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Dream On (NC-17) Print

Written by Nemain Isa

14 August 2007 | 3103 words

Pairing: Faramir/ Boromir
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gondorcest, incest. Even though I enjoy reading it, I’d never thought I could write it myself…
Disclaimer: All smutty lies. The characters belong to JRR Tolkien and he would so not approve of this.
Summary: Boromir has a nightmare.
A/N: No beta, apologies for any mistakes.

White flashes. Pain. Screams. He opened his eyes. There were people everywhere, running, fleeing. He saw men, his rangers, running away as well. His feet were heavy, he couldn’t move.
“Boromir!” it took so much effort to turn his head. A dark figure, looming, threatening, ready to attack. A red golden mop of hair that he would recognize everywhere.
“Faramir!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “Run!” He tried to reach for his sword, but his fingers wouldn’t cooperate.
“Don’t touch him!!” The nazgul slowly made his way to his prey. “I’ll kill you!”
A piercing scream made him cringe and he fell to his knees. Faintly he heard his beloved brother cry out. “Don’t leave me, please! Boromir!”

“Boromir! Bori!” Someone shook him violently. Gasping for air, Boromir opened his eyes and sat up, looking around in his almost dark room, the only source of light a lit candle on the dresser. Faramir was half on top of his brother, stroking his hair back in a soothing motion. Sweating all over, Boromir took a few deep breaths as he tried to calm his fast beating heart.
“You had a nightmare, you were screaming in your sleep.” Faramir said, and Boromir looked at him as if he just realized his younger brother was here.

“Faramir.” He reached out and wrapped his arms around the other without hesitation, craving the physical contact to make sure his brother was all right.
“Little one,” he managed to whisper, and he pulled his brother close. “I dreamt you were…” he shook his head in an attempt to lose the images still playing in his head.
“That you were hurt. And I couldn’t save you.” His arms tightened around the slender form involuntarily, and Faramir shifted so he sat on Boromir’s lap, a bent leg on each side of Boromir’s body. He made humming noises, resting Boromir’s head against his chest as he continued stroking Boromir’s golden hair.

“Hush, brother, it was only a dream.” Boromir closed his eyes, hearing the steady heartbeat of the younger man calmed him and he sighed.
“I will protect you, little one.” He whispered. “You should know that.”
“I know, my dear brother, and I will protect you too, you know that as well. But you should sleep now, father will need you tomorrow. You should be well rested.”
Boromir nodded, but didn’t move. Sitting here, holding his brother and being held in return felt good. It made him feel loved, safe.

“Bori, come.” Faramir tried to wriggle free, but instead of releasing him, Boromir let himself fall back , pulling his brother along and on top of him. Faramir made a surprised sound.
“Stay.” Boromir said. For some reason, he felt Faramir tense a little.
“Please, Fara?” he pleaded. Faramir sighed and tried to escape again.
“Is there something wrong? Are you uncomfortable?” Boromir asked. He and Faramir were so close, he never thought his younger brother would object to sharing a bed, as they had done so many times growing up.

“We’re brothers, we’ve slept in the same bed many nights.” He frowned as Faramir tensed further. Why was his brother behaving like this? “Is it because we are older now?”
“Yes. No. Yes, you are my brother.” Faramir said quietly. Boromir frowned again. That was not making things any clearer. “But,” he tried again, and he shifted a bit. “Is it…” Just then, he felt something poke his hip. His eyes grew big, and he glanced down although it was not light enough to see anything, then up again to Faramir’s face. In the soft light the candle spread, he could barely see the blush on Faramir’s cheeks.

“Oh…” was all Boromir said.
“I’m sorry, Bori, just let me… I wanted to make sure you were all right, but I’ll be going now. I’m sorry for… this.” Still mumbling, Faramir moved out of Boromir’s now loose grip, but before he could get up, his brother laid his hands on Faramir’s shoulders.
“Fara, come on. We’re brothers, you should not be ashamed.” As Faramir kept avoiding the older one’s eyes, he continued:
“Please, come lie with me. I need you here, I need to know you’re safe.”
Faramir bit his lip, and he glanced up at Boromir. Then he nodded. He blew out the candle, and then he slid under the covers, trying to keep a bit of distance. But Boromir needed the physical contact, so he turned to his side and pulled Faramir close, one arm around the slender waist, his nose in his younger brother’s hair.

He could feel the youngster was still tense, and he placed a kiss in the tousled hair.
“Don’t be ashamed, brother dear. It happens.”
“It is not normal when it happens with your brother around.” Faramir mumbled, and Boromir snorted.
“You can’t control it, now can you? When it happens, just hope there’s a pretty servant girl around.” He said, and now it was Faramir’s turn to snort.
“I don’t think a servant girl could help me out.” He muttered, barely loud enough for Boromir to hear.
“Not?” the older one asked. Faramir fidgeted with the covers.

“IthinkIlikemenbetter.” He then mumbled.
“You what, who, what?” Boromir asked, confused and with no clue what his brother had said.
Faramir took a deep breath and said, slower now:
“I like men better, I don’t think I like women.”
“Oh.” Boromir said for the second time this evening. And then: “Are you sure?” As his brother began turning, he quickly added:
“I mean, you are still young, it could just be, you know…”

Faramir laughed a bitter laugh. “I tried.” He said. “With a servant girl. But I liked her brother better.”
Boromir was silent for a while. This he had not expected. He never thought Faramir would be… that he would like men. It never came up in his mind.

“I disappoint our father yet again.” Faramir whispered. Hearing the pain in the younger one’s voice, Boromir lifted a hand to stroke his brother’s hair.
“Our father can be a fool sometimes. If he could just see what you really are. Smart, strong, beautiful.”
“You think I’m beautiful?” Boromir could hear the smile in Faramir’s voice. “Even knowing… this?”

“It is different…” Boromir said thoughtfully. Even if he needed a little time to process this new information, he felt he did not feel any different about his brother. Faramir would always be his precious little one. “And not very common. But it happens, and I still love you, not matter what.” He said. “You are my beautiful brother.” Oddly, this made Faramir’s body stiffen a bit.
“Yes.” His younger brother said. “Your brother.”
Inhaling Faramir’s scent, Boromir felt his eyes grow heavy, giving one last thought to what happened before Faramir had told him he liked men. He had felt Faramir’s arousal, yes, but he did not think it had anything to do with himself. It just happens, when you’re younger. Right? Right.
It wasn’t long before he fell asleep.

The darkness of the night changed into the early morning grey, and Boromir floated between sleep and wakefulness, between dream and reality.
Someone was rubbing up against him, pushing back against his morning arousal while making sweet little sounds. Boromir tightened his arms around the purring creature and sighed.

“Bori…” The sound was sweet, yet seductive, and it woke him up immediately. Eyes wide in surprise, Boromir looked at the person in his arms. Faramir. Faramir was making these noises, Faramir was rubbing himself against his brother, Faramir whispered his brother’s name while doing so.

Boromir’s first reaction was to get up and out of the bed. This was wrong. But as he started to move, Faramir made a mewling noise and took hold of one of Boromir’s hands. If he would move now, his brother would wake up and he would be so ashamed of himself. Too confused to actually move, Boromir stayed where he was.
The sane part of his brain told him how wrong this was, that this was his little brother, the one he had sworn just a few hours ago he would protect from everything. And then Faramir rubbed himself against his older brother in just the right way, and Boromir gasped as pleasure shot through him. No! he argued with himself, this cannot be!

Just then, Faramir stirred and whispered his brother’s name yet again. Unconsciously, Boromir held his breath while he waited for his brother to either stay asleep or wake up. Faramir stirred again, and then tensed as he lifted his head from the pillow. Boromir took a deep breath, and he just waited, not knowing what would happen or what he should do. Faramir let go of his hand, and he pulled it back. Slowly, Faramir turned around then, facing his brother although he kept his eyes averted.

Boromir did not move away, did not speak, he merely looked at his brother in confusion.
Faramir licked his lips and opened his mouth like he was going to speak, but it took some time before he actually formed words.
“I’m sorry.” It was barely a whisper. The older brother could see tears gathering in the little one’s eyes.
“I’m so sorry.” Faramir whispered again. Maybe now was the time for him to go, Boromir thought, but he just stayed where he was, looking at his brother.

He had seen Faramir grow up, from a chubby, drooling toddler, to a seven year old with two missing front teeth, to a clumsy teenager, to the young man he was now. But he had never looked at his brother like he did today.

He had never noticed how soft Faramir’s skin looked, how blue his eyes were and how beautiful his lips. And even though he had fallen asleep last night inhaling Faramir’s scent, it wasn’t until now that he realised just how nice his brother smelled.
When he didn’t get a reaction, Faramir dared glancing up. Enthralled, Boromir reached out to wipe a tear from his brother’s eye with his thumb. Faramir looked at him, face unreadable.

Boromir swallowed. Instead of pulling back again, he let his thumb drift over Faramir’s cheek, down to his lips. They really were as soft as they looked, Boromir mused, as he rubbed over them softly. In surprise, Faramir opened his mouth a bit, but he didn’t break the eye contact with his brother.
Once he had convinced himself of the softness of Faramir’s lips, Boromir let his fingers travel up again, stroking over an ear, up into the red golden hair.

“Bori…” he saw the questions in Faramir’s eyes, but he had no answers, he did not know. What he was doing, why he was doing it. He shook his head, and Faramir did the same as he slowly started speaking.
“You were always… so loving, so caring and sweet. I love you, more than anyone else. With you, I feel safe. But this, I know this is wrong. please, Bori.”
Boromir’s eyes followed the movements of his fingers: In the hair, down to the neck. It was like his fingers were glued to the youngster’s skin, so creamy soft.

“Please, I’m so s…” Faramir’s words were cut off, Boromir had quickly lain his fingers against the little one’s lips. He did not want to hear sorry, no apologies. It would break the spell, it would shatter the magic and it would bring back the sane voice in his head. He just wanted to feel.
“How long?” he managed to croak. He needed to know. How long had his little one felt like this?
“Long.” Faramir whispered. “So very long.”

Tentatively, Faramir reached out to touch his brother’s stubbled chin. Faramir licked his lips in a nervous manner, and as Boromir caught the movement, he felt himself leaning forward until he was but a breath away from his brother’s lips. Both held their breath. Once this boundary was crossed, there was no way back, and they both knew it.

It was Boromir who made the decision for them. He did not know how long these feelings for his brother had been there, simmering within him, but now that he finally understood, he could no longer deny them. He closed the distance between them in what was at first lips barely touching. Then, he planted his lips firmly on his brother’s, but still shied away from opening his mouth. Threading his fingers through his brother’s hair, Boromir tried again, swiping his tongue now over Faramir closed lips. The younger one moan in surprise, and the sound and his brother’s flavour turned out to be addictive, for Boromir tried again, still careful.

He kissed his brother’s sweet lips, then licked at the bottom lip, coaxing Faramir to open his mouth. With a shudder, Faramir obliged, and Boromir cupped his brother’s face as he slowly slid his tongue in the other’s mouth. Faramir tasted sweeter than any girl he had ever kissed, and it made Boromir light headed. Finally, Faramir seemed to come out of his haze, and Boromir could feel his brother’s tongue touching his own. Boromir groaned, and tempted his brother to chase his tongue as he pulled it back into his own mouth. He all of the sudden felt Faramir’s fingers tighten in his hair and he shivered, mimicking the action by moving his fingers from jaw to the red curls. After endless moments, they pulled back, in desperate need for oxygen. Panting, Boromir looked at his brother, the blue eyes darkened, lips swollen and red. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

‘Have you put a spell on me, brother mine?’ Boromir thought. ‘Your touch sets fire to my blood, it makes thinking impossible.’
“What are you doing to me?” he whispered. Faramir said nothing, but claimed his brother’s lips once more, until all Boromir could hear was his own low moan and the blood thrumming in his ears.

As soon as they regained their breath once more, Boromir pulled his brother’s body flush against his own, wrapping his arms around him as he plundered Faramir’s mouth again. Faramir squirmed in his grip, and Boromir could feel nimble fingers working on the fastenings of his nightrobe. He pulled away long enough to take it off, and he tossed it in a corner carelessly. Even though it had only taken him seconds, in that short time Faramir had taken off his nightrobe as well, and Boromir sucked in a deep breath as he saw his brother’s white, smooth, flawless skin.

Faramir reached out to stroke Boromir’s chest and stomach. The touch burned, ignited a fire deep within, and the blond rolled Faramir on his back, positioning himself between Faramir’s spread legs. Boromir lower his body so that their chests were touching, and it was that skin on skin contact that undid them both.
Faramir gasped and reached out to pull Boromir completely on top of him, wrapping his legs around the muscular frame. Boromir hissed as he felt their arousals touch, and he buried his face in Faramir’s neck, licking at the sweet skin. He heard his brother mewl, felt feather light touches on his shoulders and back.

Boromir’s mind whirled, the taste and smell of his younger brother made him dizzy with want and lust, and he felt the body under him shudder as he nibbled Faramir’s neck. He needed to claim, to mark, he wanted Faramir to be his and his alone. His beloved little one. He bit down and soothed the mark with his tongue, as Faramir cried out and lifted his hips to rub himself against his brother’s body.

Boromir groaned and started moving his hips rhythmically, rubbing his arousal against Faramir’s. Almost desperate, he searched for his brother’s lips, attacking them and sucking that sweet tasting tongue into his own mouth, growling. Faramir’s hands were in his hair, keeping him in place, demanding more, and he was willing to give. More. Everything.
He revelled in the sounds his brother was making, in the shudders that wracked the lithe body, in the fact that he, and he alone, was responsible for this.

“What are you doing to me?” he whispered against Faramir’s lips, his voice hoarse.
Faramir did not respond but closed his eyes briefly, mouthing some words but not able to say them out loud.
Leaning on one elbow, Boromir brought his other hand between their bodies, wanting to touch as much of that creamy skin as possible. As he rubbed over a perked nipple, Faramir gasped and tilted his head back, mouth open in pleasure. Wanting to give his little one all the pleasure he could, Boromir bent his head and lapped at the rosy bead of flesh, eliciting a moan and another shudder.

“Please Bori…” it took Faramir three tries before he found his voice. “I cannot… so good… I will…”
Feeling the stabs of pleasure in his own groin, Boromir understood. His hand snaked further down and wrapped around both their arousals, gasping as he felt Faramir’s heated flesh move against his. He started moving his hand, so slowly, the movement made easier by the fluid leaking from the tips of their manhoods.

Faramir made a garbled noise, moving his hips slightly and probably not even noticing it. Boromir groaned, burying his face in Faramir’s neck again, tongue finding the mark he had made before and licking it. He pulled back slightly to look at his brother.

“Mine.” He whispered. And Faramir stiffened, tilted his head back and moaned, tremors wracking his body as he emptied himself over his brother’s hand.
Captured by the beauty of his brother finding his release, and feeling the hot stickiness spreading between their bodies, Boromir groaned one last time and came, still rubbing against his brother’s softening flesh.
Unable to hold himself up, he collapsed on top of the younger one, who wrapped his arms around him and stroked his sweaty hair while the two of them tried to regain their breath.

As much as he wished it could always be like this, Boromir’s mind started functioning again slowly, making him realise how strange, how wrong this was. He closed his eyes, inhaling his brother’s scent once more, as he thought:
‘What are you doing to me, my brother?’


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5 Comment(s)

This is lovely thanks you. :)
I always enjoy Fara/Bora first times and this was one of the best I’ve read. :) So sweet and gentle and caring :)

laurelote    Wednesday 22 August 2007, 20:27    #

Thank you dear, it’s so nice of you to comment here!

— Walkury    Thursday 23 August 2007, 21:29    #

A beautiful story.I really enjoyed it.:-)

— Tanja    Tuesday 14 July 2009, 11:13    #

A very gentle story. I would like to see a sequel to this one.
Thank you, it was beautiful!

— Anastasiya    Tuesday 9 February 2010, 10:07    #

another fantastic fic. i love the brothers mir. so soft, so kind, so gentle. please write more. i love being lost in this beautiful land of fanfic late at night before facing the real world the next day. looking forwards to more stories from you.

— NAELE    Sunday 27 February 2022, 11:14    #

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