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I think you have strength of a different kind. (G) Print

Written by Laivindur

05 September 2012 | 160 words | Work in Progress

Title: I think you have strength of a different kind.
Author: Laivindur
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir

A scene from the movie <3

Peregrin was revealed and sighed inwards as his joke about him only growing sideways had reached the man’s humor and both of their moods grew lighter when Faramir had given a truthful and hearty though silent laugh.

But then he started once more to speak of his brother and father. Pippin knew Faramir did that to perhaps make the hobbit tell him about his beloved older brother. The hobbit had been one of the last who had seen him before he died.

Pippin didn’t feel like doing it as he saw how much it still troubled the noble man’s heart and mind.
Instead he spoke reassuring and comforting to him as he’d seen how his position with his father was like.

He narrowed his lips as he saw Faramir not quite believe that his father would see his strength, but there was still hope in his mellow grey eyes and that was enough for the hobbit to let him leave.

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