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The complete guide to entering CHALLENGES

Mar 31, 2006

Entering Challenges

Of course, you’re also welcome to email in you challenge!

To enter a plot bunny for our challenge section, there are only five fields on the Edit screen you need to touch: title, body, pairings, summary and, most importantly of all, section.

Section: Change the section to post in to ‘Challenges’.

Title: Enter a title for your challenge.

Body: Enter the challenge itself.

Pairings: Enter the pairing(s) relevant for your challenge. Notice there is an “Unknown” pairing if you want to leave it up to the author.

Summary: If you want, you can enter a short (one sentence) teaser for you challenge to be displayed on the challenges listings. If you leave the summary field empty, the first few lines of your challenge will be displayed instead.

Hit the save button when you’re happy with what you’ve entered. The message ‘Article Posted’ appears at the top of the screen.

Should you get a message that your challenge is posted as ‘pending’ because another article with the same title already exists, you can change the URL of your challenge in the ‘URL-only title’ field under Advanced Options. You only need to do this in case of such a conflict.
Posts by newly registered authors are always marked as ‘pending’ to prevent spammers flooding the site. If you’re not a spammer, an archivist will OK your post within a day or two, and upgrade your account so your next posts go through without intervention.


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