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Darkness and Light (NC-17) Print

Written by Lilith and Minx

29 March 2004 | 29486 words

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Title: Darkness and Light
Authors: Minx Kat (greenrivervalley@gmail.com) and Lilith (lilith@storm.ca)
Pairings: Faramir/Aragorn/Haldir, Faramir/Lurtz and assorted Orcs, Faramir/Gríma
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Slash, violence, torture, rape, AU.
Summary: Faramir joins the Fellowship instead of Boromir. After being captured and abused in Moria, he is rescued and taken to Lórien for healing.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the Tolkien estate, not us.
Notes: An intriguing plot bunny at the Library of Moria challenged us to take Faramir on the quest, have him captured in Moria, and then taken to Lórien to be healed. This is the result.
Many thanks to Iris for beta reading!

The setting sun cast long shadows on the mountainsides as Aragorn looked back in despair, wondering again whether he had acted correctly. Then he watched the rest of the party that followed him straggling on, weary in mind and body.

"It will all be well now. We're near Lórien," Legolas tried to reassure him. "They can help us there."

"We are nine no more," Aragorn said unhappily, "First Gandalf," he shuddered as he thought back to the terrible events that had taken the wizard from them. "And then – I should not have left him there alone, Legolas! How could I have thought he would escape unscathed? I should have turned back when we realised he had not come out with us!"

"Then what of Frodo? He is weary and hurting, Aragorn. And Sam and Pippin? They are injured. I did not like leaving Faramir to guard our rear either. I should have stayed back with him to help," the elf responded heavily.

"We would never have left Moria had you and Gimli not cleared our way," Aragorn replied. "We must reach Lórien soon, Legolas, and then I will return for Faramir."

Bracing himself, Aragorn turned to lead the others forward again. After a long look back at the mines, Legolas too followed.

Faramir of Gondor came awake slowly. He felt cold and ached all over, and a foul stench assaulted his nostrils, confusing him greatly. It was a smell he had come across earlier while fighting near the borders of Mordor, and for a brief second he thought that was where he might be – on a battlefield. He forced himself to open his eyes, only to find that it was of no help. He could see nothing. He panicked at that and tried to move, sending sharp aches all over his body.

Breathing heavily, he tried to get his senses to respond, to figure out what was happening. There was no light, he realised; his eyes had to adjust to the darkness. He was lying on a hard surface; weaponless. Even his cloak no longer covered him. He was not in Ithilien, that much he could remember. He was not even in Gondor. I was travelling, he remembered, with others...

A harsh noise suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

"He's awake," a voice said gleefully, and pain erupted in the side of his chest as he was viciously kicked.

Faramir cried out involuntarily and tried to curl up to protect his midriff, pain flaring through various other parts of his body, but a second kick, this time to the small of his back, sent him rolling over again. He screwed up his face in pain, and nearly gasped as someone bent low over him, and the foul smell came nearer, almost making him gag. An Orc soldier, he thought to himself. Uruk-hai!

"Get up," the creature growled in his ear, even as he tried to process his muddled thoughts. "It's time to play."

"Hurry up, Lurtz, let's taste this one. He looks a fine piece," a second voice, much hoarser in tone, rang out in his other ear, and Faramir instinctively turned towards it.

There were more of them, he realised. At least four more, and he was trapped among them, his aching body unable to move. He remembered falling, being struck on his head by a vicious blow, followed by more blows to various parts of his body. But where was he? They had been on a quest...

He was dragged up by the largest of them, the one called Lurtz, and his grey eyes met the Orc's dark leery ones. He tried ineffectually to struggle, trying to hit the larger creature, kicking his legs out desperately. His resistance angered the Uruk-hai, who responded by punching him in the stomach. Faramir cried out in pain.

"The pup resists," Lurtz laughed, a horrible sound to the man's ears.

"Should we show him what we do to prisoners who try to resist?" a shorter one asked. More laughter followed as Lurtz released Faramir, forcing him to fall heavily to the floor. He lay there gasping softly, clutching his abdomen.

Moria! He remembered. The mines. They had travelled through the mines. He had been loathe to enter them, and yet had followed the others, for Mithrandir had said there was no other way. Mithrandir! There had been a tomb, and then noises, they had fled, then Mithrandir...

He felt himself being dragged across the hard floor, and then he was thrown forward into a small chamber. He fell against one of the walls, the side of his head hitting the surface so hard that he nearly blacked out. He was pulled up by his hair, and slammed against the wall again.

Where were the others? he wondered in a daze, as his face was pressed onto the cold rough surface. Mithrandir had fallen, that terrible creature... but the others? The hobbits, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli… he seemed to be alone here, in the blackness.

He felt hands on his body and came to awareness as claw-like fingers removed his clothes. His shirt was torn off roughly, the rending sound echoing off the walls of the dark chamber. He struggled frantically, screaming out as sharp nails scratched his bare skin, only to have his wrists grabbed, and then encased in cold metal. He tugged ineffectually, and then realised that his hands were shackled to heavy iron chains hanging from the ceiling. He fell forward slumping against the wall. The chains forced his hands above his head, while his feet trailed on the ground. A rough hand ran over his back, causing him to cry out in fear.

His face was pressed into the wall once again, stretching his hands, the pain from the jerking movement travelling all the way from his shoulders to his wrists.

Hot, rancid breaths hit his neck and cheek as Lurtz pulled back his hair and grunted in his ear. He felt the sharp blade of a knife run down the exposed portion of his cheek. He was scared, he realised. Scared not just for himself, but now for his companions too.

"You miserable little human! I'll show you what you get for trying to hit me!"

He tried one more time to kick out his legs. He felt his foot connect with bone, and heard a vile scream from Lurtz's mouth as he fell back, his knife grazing Faramir's face lightly. A string of curses followed in a language he could not understand but that by its very sound sent fear coursing through his veins. The others promptly sprang into action, and he felt the short one pulling him back from the wall. The pain travelled through his arms again, causing him to gasp aloud. Hands grabbed the waistband of his leggings and yanked them off cruelly, leaving him naked, before he could even force his protesting limbs to react. A kick to the back of his knees sent him crashing against the wall.

He moaned.

"What did I tell you, insolent pup!" Lurtz screamed in his ear, having risen painfully off the floor. He slipped his hand between Faramir's bare legs, pushing them apart, and Faramir stiffened as he felt the metal of the knife on the skin of his inner thigh.

"We haven't had our fun yet, or you would know what I can do to your like," Lurtz gritted out, digging the knife into the soft skin.

Faramir cried out in pain as the sharp edge dug into his flesh. Lurtz dragged it viciously up, tearing the skin. A warm trail of blood gushed down Faramir's leg from the deep, jagged cut.

"Try anything else, you little runt, and I'll take it higher!"

Faramir fell limply against the wall when the Uruk-hai moved away, panting softly, unable to support himself on his injured leg. He dreaded to think what lay ahead, knowing there was no way he could escape the clutches of these monstrous creatures. There was nothing he could do but endure whatever they put him through. He shut his eyes and waited for the torment he knew was yet to come. Even when he heard the cracking sound of the whip, he didn't react.

Leather knots landed on the bare skin of his back, and he bit his lip in a bid to stay silent. Soon the air was heavy with the sound of the lash and the Uruks' chorus of laughter. They took turns hitting him. The lash was thick and long, and it took but four strikes before it broke skin; a line of red that ran from his shoulder blade to nearly the hip bone. Faramir pushed his head against the wall, trying desperately not to scream. Tears coursed down his cheeks, and he gasped hoarsely each time the whip landed. He finally had to cry out, inducing further laughter.

"Little pup is not so brave after all, is he?" the hoarse one taunted. "He looks much prettier when he bleeds!"

"Hurry!" another one urged. "I don't know how much longer I can wait to taste him!"

Faramir was barely conscious when the whipping ended and he was unshackled. He crumpled down, falling right into the short one's arms.

"My turn first," the Uruk growled.

"No!" said Lurtz, grabbing at Faramir's waist. Sharp nails raked his skin and he sobbed harshly at the sensation.

"You got to whip him," came the answering growl. Faramir hung limply in Lurtz's arms as they argued over him. He supposed he should do something, but he couldn't. He could barely move. His back and leg were on fire, his ribs throbbed mercilessly, and his arms felt numb. And all through, his head pounded miserably.

Lurtz suddenly dropped Faramir to the ground, leaping at the other Uruk-hai in anger. Faramir watched disinterestedly from where he lay as Lurtz screamed at the shorter one, before stalking back to him. He pulled him roughly to his feet and dragged him to the far corner of the room, tossing him facedown onto a wide stone bench. Faramir felt himself being pulled back so that he lay bent over it on his chest and stomach, his backside turned up. Behind him, he heard the rustle of clothing being removed.

Realising what was to come, he tried one last shot at resistance.

"No!" he screamed, vaulting onto his back in a burst of energy that he hadn't known he still had in him, trying to fend off the half-naked creature looming over him, the eyes dripping with lust, the exposed member near-rigid in anticipation.

It was to no avail. They held him down, leaving him on his back so that the stone scraped his raw wounds. Lurtz grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs up and apart. Two of the other Uruks held his arms while Lurtz smiled at him, his leering eyes level with Faramir's terrified ones. Reaching down he stroked his large member and then leaned forward and assaulted Faramir's lips with his mouth, his rigid, wet shaft poking into Faramir's belly, until lack of air caused him to pull away.

"Fight all you like, little one! I like a plaything that tries to fight!" he said and then pushed into Faramir's unprepared entrance in one swift motion.

Faramir screamed as the huge organ tore through the tight ring of muscle, and pushed in relentlessly. Pain exploded through his lower body, as Lurtz thrust into him repeatedly. He bit into Faramir's left nipple, his sharp teeth causing the young man to rear up in pain, which only sent Lurtz into greater raptures. He lifted his head and grabbed Faramir's waist digging his nails into the soft skin, as the slender hips bucked under his weight. The Uruks holding Faramir down had let go, each preferring to concentrate instead on their own needs at the sight of Lurtz driving into the slender body writhing beneath him in agony.

With one final, painful thrust Lurtz came inside Faramir. He lifted his head and threw it back in a wild gesture, howling in pleasure as he released himself inside the tight passage, his nails digging into Faramir's waist. When he was done, he pulled out in a quick motion that caused Faramir to scream again. Then the hoarse one took his turn, and by the time he was finished, Faramir himself was so hoarse he could barely whimper in pain. One of the ones who had been holding him down took him next and this time they turned him onto his stomach, so that his head dangled off the bench, and while one took him from behind, the other forced his engorged member down Faramir's throat.

Faramir was not sure how much time had passed, how many times he was raped, or how many times he had sucked off one of the Uruks before they started arguing over him again. He had long since lost himself in some other realm of being, but now the raised voices brought him back to awareness, to the intense pain and the shock and fear that raced through his battered body. He lay on the stone bench, on his back now, his legs dangling off one side, splayed apart, a grotesque mix of blood and semen trickling down from his abused passage. He was covered with bruises and deep scratches, in addition to the cuts left by the whip, and the wound in his leg still bled. His cracked lips bore the sticky white remains of repeated oral assaults. He could not move. The sounds of argument stopped and he turned his head dully towards his attackers, watching as Lurtz and the hoarse one came towards him, leaving three resentful Uruks standing behind.

"Still alive, little one? Good, you can give us some more fun!"

Faramir remained there unmoving, as Lurtz grabbed his legs for the third, or was it the fourth time, and began pushing into him. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back; hoping he could just black out, afraid his pain would bring him back to consciousness again. This time however, it was the clunking sound of footsteps outside the chamber. Faramir automatically opened his eyes and turned his head slowly towards the entrance even as Lurtz pulled out of him, suddenly causing Faramir to let out a soundless cry of pain. All five Uruks turned towards the door. The footsteps neared, until a figure finally appeared at the doorway.

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7 Comment(s)

I loved the way Faramir went from someone scared out of his wits to someone so loving. Keep up the good work.

— balrog    Thursday 28 June 2007, 10:15    #

Oh man, I’m probably going to hell for liking this! :)

— Luthien    Monday 7 January 2008, 8:15    #

This is one of my favorites to read with Faramir’s courage. I would recommend it to all. Thanks

— balrog    Tuesday 3 March 2009, 5:30    #

Thank you Balrog!:)

— Minx    Sunday 8 March 2009, 18:09    #

read it twice, love it.Great work. Hope you write more Faramir-Haldir work. :-)

— blondie    Saturday 14 December 2013, 19:10    #

@blondie: Thank you so much. Good to hear you liked reading this. Lilith has written a few sequels to this, and I hope you were able to read those too.

Minx    Wednesday 1 January 2014, 14:45    #

Loved it, whats is the name of the sequels,,,have you other faramir haldir yourself, its great

Line    Wednesday 4 November 2015, 13:46    #

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