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Nature vs. Nurture (PG-13) Print

Written by Susana

03 April 2011 | 9076 words | Work in Progress

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Chapter Title: But, I’ve…
Author: Susana
Series: Desperate Hours
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Rating: PG
Warning: AU; spanking
Disclaimer: All recognizable elements are Tolkien’s
Chapter Summary: Faramir has a lot of work to do.
A/N: Sometime during Year 5 of the Fourth Age, or thereabout

Faramir had been reviewing a list of numbers that just didn’t make sense to him. That was the last thing he remembered. Then his shoulder was being shaken, very gently. He looked up to realize that he’d fallen asleep on his desk, and that his father was apparently up quite early this morning.

“Ion-nin. Go to bed.” Aragorn commanded gently, his gray eyes filled with exasperated fondness.

“But, I’ve got to…” Faramir began, knowing there was a long list of things he’d meant to do before the King awoke.

“Bed. Now. Unless you want a warmed bottom to speed you on your way.” Aragorn said, voice kind but edging into stern.

“The numbers aren’t right…” Faramir murmured distractedly, as he got up and yawned.

Aragorn smacked his son and steward’s backside lightly, more noise than force. “Bed, ion-nin. This is your last warning. I looked at that list before I woke you up. Even excluding the column you drooled on during your nap, you’re right that something is off. I’ll have my accountant or yours look at it this morning, and we can speak of it this afternoon. If the accountants don’t find anything, we’ll hand it off to Dev or Ethiron, or Elladan when he gets back. May I remind you again that you don’t have to do everything yourself; just flag an issue and hand it off to someone else. But you do need to sleep, and you obviously didn’t, last night.”

A year ago Faramir would have argued, but now he just yawned and nodded. Bed sounded good, even if Éowyn and the children were still at Emyn Arnen.

“I’ll wake you for lunch, Fara-nin.” Aragorn said fondly. “Although if you can’t fall asleep, I have some petitions you can read…”

Faramir chuckled tiredly as he left. He didn’t think that would be necessary.

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