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Fingerprints (NC-17) Print

Written by DeviantScar

14 May 2010 | 939 words

Title: Fingerprints
Author: DeviantScar
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Faramir & Boromir
Warnings: incest, implied shota
Rated thusly for incest,hardcore mansex,and implied shota,I've no idea how old Faramir is. This piece has a companion picture someplace.

Another drabble that started out as a one liner in my head at three in the morning.

He walked right in
And robbed me blind.
He took all the love I had
It was almost the perfect crime-
And slipped away
Like a thief into the night.
Oh, but here I am still breathing
The only proof he left behind-
Look on my heart, if you want evidence
You’ll find his fingerprints.

-“Fingerprints” Kelley Coffey

A subtle shudder rippled through the powerful body beneath him. Encouraged, he didn’t bother to look up as he continued his ministrations, running the flat of his tongue once more over the sensitive peak of flesh. His response was a soft intake of breath, which hitched in the other man’s throat halfway through. Young and eager to please, Faramir shifted just slightly, earning him the same reaction as his previous actions had. The seasoned warrior beneath him was in his absolute power. He was enthralled with the reactions he coaxed forth with a touch here or a bite there, and he lusted after the soft, encouraging lovecalls such reactions accompanied.

The change in demeanor that Boromir displayed to him was enrapturing. He cut a terrifying figure against an opponent, always remaining dominant and unyielding on the battlefield. Yet now, total control belonged to the youngest brother, and his sibling was entirely at his command. His fierce leader’s scowl was now diminished to a placid serenity, Piercing emerald eyes now soft, admiring the boy before him. His ever tensed body was now tense in a different way, not weary, but straining with a forbidden desire for that which he loved dearest. The slight heaving of his chest and the sheen to his skin was not from battle fatigue, but from the effort of keeping muffled cries of passion in tangled sheets.

Looking up, Faramir was at once taken with a strong desire for the lips he had forced slightly parted with the ardency of his teasing. He moved forward to claim them, once again becoming caught up in his brother’s arms. Sharp longing surged through the elder brother’s body once again, and in one swift movement he had the boy beneath him, holding himself above him on one hand. The other had found its way into the small of his brother’s back just above his rear, and now urged the smaller body closer against him.

“Mmph.” Boromir groaned muffledly as Faramir drew his legs up against his sides, the combination of the friction on his skin and the passion of his kiss having a dizzying effect on the elder. Faramir’s back arched from his brother’s touch as he began to move within him once again. The kiss suddenly broke as Faramir’s gasp sounded in tandem with Boromir’s soft, wavering groan. Boromir shook visibly with the effort of not making a much louder noise, dragging himself out in a painstakingly slow manner. The unbelievably tight friction caused by pushing back in at the same pace caused sparks to dance in front of his eyes. Suppressing his cry with a muffled groan as he bit his lip, Faramir dragged his nails over Boromir’s scalp, silently begging him to move faster with an impatient jerk of his hips. Boromir answered obligingly, sliding his hand further up the younger’s back to lift him. Now able to bury himself deeper, Boromir lowered himself closer, re-engaging Faramir in breath-defying, passionate kisses. The lust filled sounds the younger made were lost in his brother’s mouth as he arched closer still to him, his breathing becoming more labored as his brother’s passion overtook his senses.


The feeling was like a bolt of lightning between his thighs as his brother brushed against his spot.

“Boromir…” he pleaded, straining to press his forehead to his brothers, his hands gripping the sides of his face, holding him there. In fevered passion, Boromir answered with a compliant groan, pressing against his brother’s forehead, moving his hand to pin his narrow hips to the bed as he obeyed him. The ability to speak was thereafter lost as Faramir took to whimpering and groaning encouragingly, the rapid succession of his brother’s strokes into him bringing him that much closer to orgasm.

His body went cold and numb for a second, and he was not aware of how loudly he had called his brother’s name, nor did he care in that moment of blinding, heated passion. Boromir swore and jerked against him, the height of their climax simultaneous. Faramir’s ears rang as he lay panting in his aftermath, arms tight about his elder brother’s neck. He smiled at his brother’s trembling effort not to collapse and pulled him down atop him once more, claiming again Boromir’s lips with his own. Once he had somewhat controlled his breathing, Boromir broke away and withdrew to lie beside Faramir. The younger slid up and settled himself against his brother’s chest, watching him with admiring eyes.

“You’re a scoundrel and a thief, my brother.” Boromir accused the boy fondly. Faramir’s eyes widened.

“I? Why do you say this? I’ve taken nothing from you, surely…”

“Assuredly you have, little one. Assuredly you have.”

Faramir scoffed and shook his head.

“I’ve done nothing of the sort.”

“Indeed you have, darling little one, whether you are aware of it or not.” Boromir spoke softly, brushing his brother’s tawny hair from his face.

“Well, if you’re so sure that you must accuse me, what is it you’ve lost?” he demanded, hovering over him, hands against his chest like a cat.

“It’s my heart you’ve stolen, you little bandit.” Boromir took one of those slender, delicate hands and held it briefly to his heart, then kissed the palm.

“And I don’t want it back, either.”

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4 Comment(s)

It was a wonderful, very well written story, DeviantScar!!!
There were so many emotions and affection between brothers that they touched my feelings and I want only to ask you – write more about this pair, they are so incredible in your making.
Thank you!

— Anastassiya    Friday 14 May 2010, 17:01    #

thanks for reading, Anastassiya! I’m flattered that you think as much of my literature, I will be sure to post more for the brothers if and when I write it.

— DeviantScar    Monday 17 May 2010, 23:48    #

I can hardly believe that you only have one entry at these archives. Incredible moments. Very well told.

Alcardilmë    Thursday 20 May 2010, 4:45    #

Thank you! I’m very glad you like it. I actually do have some art up here, though. And I intend fully to write more.

— DeviantScar    Thursday 20 May 2010, 10:14    #

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