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Hope in the Healing (PG-13) Print

Written by Susana

14 February 2011 | 36497 words | Work in Progress

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Cast of Characters in Hope in the Healing

Author: Susana
Series: Desperate Hours; Young Estel story
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Warning: AU.
Beta: None, but thanks to Kaylee for helping me with character names, and to Kaylee and Emma for talking with me about the elves who would inhabit a city like Imladris.

Disclaimer: All recognizable elements are Tolkien’s.

Summary: Cast of characters for this story, although not all of them get speaking roles.


Imladris Residents, End of the Third Age (all elves unless otherwise stated)

Lord Elrond Earendilion — ruling lord of Imladris, master healer

Lord Elrohir Elrondion — Lord Elrond’s first son and heir, Lieutenant in Imladris’ Guard, Knight of Arnor, and Captain of the Northern Dunedain, author, investor, healer, apprentice weapons smith (when he has time) etc.

Lord Elladan Elrondion — Lord Elrond’s second son, Lieutenant in Imladris’ Guard, Knight of Arnor, and Captain of the Northern Dunedain, senior healer, master alchemist, etc.

Lord Erestor Arandilion — Chief Advisor, gwador, and sometime-regent to Lord Elrond

Lord Melpomaen Erestorion — Lord Erestor’s only son, gwador to Lord Elrond’s twin sons, Knight of Arnor, Advisor to the twins and to Lord Elrond.

Lord Glorfindel — Captain of Imladris’ Guard. Grandfather of Lord Erestor, although both are fairly quiet about the relationship, as Glorfindel is of the opinion that Sauron has enough good reasons to want to kill him or Erestor; why give the Dark Lord a reason to know they can be used against eachother.

Lady Gilraen — technically, the Lady of the Northern Dunedain, but in hiding. She is serving as the Castellan of Imladris (basically, the person in charge of making sure the house runs smoothly. In a more formal home, she would be Elrond’s hostess as well since his lady has sailed, but Imladris simply isn’t that formal). On the council, Gilraen speaks for various concerns of the household. The elves who had been stuck with this job previously find working with Gilraen a lot easier than working with Elrond.

Estel — Lady Gilraen’s son, the foster-son of Lord Elrond. Technically the Chieftain of the Northern Dunedain in hiding.

Mistress Siana — the Chief Cook, who was the cook in Melpomaen’s birth father Edrahil’s home, in Lindon, when Mel was small.

Lieutenant Drystan — Captain Glorfindel’s second in command; Mistress Siana’s husband; gwador to Elrond’s foster-brother Ereinion Gil-galad, until his death at the end of the second age.

Mistress TaurielChief Groom — great-great-niece of the former Chief Cook of Imladris, Lord Carmave. An elflinghood friend of the Elrondionnath, and a gwathel of their sister Andreth.

Master Sculptor Samnolas — a sculptor, but currently representing all of the visual artists of Imladris on Imladris’ council, which includes the sculptors, painters, muralists, and sometimes the glassblowers. The sculptor involved in the twins’ infamous “ice horse” prank.

Mistress Gailest — a master painter, wife of Master Healer Moicasion, mother of Lieutenant Thenithol and Healer Ceredithlas. Normally Gailest is the representative of the visual artists on Imladris’ council, but she is also one of Estel’s favorite babysitters.

*Master Healer Moicasion- a healer and former adversary of Elrond’s, who is now more or less in charge of Imladris’ healing ward, although he defers to Elrond (not without argument) on many occasions. Husband of Master Painter Gailest, father of Lieutenant Thenithol and Healer Ceredithlas. Moicasion doesn’t usually represent the healers’ on the council; he has no fondness for administration.

Lieutenant Thenithol Moicasionchil — a young officer, born in Imladris near the end of the second age. A friend of the twins and Mel.

Healer Ceredithlas Moicasiel — a young healer, born in Imladris near the end of the second age. A friend of the twins and Mel. Ceredithlas usually attends council meetings on behalf of the healers.

*Master Hisilr- a minstrel, the representative of the musicians and singers on the Council of Imladris

Master Sirefuiona weapons smith — represents the smiths on the Council of Imladris

Master Olthavrona carpenter — represents the carpenters on the Council of Imladris

Master Alastaronan architect and engineer — represents the architects on the Council of Imladris

Lady Ambaraxielengineer — represents the architects on the Council of Imladris

Master Gerrold — a human alchemist, who normally represents the alchemists on Imladris’ council, as Lord Ingloren, the Master Alchemist, hates meetings.

Lord Ingloren — the master alchemist in charge of the alchemists at Imladris, also Elladan’s mentor

Master Faelchannasarchivist — the archivist on the Council of Imladris. Also Melpomaen’s elflinghood tutor

Mistress Saelestiela weaver — the weaver (also representing the seamstresses and fine embroiderers) on the Council of Imladris

Northern Dunedain Rangers (only mentioned; do not appear in story)

Lord Dirhael — Former spymaster of the rangers, current regent for the absent infant Chieftain. Father of Gilraen.

Lady Ivorwen — wife of Lord Dirhael, mother of Gilraen.

Captain Daeron — the senior captain of the rangers

Captain Oskari — the current spymaster of the rangers, a replacement for Dirhael’s son, the former spymaster, who died relatively recently.

Captain Aratan (deceased) — the former spymaster of the rangers, Dirhael’s son.

Lieutenant Egalmoth — a young officer in the rangers

Trainee Magordan — a teenager who is training with the rangers

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1 Comment(s)

I really enjoyed this fic. I stumbled across it completely by accident when looking for a translation for “mellon muin nin” (which incidentally I read in another of your fics) The first chapter was my favorite because Faramir was in it. I LOVE your characterization of Faramir. I have been reading all your stories that contain Faramir over and over since I first discovered them last week.

One thing I think that you could do to make them better is to translate any elvish you use at the end of your chapters or at least put a glossary of terms somewhere. I don’t know about your other readers but I am not all that familiar with elvish. I can recognize a very few words and even those confuse me when they are used outside of the context with which I am familiar. I really want to know what all those terms of endearment mean exactly. :) Other than that, I love your stories and I love that you update so often! I can’t wait to read the rest of your series. (especially the stories about Faramir)

— firstar28    Saturday 3 September 2011, 3:39    #

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