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Mist (R) Print

Written by Geale

30 September 2010 | 88324 words

Now we have reached the end.
To all of you who have read, or read
and commented: thank you. Your faith in this story has been a blessing.


Emyn Arnen, Lairë 19, IV 5

There was birdsong and not a cloud in sight, and the Sun had wandered over to the south-western sky. Faramir tried to reckon how many hours were left until sunset but failed. His fickle thoughts fled him, nervous as he was where he waited at the foot of the stairs. He smoothed out imaginary creases in his shirt for the hundredth time and regretted not taking a second look in the mirror before he hurried outside. He had been too eager to stay indoors, and consequently he had been too early. Still, he had not abandoned his place by the stone steps – he had not even sat down. He was sure that someone was laughing at him somewhere but he did not find it in him to care.

At last there was some commotion by the gates and the air stirred. Faramir’s stomach turned over and his heart picked up a mad beat. A party of riders approached, ever so slowly, commanded by a man Faramir had only met once before but whose piercing blue gaze was as intimidating now as it had been then.

“King Elessar and Prince Eldarion seek to enter the house of the Steward of Gondor,” the man announced stiffly and in a low voice that still managed to carry.

Faramir must force himself to look only at the herald and he managed a smile. “They are most welcome.” Somewhere among the riders were…

But Beriand narrowed his eyes at him until they were mere slits. “Steward Faramir.”

Chancing it could be a greeting, Faramir inclined his head to him. “Sir.”

“This escort is under orders to leave as soon as the King and his son has dismounted and have had their luggage carried into your… house.” He spared the house before him a challenging glare. “I trust the security here is excellent?”

Ignoring the badly hidden contempt, Faramir would have liked to try a grin this time but he could distantly understand the herald’s obsession with the King of Gondor’s safety. “You will have no reason to worry.”

Beriand grunted a reply and spun his mare around to speak with his men. Faramir craned his neck to look past him, knowing it must make him look like a curious child, but ready to explode if he did not see Aragorn soon. The longing had been tugging at his heart for too many lonely nights and was now a bone-deep aching in him. He could not see… but then:

Roheryn carried the King proudly, and he sat tall in his saddle, and his eyes were searching too. When their gazes met, Faramir could not help the smile that he had so longed to smile. He saw Aragorn slide off his horse and come rushing towards him, he heard Beriand shouting and voices raised in the ensuing confusion but then knew no more for Aragorn’s arms were wound tightly around him and their mouths were crashed together.

Faramir breathed in his scent, the mixture of sunshine, dust and stone. He kissed Aragorn for all he was worth, giving in more to desperation than love, or even lust. When they finally parted, Aragorn cradled his face in his hands and his eyes shone.

“By Elbereth, I have missed you Faramir!”

“And I you. So much.” He leaned his forehead against Aragorn’s and listened to his own pounding heart; he found the wild flow of his lover’s heartbeat, too, and closed his eyes in relief.

They shared a new kiss, slower, softer this time, and not until this one also was over did Faramir note that there was bustling all around them. Self-consciously, he pulled back a little. “Well, no doubt Gondor shall have some new rumours to feast on now.”

Aragorn smiled but his hands drifted to Faramir’s waist. “I have hid nothing from the Council,” he said quietly. “They have been informed of my intention to come here as often as I possibly can… and still I am King and respected, I think.”

Faramir fastened a strand of dark hair behind an ear. “I too have made my choice known but I know of no result yet.”

“You look well,” said Aragorn, “and so I gather you have not been assaulted?”

“I have not…” He dropped a new kiss to Aragorn’s lips. “I am so happy that you have come.”

A movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention and he turned to see Eldarion handing over his bags to a servant and casting a quick glance at his father. Faramir released Aragorn and inclined his head to the boy. “Eldarion,” he mumbled and Aragorn took a step back.

The boy warily came over to them and his gaze darted from one man to the other. “Faramir.”

“It is good to see you again. Welcome back.”

As the boy nodded, Aragorn turned to speak with Beriand and Faramir marvelled at the ease with which he went from lover to King.

“So,” said Faramir slowly, “how are you?”

Eldarion’s grey eyes reflected the blue sky above. “I am well…” Guilt flashed across his face and he dropped his gaze to the ground. “I was happy to leave the City and the Tower… It is a bit dull there, you know…”

“Yea…” Faramir smiled. “Tomorrow is Midsummer and we will see the bonfires and… eat, if that pleases you? I made no elaborate plans for I did not know what you preferred,” he went on, the words simply rushing out of him. Finally.

“I would like to see the fires.” Eldarion glanced up. “They have such celebrations in Rivendell too.” He prodded the ground with booted toes. “Sir, Faramir,” he quickly corrected himself, “is Nena here?”

Forbidding himself to smile, Faramir nodded. “She is in the kitchens, I think, helping to prepare dinner.” When he saw the look of disappointment, he added, “Of course, if you happen to know how to bake honey cakes…”

Eldarion caught on quickly, “Could I..?”

Faramir grinned and gave him a small push in the right direction. “Go.”

An unexpected rush of warmth flooded his heart when Eldarion returned his grin before he dashed off towards the kitchens.

“Was he bored of you already?” Aragorn stepped up to him with a gleam in his grey eyes. He had unclasped and rolled up his cloak and tossed it over a shoulder.

“Apparently I am not very interesting…” Faramir tried a miserable look but failed utterly when Aragorn smiled. “Or it could have been because I mentioned food.”

Beriand had mounted his mare again and was now giving out orders. Aragorn came a fraction closer to Faramir and eyed him suspiciously “Or, thanks to your scheming, he thinks only of girls these days… Maybe one girl in particular..?”

Faramir glanced over at the escort and decided they were all too concerned with themselves to pay their King and Steward any attention. He slid an arm around Aragorn’s waist and, pulling him close, murmured, “My lips are sealed.”


Somewhere, in some world far, far away, Beriand was shouting out his final orders and the royal escort was set in motion, having now no one to escort anywhere. Emyn Arnen had accepted the temporary intrusion but exhaled slowly as the eastbound wind drove the riders on towards the Road. The sound of hooves died away and left were only the whisperings of the trees and the uneven rhythms of two hearts beating nervously.

Faramir hardly knew where he ended or where he began. Aragorn stood pressed against him and there was a suggestion of heat building. Still, the kiss was tentative, stumbling… Now, with no mortal eyes on them, the boundaries grew muddled and the possibilities multiplied. Faramir sucked very gently on Aragorn’s lower lip and then let him go, opening his eyes to the bright day.

“Would you… like to wash or… unpack..?”

Aragorn shook his head, a flicker of uncertainty finding its way into his eyes. “I would like to be with you.”

In silence, they had come to Faramir’s chambers and by some unspoken agreement sunk down on the sofa in the inner room. The sun was slipping further west but it was not yet time for dinner. Aragorn’s cloak hung abandoned over the back of a chair. They sat facing each other and the silence was dense around them. Faramir’s thoughts were swirling and yet he was sure his mind was blank for he could think of absolutely nothing to say. He should be professing his love, time and time again, letting Aragorn know just how much he had been missed. He should be, in this very moment, speaking of the long nights when he had been craving company, comfort…

There was a void between them and he needed a bridge. He saw his own hand hover in the air as he reached out and brushed his fingertips against Aragorn’s stubbly cheek. The older man trembled at the simple touch and he opened his mouth but did not speak. Faramir shuffled a bit closer, cupping Aragorn’s cheek and urging him to lean in. They met somewhere mid-movement and Faramir instigated a kiss he dazedly thought would have chased Aragorn back to the City only some weeks ago. He felt his own breathing speed up but the kiss only deepened; Aragorn’s teeth grazed his lower lip and Faramir felt his fingers tangle in the dark locks. Meanwhile, Aragorn was tugging him closer still, his hands running up and down Faramir’s back, drifting down again… until they were fingering his belt, sliding along the leather, tearing at it until it fell away completely.

Faramir drove forward, drove his tongue into Aragorn’s mouth, pushed him back against the linen, and he gave up reason and caution. He broke the kiss only to nuzzle the other man’s neck and his open-mouthed kisses melted into warm skin. From Aragorn’s hands, heat flowed into him… they were pushing, too, pushing his shirt up over his shoulder blades, forcing him to draw back and lift his arms. He heard Aragorn’s breath catch before they crashed together again and Faramir parted his lips and let their tongues slide together.

He wanted more, wanted to be so completely consumed by the fire that was waking in the core of his body. Aragorn pushed back, inviting him to wind his arms around the slim waist.

“Wait.” Faramir broke the kiss and must blink several times to clear his vision. “Just…” His heart was pounding. “Stay here.”

He ignored the questions that dulled the light in Aragorn’s eyes and pushed himself to his feet. On shaky legs, he hurried into the bedchamber and returned only seconds later with a vial of oil.

“Oh…” At the sight, Aragorn visibly relaxed and some colour rose in his cheeks. His lips were reddened and his hair dishevelled. “I thought…”

Faramir kicked off his boots and slowed his pace a little. He fixed Aragorn with his gaze and said, deliberately slowly, “Never think I do not want you.” He came to stand in front of his lover and with his free hand ghosted over the bulge in his leggings. He raised one eyebrow. Aragorn looked up at him, grey eyes wide and overflowing with almost every emotion one could imagine. But he nodded and accepted the oil.

Faramir pushed down his leggings, exposing himself, his semi-hard member twitching when Aragorn leaned forward and his lips brushed the heated flesh, leaving a first kiss upon it that made Faramir shudder. But this was no time to honour patience. He heard his own voice rough and raspy, “Next time.”

Then he was straddling Aragorn’s hips, his leggings forgotten on the floor. The older man slid down low and they were kissing again as the sky turned a bright crimson outside, shot with gold. Faramir cupped the bulge in Aragorn’s leggings and cherished the moan that twined around them. He pulled at the lacings and Aragorn bucked his hips and gasped. With desire spiralling through him, Faramir both saw and felt himself swell and he nearly cried out when a slick hand wrapped around his length, only increasing his hunger.

Aragorn’s thick length filled his hand just as a first finger breached his body and he felt himself melt into the waves of warmth that lapped at him. He tried to pleasure Aragorn but was lost as the guardian muscle was tested and coaxed into relaxing. Aragorn’s head had fallen back but there was an expression of profound concentration in his features. Faramir smiled weakly through the haze of desire. He edged forward, clumsily, heavily, pushed himself up and felt the fingers slip out of him. Aragorn opened his eyes, the grey having turned into a shining silver, and Faramir felt the blunt head of his lover’s arousal press against him. He sank down, air rushing past his lips as something else pushed in. Aragorn groaned as the world closed in on them and everything else lost its meaning.

This – the suggestion slid through Faramir’s mind – was perfection.

The shadows had begun stretching and the sky was now a light purple. Soon they must rise and go to dinner but for now they lay entwined on the sofa, having found a blanket to cover them.

“For how long will you be staying?” Faramir had dreaded the question ever since he had received Aragorn message revealing the exact date of his arrival. He steeled himself against the reply, determined to be happy even if it was only a matter of hours.

Aragorn swallowed and there was a hint of insecurity about him. “Would you have me for a fortnight?”

“A fortnight?” Faramir stared at his lover. “Two whole weeks?”

Aragorn shrugged awkwardly against the pillows. “It is Midsummer and all of Gondor will be feasting or lying in a daze, or both. I brought some paperwork and if you could spare a messenger at times, and put up with me–”

“Put up with you?” Faramir echoed him and then he must shake himself. The flicker of fear in Aragorn’s eyes he never wanted to see again. “I would house you for eternity. I was prepared for three days at the most.”

Gradually a sweet smile curved Aragorn’s lips. “Will you have food enough? Eldarion eats for two these days.”

“I will send you hunting. Or, no, I will send someone else hunting.” Faramir grinned. “I never want you out of my sight.”

The bluish light of evening filled the sitting-room and Faramir turned over another page. Eldarion, too, had found a book and so peace had settled while they both read. The night was warm and so no fire had been lit. The house was quiet and it was easy to drift… into dreams and visions… and yet something always pulled him back; and he knew, deep down, that dreams no longer were needed. They had brought him what he now treasured above anything else he could name. Now was not the time to dream.


He lowered his book and found that Eldarion was watching him. “Yes?”

“I was just wondering… This winter, will you be travelling to Rohan with us to Éomer King’s celebration?”

“Ah, yes… I had forgotten about that,” said Faramir earnestly. He had, truthfully, not spared the matter a second thought after he had discussed it with Aragorn some month earlier. “There will be a great feast when Lothíriel has born the child, I assume… As Steward of Gondor I will go but we shall have to speak with your father regarding the details…”

A brief look of distress passed over Eldarion’s expressive face and he dropped his gaze to his lap. His reply was too low for Faramir to catch.

“Eldarion?” Faramir frowned. “What is the matter?”

The boy fiddled with the hem of his shirt, his book quite forgotten. “You too could be like my father,” he mumbled at last. “Like my second father…” He looked up at that; large grey eyes filled with anxiety. “If you do not mind…”

It was true that Faramir’s love for Aragorn was like nothing he had ever before experienced. It flooded him, filled him, made him feel like he encompassed the entire Universe, but this timid confession spread another light completely through his heart and rendered him speechless. He knew of no words worthy enough in response.

He reached out and stroked the wild curls. “Thank you,” he whispered at last.

Eldarion swallowed. “It would be okay with you?”

Faramir shook his head slowly. “I know very little of boys your age,” he confessed. “Mablung, my friend, has two children but even the eldest is only barely past her third birthday. I never planned to have children of my own.”

“But you were a child too, and you had a brother,” said Eldarion, curiosity gradually replacing his anxiousness.

“That was… different.” Faramir hesitated. “The times were different… and my brother was a promising warrior at a young age – I was not…”

“I do not much like swords,” offered Eldarion. “I have tried to, but I do not think it went very well… They are very heavy.”

“That, they are.” Faramir scooted forward in his seat, not wanting to lose track of the conversation before Eldarion had fully grasped what a blessing he had bestowed upon him. “Listen, Eldarion, if you will indeed in the future consider me your father, a second one, I will be honoured beyond understanding.”

“Father says he loves me…” Eldarion murmured. “I did not see him much before.”

Faramir’s heart clenched. “Your father loves you more than you know. So much more.”

Eldarion lifted his grey eyes to Faramir’s and the unspoken question in them was so clear that it could not be interpreted as anything else.

Faramir smiled, readily, easily. He slid off his seat and pushed his chair as close as he might. Then he gathered Eldarion up in his arms and poured all the love and security he could summon into that embrace. “I will love you too, little one. Just like I have come to love your father. And you will always have a home in Ithilien should the stone walls of the City grow too confining… and even if they do not.”

Eldarion said nothing but he buried his face against Faramir’s chest and stayed there. Faramir stroked his hair, thanking the Valar for trust freely given.

And as the silver of the Moon spread across the floor and the shadows contently sank into place, he gave thanks for love and courage. Eventually, Eldarion’s breathing evened out and softened.

Faramir looked up as a familiar shape appeared in the doorway. Aragorn crossed the floor on silent feet with the moonlight skating across his dark hair. He sank to his knees before them and pressed a kiss into his son’s hair. Then he looked up at Faramir and there was finally peace in his eyes.

“You have healed us both, meleth nín.” His whisper caressed Faramir’s heart.

Faramir let his gaze travel over Aragorn’s face: his stubbly cheeks, his proud chin, his soft eyes and full lips.

You, I love.

He hugged Eldarion a little closer and the boy gave a small sigh in his sleep.

In wonder, Faramir thought he must have been gifted with two hearts for though he had already given his to Aragorn, Eldarion had stolen it too.

Aragorn lifted a hand and stroked his cheek. The Ring of Barahir reflected the moonlight and spun a web of shimmering silver around them.

All three of them.

The End

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I am so ready for another of your stories. I am hooked already and can’t wait for more!

— Kelly    Monday 27 July 2009, 16:15    #

Thank you my dear! I’ll give you more in about a week.

— Geale    Tuesday 28 July 2009, 7:42    #

My what a disquieting beginning! Once again you set a different tone from your previous stories. :)

I have always been intrigued by the references to Faramir’s “far-sightedness”, but few authors delve into it.

— trixie    Wednesday 29 July 2009, 21:53    #

Wow this is very mysterious indeed. It is very exciting trying to fit these pieces together.

— Kelly    Monday 3 August 2009, 17:21    #

I’ve been away for a little while but I’m happy to see that both “disquieting” and “mysterious” are words being used ;) With my own far-sightedness I predict they might be used again!

— Geale    Tuesday 11 August 2009, 8:25    #

I had guests and was away for a while and am just catching up. You are certainly weaving this tale in an unhurried manner :) Do you think I have patience? I need to know what is going on with Aragorn. ;)

— trixie    Thursday 27 August 2009, 16:48    #

I second that! I am on the edge of my seat here. I have come up with so many scenarios in my head I am getting dizzy. I cant wait to find out if I’m even remotely close. Anxiously awating more as always.

— Kelly    Thursday 27 August 2009, 21:33    #

Oh, I’m sorry! I thought you both were patient! :P Unfortunately we shall go very slow… So please make yourselves comfortable and await some more… eh… waiting ;)

— Geale    Sunday 30 August 2009, 21:09    #

oooooooooooooooooooooh! I’m totally impatient and you are totally killing me. Ah sweet suspense. I may complain about the suspense but you know I really love it. This should prove very interesting I think.

— Kelly    Tuesday 8 September 2009, 22:21    #

The mystery continues to deepen. Quite serious about taking it slow, I see :)
Forgot to mention, I love the pictures you have used to illustrate. I like knowing what the author is visualizing. Are they truly yours? They are very nice!
Off to bed, though I doubt my dreams will be as interesting as Faramir’s ;)

— trixie    Thursday 10 September 2009, 1:05    #

Slow is the new quick I hear ;) Yes, I shall torment you further by not posting yet. The boys are being a bit obstinate at the moment so I will need some time to sort a couple of things out.
Yes, the pictures are all mine! I’m glad you like them. Any interesting dreams, Trixie? :)

— Geale    Sunday 20 September 2009, 13:19    #

oooooooh now this is getting sticky! You are torturing us well my dear. I like it!

— Kelly    Monday 21 September 2009, 19:08    #

Ah, armchairs! And rain, which seems to factor into many of their encounters. And Aragorn wants to spend more time together, even if he continues to be mysterious about the reasons for his visit :)
Alas, any interesting dreams I may have are stuck inside my own head :) I totally lack your gift for transferring what I imagine into words.

— trixie    Monday 21 September 2009, 21:55    #

Stickier by the minute! —washes hands—
I’m afraid Aragorn, and his intentions (whatever they are – does he even have any?) shall remain shrouded in mystery for a while yet. Apparently revelation just isn’t his thing. And we shall see about ‘spending more time together’… Perhaps he is lying? Ah, well, enough with the speculations – what do I know?

— Geale    Friday 25 September 2009, 9:08    #

Ah, a chapter sprinkled with tidbits that rouse more curiosity than they satisfy :) So the mist comes from the North, and Aragorn has things to settle in Rivendell? And they speak of journeying north to Rivendell. Hmm.

Ai! What ever is the question burning in Faramir’s mind that he forbids himself to ask? And what is up with that ring!?

Finally, I am so enjoying the exploration of their, um, Numenorean quirks ;)

— trixie    Sunday 11 October 2009, 15:03    #

Yes, who would have expected a chapter with such diversity? Weather and geography issues, an interest in interrogation – and not to mention a ring that behaves very oddly indeed. Reminds me of another one… Oh well.

Their “Numenorean quirks”? :) Haha! Better Numenorean than Mordor…ean, as I have always said!

— Geale    Wednesday 21 October 2009, 22:02    #

And here I am sitting in silence and once again rereading your works. I had no patience any more and have read this not ended story at last. I think why do you write your story so beautiful, sensual and so slow!!! Sorry!
Do you know, Geale, that you are the great author? I love those wise and adult relationships you write about, and if I write my own story one day, it will be like yours!

— Anastasiya    Thursday 5 November 2009, 19:47    #

Haha, slow is the new quick, I’ve heard! ;) Thank you very much, Anastasiya. I’ll treasure your praise – and I think you’ve earned a new chapter. It’s on its way!

— Geale    Monday 9 November 2009, 10:33    #

Tease Tease Tease! You know how truly impatient I am and you insist of taunting me and making me wait. I wish I could say I was angry but you always entertain me so I just cant be. I am just a puppet anxiously awaiting more. As always it was totally wonderful and I shall (oh so impatiently) wait for more.

— Kelly    Monday 9 November 2009, 21:58    #

Such a clever author! Finds a way to give us (and Faramir) a little satisfaction while still sloowly developing the relationship ;)
This story is so shrouded in mystery that Mist is indeed the perfect title.
Hope you had a lovely holiday!

— trixie    Tuesday 10 November 2009, 22:21    #

I did, thank you! It was actually quite inspiring and plot bunnies were all over the place.
Yes, we’re still doing slow! But I thought that the dream would at least satisfy you a little. Ah, the kindness of this writer is unmatched! ;)

— Geale    Sunday 15 November 2009, 19:59    #

Aargh! What are you doing?! Tricksy, devious author! ;) (Who, I’m coming to believe, enjoys tormenting readers.)

— trixie    Wednesday 25 November 2009, 19:07    #

No doudts, you, Geale, truly love to torment your readers! I have already begun to believe that you would give us pleasure for a while and show anything definite, but now I see only MIST again. I do not know what to think. Was that kiss true or not..? What does Aragorn want..? Is Faramir in his right mind..?
I know, it is all your Aragorn/Legolas readers who are guilty that you do it with us! :)))

— Anastasiya    Thursday 26 November 2009, 3:16    #

Well read, Anastasiya! Points to you for putting forth the pertinent question: what is real and what is not? Unfortunately, I don’t feel like giving an answer. But I assure you, the A/L people have nothing to do with this ;)

Trixie, Trixie… How can I please you? That’s only a rhetorical question, though, for as it is, I’m having way too much fun tormenting you. I’ll have you know I take great pride in being both tricksy and devious ;)

— Geale    Friday 27 November 2009, 14:53    #

I was so excited to discover another story of yours here. I love your characterizations of both Faramir and Aragorn (who manages to both kingly and ranger-like). I especially like the illustrations for this story. The first one, with the mist in the woods, complemented the tone of that chapter perfectly.

— Mira Took    Friday 27 November 2009, 20:52    #

Ms. Took, welcome to ‘Mist’! I’m delighted to hear that you like this version of the boys even though I think Aragorn is a bit more quiet and troubled this time around. Turns out I love using photos to illustrate, so my camera and I are constantly looking for new sceneries. Thank you!

— Geale    Monday 30 November 2009, 9:12    #

Re: Chapter Ten


— Mira Took    Monday 4 January 2010, 21:59    #

Of course I’m waiting to discover that didn’t really happen either ;) Aragorn’s fear and despair came as a surprise. He had seemed so enigmatic until now,

Amazing picture for this chapter!

— trixe    Tuesday 5 January 2010, 16:52    #

We shall see, we shall see :) Aragorn has a few inner demons to deal with, but I’m sure you can be enigmatic and, eh, depressed at the same time. No?

Mira Took, that was dort of what I was aiming for – thank you!

— Geale    Tuesday 5 January 2010, 18:04    #

Oh, you are cruel, Geale, cruel with readers of your stories!
It’s simply impossible to read such short chapters and then wait for the next one for so long time!
Have pity!

— Anastasiya    Wednesday 10 February 2010, 11:43    #

Haha, I know! That’s part of why I’m having so much fun ;)
Okay, to tell you the truth, I’ve had a lot to do lately and I didn’t want to update until I had a few more chapters done. I like being ahead of myself, so to speak. However, I’ve now finished my A/L WiP and should have more time over for this story. I will have some pity and post more often. Deal? :)

Geale    Wednesday 10 February 2010, 12:06    #

I do not know why but I beleive in you! :))

— Anastasiya    Wednesday 10 February 2010, 13:28    #

You know how I love you but you have me teetering on the edge here! Well done!

— Kelly    Monday 15 February 2010, 18:16    #

tsk tsk… Anastasiya, always trust the author…
Kelly my dear, teeter away! There shall be more chapters – another day. (I’m all about rhyming today)

Geale    Wednesday 17 February 2010, 18:41    #

Alright. Now I can tell you my dear you are truly truly evil!!!!! To finally give me what I want and then not only stop in the middle but close it off??!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again TEASE!!
But you know I love it and I will be back for more. What that says about me I have no idea. Ha ha. I think I should pack a luch because it looks like I will be sitting on this cliff for a long while.

— Kelly    Thursday 25 February 2010, 19:27    #

Poor conflicted Aragorn. And, of course, poor, poor Faramir!

Since I needed to catch up, I went back and read from the beginning. First, the words and descriptions weave such a spell. It is like being transported to another world.

Second, with all of the twists and turns and hints, I am not even going to attempt to speculate what will happen. I am just going to let it unfold :)

— trixie    Monday 1 March 2010, 15:04    #

Kelly, I’m thinking I obviously haven’t made my evil streak clear enough if it has taken you up until now to fully realise I have one! :) So, now, with chapter 14 I shall try harder… I hope you’re having a good time on the cliff. Do you think you might need dinner as well? —cooks—

Trixie, that is precisely the feeling I want to convey so you shall have a gold star! And lots of cookies. I’m not saying that what happens – or does not happen as it may be – in the story isn’t (or is, as it also may be) real but I did want to create a sort of dreamy reality. As for the future: time will tell…

Geale    Wednesday 10 March 2010, 12:17    #

Dinner sounds lovely my dear! However, the only nibbling I’d like to be doing is on Faramir himself. If Aragorn can’t get it to together in time, I will be happy to take care of our Faramir’s needs. After this story your evilness is not only apparent but appreciated. As always, well done my dear.

— Kelly    Tuesday 16 March 2010, 0:03    #

Alas! You might be too late – someone else is nibbling as we speak!

Geale    Monday 22 March 2010, 17:43    #

Geale, sorry I haven’t commented til now. I find this story breathtaking in its quiet allure, yet heartbreakingly so. I try to avoid it, yet I know I cannot – like touching one’s tongue to the hole where a tooth was. The salty pain is so familiar in its ache that it almost comforts. And in feeling the pain, one notices the slow healing of soft skin. As much as I love the sex and happy endings of usual fare, I admire you for having both the inclination and the patience to explore the quiet and unknown and painful without easy respite — and the ability to make it beautiful enough that others will follow you against their own natures, and, in so doing, come to understand. Even in its unreality, Mist is far more real than most things we read. Beautiful.

— Vanwa Hravani    Tuesday 23 March 2010, 10:28    #

Oh, my dear, I think your comment expresses the, hitherto – by me – unspoken reason for why I wanted to write this story. And, also, the inspiration that fuels the process. I realise this is a story that some people might find difficult to attune to, or even understand, but I’m writing this so much for my own sake that I find I do not care very much if some readers leave it. Instead, I cherish the ones that can share it with me. Your insight means the world to me. I hope that you are well and that there is lots and lots of love in your life. Many blessings.

Geale    Tuesday 23 March 2010, 13:00    #

Boy I cant wait to overhear or rather overread (ha) this conversation. Well Aragorn if you are going to snooze you are going to lose. That man is far to appealing to be left alone. I’d like a little Faramir snack myself. hee hee You are a tease and truly evil. I hope not to teeter on the edge for long. Take pity on your loyal subjects and give us more soon. hint hint

— Kelly    Wednesday 24 March 2010, 19:09    #

Ah, Aragorn, what torments you so? Clearly something not easily conquered :(

At least we have Faramir’s tantalizing dreams since reality isn’t cooperating.

— trixie    Monday 29 March 2010, 16:27    #

Pity, torments and evil… It can only get better, right? There will be some talking soon, I promise. New chapter on its way!

Geale    Tuesday 6 April 2010, 16:30    #

Ohhhhhhhhhhh you are killing me now! I feel like a mouse trying to get cheese off of a trap! Just when I think I’m getting what I want, SNAP! Denied again! Tease! However, you know I will be anxiously awaint more. I am totally wrapped up in this story and need to see the outcome.

— Kelly    Monday 12 April 2010, 22:25    #

um sorry, in my frenzied typing I had a mistype. That should read anxiously awaiting more. You see what you do to me? ha ha

— Kelly    Monday 12 April 2010, 22:28    #

I hope with my whole heart that all that happens now with Faramir would become real in future. Or it’s simply impossible!!! He would go mad!

— Anastassiya    Tuesday 13 April 2010, 4:17    #

Kelly, —squeezes eyes shut— No I don’t see anything! ;) But we ARE drawing closer to what you want… I think. Maybe. Thanks for sticking by me despite the frustration.

Anastasiya, He’s not going mad! It wouldn’t be any fun. But I see your point. However, I couldn’t just leave the mysteriousness out of it ;)

Geale    Friday 16 April 2010, 13:25    #

Ha ha ha. Ah you know you have me right where you want me. Thats the mark of a wonderful author, keep us wanting for more. I’m a faramir fiction addict and need my stories.

— Kelly    Tuesday 20 April 2010, 16:20    #

Damrod needs to take a hint! Although he might even know best at this point. Those two certainly need help making up their minds.

— Kelly    Wednesday 21 April 2010, 23:46    #

I think Damrod is looking at this from a realist perspective but he will be given time to expand on his opinions – we are not nearly done yet! I’ve currently finished ch25 and we still have a long way to go. Also, last night I wrote the ending so now I just have to fill in the rest…

Geale    Monday 26 April 2010, 22:23    #

25! Wow you do intend to torture me for some time to come don’t you? Since we are only on 18 not that is alot of toture remaining for me. Well if I’m going to be tortured, let it be by my favorite addiction, my Faramir fanfics. Count me in! I’m on board for the long haul.

— Kelly    Tuesday 27 April 2010, 21:54    #

Sometimes I think that you are simply impossible with your delaying and I have no wish and patience to read this story further. But as only you post here new chapter I suddenly understand how deeply I was wrong to think so.
Actually I love this story very much, all your stories, and I like these two shy men with all their fears and doubts. And more I like the thought that they would find their comfort in arms of one another.
Thank you!

— Anastassiya    Friday 30 April 2010, 15:57    #

What is going on with that darn ring? (Never trust jewelry in Middle Earth!) Does Damrod know something we don’t? And what is Aragorn dreaming about? I thought dreams were Faramir’s territory :) Why does this story produce such a feeling of disquiet in me? Quite an atmosphere you have created here! ;)

— trixie    Wednesday 5 May 2010, 5:36    #

Anastasiya, Thank you! I’m delighted to hear that you are still on board despite the slow going! This (ch 19) was obviously a key chapter because now Faramir knows why Aragorn is so scared of being with another man. So, things can only get better, right? Right. I’m not going to pick up the pace any time soon, however… So, settle down and breathe :)

Trixie, so many questions, so few answers! But, yes, the boys are both dreaming – and while it may be uncomfortable for Faramir, Aragorn is basically terrified. I think he’s mentioned the dreams before and what they consist of – go back and check. That at the very least shouldn’t be much of a mystery :)

Geale    Wednesday 5 May 2010, 8:10    #

Thank you my dear! You are officially forgiven(at least for now anyway hee hee). These last two chapters have given me some hope to hold me over for better things to come (I hope). You must surely know what a compliment it is to you that we continually come back for more despite the pace. I am hopeless. I cant wait to see the outcome of this story.

— Kelly    Monday 10 May 2010, 21:34    #

I feel like a student again, being told to reread an assignment. I truly only remember Aragorn mentioning his dreams in the vaguest of terms. and I got good marks in reading comprehension . . . truly :) I shall go back and check as soon as real life decides to allow me enough time ;).

This chapter continues the mood. Even though much progress seems to have been made, I continue to have a feeling of unease.

— trixie    Wednesday 12 May 2010, 20:00    #

Sorry, sorry for the delayed response (I’m sure you’ve been suffering ;))

Haha, Kelly, I knew you would like these latest developments! The outpouring of generosity from this author is never-ending!

Trixie, you could be right. I’m a bit ahead myself, working on future chapters so it’s entirely possible that Aragorn hasn’t yet said that much of importance, so to speak. But fear not – my aim is that all shall be dealt with as is appropriate ;) What you say about the mood is very interesting because I don’t consciously choose to write the story in this way… I think the mood is creating itself by now.

Thank you so much, both of you, for lovely support!

Geale    Sunday 23 May 2010, 10:05    #

Awwwww I have the warm and fuzzies. Although I have this sinking feeling you are going to pull the rug out from under me very soon.

— Kelly    Tuesday 25 May 2010, 16:50    #

I don’t think I have ever read Aragorn portrayed as so inexperienced and unsure. It fits perfectly with the attitude of society in this tale. however. So different from when such love is celebrated or at least accepted.

— trixie    Sunday 6 June 2010, 6:02    #

Kelly, not VERY soon… —innocent smile—

Trixie, for some reason I like to explore the boys’ weaknesses; there’s something about Aragorn that compels me to look beyond that apparent strength. I’m just sorry (no, not really) that it’s Faramir who has to deal with it ;)

Geale    Monday 7 June 2010, 11:01    #

I was pleased to notice your famous awkwardly-positioned-chair-problem in chapter 22 among all the other, darker problems that have been surrounding Faramir and Aragorn. Please take it as a compliment when I say that reading a story this long and this suspenseful is driving me to read cheerier fics right afterward (fortunately, you are posting some of those as well!). Like everyone, I’m looking forward to more Mist …

— Mira Took    Tuesday 8 June 2010, 5:48    #

Yes the chair issue comes again. I rather enjoy it though I must say. I am enjoying this change in Aragorn as well. He has more resolve than I have. I would have let Faramir have his way with me long long long ago. As always ,looking very much forward to more.

— Kelly    Tuesday 8 June 2010, 15:31    #

I have already vowed that my next chaptered story shall be chair free! It’ll take place entirely on horseback… or in a tent (a very small one in which there is no room for chairs). Chairs, ladies, are a nuisance.

On a more harmonious note, I’m glad you’re still enjoying the story, though gloomy it can be. I know updates have been scarce of late but I’m trying to decide in which direction the story is moving and how to proceed. I’m actually aiming for weekly updates but we’ll see what happens. Thank you so much for bearing with me.

Kelly, poor Faramir would not have a moment’s peace in your arms! ;)

Geale    Monday 21 June 2010, 22:29    #

Oh a tent, please (unless they’re sharing the horse … ;)

I really enjoyed this latest installment — it shed some light on the situation and then immediately gave us a new problem to worry about!

— Mira Took    Friday 25 June 2010, 6:46    #

Tents have been taken into consideration.

“…and then immediately gave us a new problem to worry about!”

You can always count on me! ;)

Geale    Saturday 26 June 2010, 15:44    #

Ha ha. You are so right I am so possessive of him. This last chapter had me feeling the same way. I was ready to kick poor Aragorn out of bed and take care of his needs myself! Alas I can’t, but a girl can dream. Tents or horseback? Any of the above sounds good to me but as long you take pity on me and it DOES HAPPEN at some point somewhere, I’m so in. Awaiting impatiently as always…..

— Kelly    Monday 28 June 2010, 18:18    #

What has poor Aragorn ever done to you?! Except for not throwing himself naked on top of (an equally naked) Faramir and shoving a ring on his finger at the same time? :)

I have decided on tents, btw, but the pairing has changed, and we shall see none of it until this story has come to an end. I’m now on chapter 31 and things are coming together rather nicely, I dare say.

Geale    Friday 2 July 2010, 22:33    #

Ha ha exactly! Alas he gets to take what I feel is my rightful place. I love Aragorn dearly but I am so jealous of him all the same. Ah a different pairing then? Well I see the rug is coming out from under me as I speak. Well I was expecting that so I am ready. Lead on and I will follow.

— Kelly    Tuesday 6 July 2010, 16:54    #

The only good thing about an insanely busy real life is that I get to enjoy several chapters at once :)
Just when I was letting my guard down about the dreams, you sneak one in on me ;) I’m starting to have some thoughts about those, and am most anxious to see what it all means.

— trixie    Saturday 10 July 2010, 5:00    #

Back from holiday and a new chapter is on it way! I’m so glad you’re still with me despite the weirdness, rug-withdrawal, dreams and everything else. Thank you!

Geale    Sunday 18 July 2010, 15:01    #

Real life took me away from all internet connections for a week and so I was delighted to come back and find more “Mist.” This chapter was definitely one worth waiting for!

— Mira Took    Monday 19 July 2010, 7:45    #

oohhhh now this is interesting indeed. Still hanging out on the cliff and ready for more.

— Kelly    Monday 19 July 2010, 18:18    #

Ah, lovely. No matter what else is in store, this was so sweet :)

— trixie    Thursday 22 July 2010, 5:46    #

Ah, I’m pleased you liked it! Now, after this happy moment, can I torture them some more?

Geale    Saturday 24 July 2010, 20:52    #

Oh, wow! If that is your idea of torture, please sign me up! :)

Beautiful writing, lovely pacing, and naughty tease with the chapter name! Worth waiting 28 chapters and endless months for. ;)

— trixie    Wednesday 28 July 2010, 11:48    #

You’re on the list!

Endless months… You know, the prologue was posted on July 27th last year. 12 months later – sex! :D

Geale    Sunday 1 August 2010, 18:45    #

Alas I finally feel myself coming back from the ledge! However, I also feel a dread that I am about to be teetering again soon. Wonderously evil you are! You never let me (or the boys) feel secure for long. These last few chapters have more than made up for your evilness.

— Kelly    Monday 2 August 2010, 16:17    #

Happy to hear it! :) My guess is that you can sort of rein in the teetering tendencies since we’re heading towards the end… At some point, even I know when to stop torturing my readers – maybe ;)

Geale    Wednesday 18 August 2010, 8:42    #

It is so nice to come back from holiday to an update on the dear boys :)

At least you didn’t make them wait a year for the sex; only your poor tormented readers ;)

I’m sure Damrod means well, but he certainly manages to cast a pall over the romance :p Hopefully you will overrule his negativity and find them a happy ending.

— trixie    Monday 23 August 2010, 0:49    #

An ending near you say? Alas, I am not sure if I should believe you or not. Just to be on the safe side, I shall remain on the floor with the rug already out from under me. I find it is my permanent home in this story.

— Kelly    Wednesday 25 August 2010, 1:04    #

Ah, dear Damrod! He only presented his view, and I ask you: what is wrong with that?

Kelly, at least use that rug as a pillow if you are going to stay down there…

Geale    Wednesday 25 August 2010, 21:21    #

What’s wrong? Why, he made Faramir cry >:(

— trixie    Saturday 28 August 2010, 16:32    #

Bad, bad Damrod…

Geale    Thursday 2 September 2010, 20:49    #

They’re certainly making up for lost time are they not:)

Love the relationship between Faramir and Arwen! But then I’ve always imagined them getting on quite well.

— trixie    Monday 6 September 2010, 16:52    #

I’m glad to see the situation with Damrod resolve … but not too quickly or easily. And I think this was one of the sweetest love scenes: kings have more clothes, ha! Great picture, by the way.

— Mira Took    Tuesday 14 September 2010, 8:53    #

Trixie, maybe… but they spent something like 25 chapters being apart ;)

Mira Took, thank you! Well, Damrod has good reasons for not being overjoyed. He knows what he is talking about… And I’m sure there’s enough clothes to go around!

Geale    Thursday 16 September 2010, 11:25    #

I love the way you wrote Arwen, to be so regal but free-spirited.
And I love the way you wrote the woods, the way they talked to Faramir and took care of him, and even sometimes attacked people who might have the possibility of hurting him in some way. The giggling trees/wind were awesome.

— Anna    Friday 8 October 2010, 20:02    #

I am in love with this story ! (and, finally with all your A/F zines!) It’s so lovely to see the interaction between the two lovers, so touchingly writen. Please, please, gifted us with another (long….) story about A/F relationship.
Millions thanks GEALE.

— Sophie    Saturday 9 October 2010, 10:02    #

Anna, thank you so much! I’m glad you like my Arwen and the trees! I admit to being a tad worried that nobody would ‘get’ the story but apparently I was wrong. Here Faramir’s fate has somehow blended with Ithilien’s over the years and I thought this type of communication between man and land helped to illustrate that.

Sophie, I’m delighted to hear you like my writing! As for other stories, I have tons of ideas but I’m taking a small break now to sort them through and find a place to begin. I’m appealing to your patience!
Thank you ever so much!

Geale    Monday 11 October 2010, 20:46    #

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