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Days of Love (R) Print

Written by Geale

02 October 2009 | 558 words

Title: Days of Love
Rating: R overall
Pairing: Faramir & Aragorn
Summary: Drabbles mirroring the daily life in the Tower after the War. One drabble – 100 words. Guest appearances by OMCs.
Warnings: Slash.
Disclaimer: Middle-earth and its inhabitants belong to Tolkien.


”Come..! I know you have them.”

”I know not of what you speak…”

He steps forward and holds out his hand, even considering using a tiny bit of force – but he does not.

There is a playful gleam in the bright grey gaze, but eyebrows are raised in an innocent fashion.

“I could use them you know… The north wind is most cruel to the skin.”

You do not attack a King.

You do not attack a King.


Aragorn’s warm laughter fills the hall. His arm steals around Faramir’s waist and pulls him close. “A kiss for your gloves.”


Darkness seizes the bedchamber abruptly. Before even a single candle is lit, the first drop falls in the City. This sudden rain batters the window-glass with an eagerness that could easily shatter it. But then it ends, just as swiftly.

Faramir lifts his head from the pillow. “We should rise…”

“No, ‘tis still raining,” comes the muffled voice from beside him.

Confused, Faramir glances down at Aragorn’s tousled form.


Aragorn dives deeper into the mess of blankets and since he is partly on top, Faramir must stay between sweet lips and soft linen.

“Let us pretend,” murmurs the King.


”No.” The King is quite determined. The Rohirric envoy lets out a sigh.

“No?” Aragorn will not waste good soldiers for no reason.
Darkness is not brooding anywhere, he maintains.

Does he wish to honour Denethor II with a feast – a day of remembrance, five years after his passing?

“No!” Never will he rip open Faramir’s old wounds.

That night, stars glimmer in the heavens and his burning skin is flooded with sweat. Aragorn wraps his legs around Faramir’s waist to urge him deeper inside. His lover buries himself completely in his body and he cries out in bliss: “Yes!”


“Pip, what are you waiting for?”

Merry shoots him a puzzled glance but Pippin only shrugs. “You know those big folks,” he says nonchalantly. “They like to finish their business in private.”

After another moment, he knocks again and finally pushes open the office door.


King Elessar looks up from his documents and greets Merry with a smile. Faramir stands by the nearby window.

“All under control?” queries Pippin.

“Yes.” Aragorn turns to him and nods. “Thank you.”

If Faramir’s lips are reddened and his eyes bright, and Aragorn’s hair tangled, Merry does not see.

Pippin smiles to himself.


Faramir’s wide eyes follow every move the elegant figure does. Aragorn wishes that his brother would stop talking – listening, laughing. With a smooth sweep of his head, Elladan causes his dark hair to ripple down his back in silky waves. Over the rim of his glass he says something that makes Faramir smile and Aragorn cringe in his seat. Blue and grey gazes mingle and glitter, but not one turns to him.

Then he feels Faramir’s hand cover his own and his lover gives a gentle squeeze. Unable to swallow a tiny sigh of relief, Aragorn hopes it passes unnoticed.

TBC… some time.

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11 Comment(s)

Lovely, sweet drabbles! And on my birthday! The fact that you had no idea it was my birthday is, of course, totally irrelevant. :)

— trixie    Friday 2 October 2009, 14:07    #

Congratulations!! Maybe I didn’t know this year, but next year I will! :)
—plans ahead— Very pleased you liked them as drabbles are not my primary focus. Thank you!

— Geale    Friday 2 October 2009, 15:57    #

I can read your Faramir/Aragorn stories endlessly! This men, in the way you describe them, are simply amazing! And it’s wonderful gift for Birthday!
Aragorn is so careful, understanding and..insatiable towards Faramir, I have no words. And Faramir is so irresistible! Adore them! Love your stories! Thank you!

— Anastasiya    Friday 2 October 2009, 17:13    #

This sequence is like a string of unmatched pearls: all slightly different, but each perfect in its own way. Thank you!

— ebbbingnight    Saturday 3 October 2009, 18:09    #

Geale, when I visit your world, I almost feel love is possible. After crisis and pain, these two have found something lasting – so rare. Thank you for the glimpses into your world of light. Beautiful as always.


— Vanwa Hravani    Monday 5 October 2009, 11:44    #

Thank you all of you for your lovely words! I am so lucky to have readers like you.
Anastasiya, this, I think, is my basic conception of them both. Then, personality traits change due to story plots, but I admit that this is how I love to see them.
Ebbingnight, such a beautiful way of putting it! Thank you very much.
Dear Vanwa, I assure you there is love not only in the world I create, but in the real one too. We just need to work up the courage to open up to it. I wish you an enormous dose.

— Geale    Monday 5 October 2009, 18:15    #

My dear you have done it again! Not that I am surprised. You paint me a world I would most love to be in. However, I dont think Aragorn would much like the idea of me stealing Faramir away. I could not be there and not have him for myself. I am only human after all. haha

— Kelly    Monday 5 October 2009, 21:19    #

And generous as I am I would let you have him – if I could have Aragorn! Then the four of us could live happily ever after! ;)
Thank you for reading, and as always, leaving pretty comments!

— Geale    Friday 9 October 2009, 15:27    #

Please forgive me for not responding to your kind offer before now. I just saw this today as I was rereading this lovely addition. Consider the bargain struck. I very much look forward to my time in Minas Tirith! Thank you for your generosity. As much as you entertain me, I am a slave to your work. Keep posting and I shall keep reading.

— Kelly    Wednesday 21 October 2009, 20:45    #

Sweet… you know, there has been this thing, when we were writing an essay on matura, to fit into 250 words… I never could do that and my parchment was always smeared with lines I had to throw out of the essay. But now maybe I shall try something like this myself. After all, it’s gonna be much more pleasant to write a tiny scene instead of pros and cons of motorcycling…

I liked the Preferences… although Reassurance is more palpable to me… Nice!

— Grey Pigeon    Thursday 29 July 2010, 22:14    #

Haha, yes, I can imagine you with your 15 pages chapters writing 100 word drabbles ;)
I have a new set on the way… by the way.

Geale    Sunday 1 August 2010, 18:42    #

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