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Better of two evils: An alliance with a high lord (NC-17) Print

Written by Laivindur

03 July 2014 | 1033 words | Work in Progress

Title: Better of two evils: An alliance with a high lord
Author: Laivindur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Faramir & Boromir, Denethor
Warnings: Rape, incest, deceit
Notes: One of my ideas that needed to be written down and shared,and I gladly accept comments.,I still don't have a BETA reader; I think I need one since I do not know that much about English writing,though I hope it's not that bad,but I learn as I go

How much destruction a man with power and lust can make sure of. Poor Boromir is having a hard time with morality.

When a lord wants something, he gets it; it’s hard to avoid taken the fact that every breathing object within his realm bows to his wish and sometimes risks not only its own life, but its dearest once as well. Poor Captain Boromir had no idea he was to make the hardest decision in all his life when entering his brother’s room. The pledge of loyalty to his father was strong and heavy like the greatest mountain, and little did he know until this night how far that pledge could take a man. The regret pierced him as his position of an protective older brother could not stand up to that pledge this particular night.

The books lying scattered on the floor and the messed parchments lying around the unforgivable deed on the desk made the oldest brother imagine what battle his little one had been through before being slammed backwards down on the brown wood. The steward was not letting this disobedience be forgotten easily. Seeing his little brother’s half naked body lying on his desk with his head bent backwards while screaming in pain by the piercing and thrusting between his legs made the Captain jerk back and raise his hand to his mouth not to scream in agony.

The dark cloaked man ravaged his brother hard while grasping his tunic by the chest to keep him steady. Faramir seemed to be in explicit pain by the short cries with hurried sobs in between, but Boromir didn’t act because of the third person in the room and the fact that he knew his little one had settled with the deed when he perceived the clenching fists accepting instead of fighting.

Faramir always strived to show his father he wanted to serve and obey, and obey he had at last done. His fists clenched as hard as they could at the edge of the table in acceptance for the act while enduring the torment with eyes shut and body tensing.

Boromir backed silently to the wall in shock and was on his way to the door. His father turned to him without ending his youngest son’s growls and cries. The steward’s lips formed a smirk as Faramir’s outbursts of pain shifted to slow relieved and almost pleasurable moans at two deep and slow thrusts.
Boromir felt small and weak as he did not dare to step forward and break the Steward’s actions. Denethor was quite amused at the power he held over his sons.

Faramir growled between clenched teeth in sudden pain as the thrusts got more violent. The young man was coping with too much to get any idea of the silent conversation going on between his father and brother. Denethor gave his sturdier son a warning look while Faramir was trying hard not to beg for the torment to stop. The steward beckoned his Captain to leave by jerking his head at the door. Boromir stretched to grab the handle, but lingered as something in him fought still for him to do something.

Boromir left his little one weeping and dishonored in their father’s grasp.

Faramir, the coming captain of the Ithilien rangers wondered about his brother’s retired behavior. He thought perhaps the reason was war and need that had made him cold and untouchable, or perhaps he was not good enough for him anymore, but the truth was that Boromir could never make himself to face his little one again for a long time as the shame of his own weakness and deceit lingered strongly inside of him.

Boromir sat one night in his General tent with one candle to light up his desk. He was about to write a letter of report to the Captain of Ithilien, but he was thinking about that terrible incident back home in Minas Thirit. He heard a sudden sound and jumped up from his chair to see Faramir standing by the bed taking of his cloak with a smile “Forgive me for scaring you. I just needed other entertainment than gossip and bushes. And your face is a pleasure to look upon when surprised,” he laughed. “What are you doing here?” Boromir asked taken aback.

Seeing that his brother was not ready for jokes right then, he straightened his back and spoke firmly “The forest and valley is cleared of enemies. We hunted them down and met up with one of your scouts. I met with your commander on the way here. He told me you were tired so we took care of everything. I’m sorry it was rude of me to come unannounced and surprise you like this-”

Boromir hated to see that worried twitch in Faramir’s brow so he waved his hand and smiled while taking steps closer to him “No, no. It’s good news, brother. Forgive me for this cold greeting, come.” He embraced his younger brother and lingered as if trying to check his health. Faramir looked puzzled at him when breaking the hug and said chuckling “I’m fine, Boromir. It’s alright. You’re weary, shall I get you some water?”

“I am weary you say. Didn’t you just come from a battle and a long walk?” Boromir exclaimed with a grin. Faramir chuckled awkwardly, he wasn’t used to being taken in consideration.

Boromir’s guilt for not protecting Faramir from their father grew stronger and stronger and finally, after tormenting moments of insecurity and excuses for not asking, he finally did; “Are you alright, brother?” He asked in such a manner that Faramir’s smile vanished. For some reason the ranger suspected the General knowing how the Steward had used him, but he stood still not speaking until the air was too silent for him to handle. “Yes, I am,” He said and waited for Boromir to offer him something to drink or eat, as the courtesy demanded.

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2 Comment(s)

Very poignantly written. I do believe you are my favorite writer on this site, and I do so look forward to seeing what else comes out of your brilliant mind. :) As for you not knowing much about English writing, I more than compliment you on your skill. Would I be correct in assuming then that you are not a native speaker of the English language? If so, you write as well as a native speaker, and even better than many I’ve seen on various fanfic sites.

— AvidReader    Saturday 28 April 2012, 5:56    #

Oh my god! I am trembling over here in Norway by your fantastic and wonderful feedback! Thank you so so much!!! I’m gonna start crying, haha x3

— Laivindur    Monday 30 April 2012, 16:00    #

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