 21:46    #

Dear, you are most welcome – and thank you for showing interest! :) I happen to have a surmise as to which one or two would appeal to you, but we’ll have to see about the correctness of that ;)

December    Monday 25 April 2011, 11:42    #

Oooh, I wonder if you’ll be right! I’ve already begun something so we’ll find out soon! :D

Eora    Monday 25 April 2011, 19:23    #

I took on two phrases, number 8. Vengeance and number 25. Running Barefoot. They inspired me to write a two chapter story. I hope you enjoy it, I certainly had a lot fun writing it! I will upload the first part in a minute…hopefully I will not mess it up! ^^!
Your Suryallee

— Suryallee    Monday 9 January 2012, 13:47    #

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