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Written by elektra121

30 December 2010 | 1627 words

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Title: One year’s time
Characters: Éowyn, Faramir, Éomer, maybe Gríma (depends on your interpretation), Théoden, Merry
Rating: All audiences
Summary/Teaser: Darkness surrounds her, desperation, agony, but she still is not allowed to die, even now. He has left her behind, and she does not even have a window looking to the East, looking to death.
13 drabbles that feature Éowyn.
Warnings: none
Author’s Note: This was my contribution to the German fanfiction-drabble-project ‘Jeder Monat hat hundert Worte’ (“A month is 100 words”) that features one character in a drabble for every month of the year.

With many thanks to December for betaing.

December – DARKNESS

The last night of the year has come, moonless, starless, hopeless and bitterly cold.

The few flickering lights do not suffice to brighten up the all-consuming darkness. The smouldering fireside does not suffice to ban the cold breath of winter from the Golden Hall.

The hangings that used to tell of times of glory are worn, the faces of men are worn too, used to grief. She passes the deepest hours of night waking, quiet and cold, among the others, waiting for dawn. But the dull morning light does not bring back hope, only prospect of one year more, nearer to desperation, nearer to death.

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4 Comment(s)

Thank you, elektra, for this story!

It is much unlike anything I’ve read so far, especially in this field – a very original approach, I think! You give a very lucid, emphatic picture of Eowyn’s state of mind – and heart – and the developments in her life without actually writing out any specific actions, dialogues, or thoughts. This story rather operates with moods and impressions, and communicates sensations and emotions in some very direct, unmediated way. This has had quite an unusual effect on me: when reading, I came to visualise the scenes not so much in terms of the characters, as rather of the ‘feel’ of the atmosphere surrounding them. Er, this is kind of hard to put into words… Most like when reading poetry, actually, not prose.

It’s a little difficult to single out the favourite months, because most of all I like the very flow of Eowyn’s moods, the dynamics of the story’s texture. Each month is made the fairer by the ones before and after it. But still, I said I’d tell you, so: first the winter set, I love how you unfold Eowyn’s progressing depression and desperation through nature, all the nuances of ice, and snow, and darkness… On the outside, there seems to be no development in her life, the days of February pass just as those of January – but how much is going on under the surface… How sad, no one seems to notice anything… Of the happier months I loved most of all August, it seems to symbolise all the newfound freedom, and joy, and possibilities in Eowyn’s life. And although generally I’m very much in opposition to the idea of her and Faramir becoming intimate before the actual wedding, the way you write it – I really can believe that it could have been like in this story :) Oh, and I absolutely love the names you give them in this month!

Have you considered mapping out someone else’s journey according to this scheme too? :)

December    Monday 3 January 2011, 17:03    #

First of all, December, thank you very very much for making my translation the nice smooth English it is now. :)

And thank you for the longest comment I ever received on any of my stories! Ever.
Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ahem…as to the matter of your comment: I always believed Rohan to be more saga-like than the rest of Middle-earth. And sagas, much like heroic epic tell about the emotions and feelings of their heros not so much through their words or thoughts but with help of the things surrounding them or what can be seen from the outside.
And you’re right, I too believe drabbles to somewhat represent the link between poetry and prose.

I must say that I too like the winter-drabbles and August best. And in the process of writing them I listened to songs that seemed to represent the “mood” best:

If you want to check them out too:
Winter-Drabbles: “O come, o come, Emmanuel” by Enya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPHh3nMMu-I

April: “Requiem for a Dream” (I’m pretty much sure you know this one)

May/June: “Gegen einen Dämon” (An Old-High-German magic spell to ban a demon, in a modern version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPHh3nMMu-I

August: Ajde Jano (A Serbic Love/Dancing-Song), that seems for me to tell of all the senseless exuberant joy in the unconceiveable beauty of nature and love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UPlyQow2rI

I’m afraid the wonderful title “Starlord”/“Sterngemahl” has not been my invention (but “Nightbride” is!). :/ Actually, the whole August-drabble itself was written around that name. It comes from the 1930-poem “So wild nach deinem Erdbeermund”/“So wild for your strawberry-mouth” by Peter Zech, who wrote it in the style of Francois Villon (a genial French poet of the 15th century).

And at last, yes, I have considered writing this project for another character. I think my second choice would have been Denethor. ;)

elektra121    Monday 3 January 2011, 20:54    #

I really like these a lot, thanks! :) You have a wonderful writing style, and build great imagery in my mind.

— Morwen    Wednesday 5 January 2011, 6:24    #

Thanks a lot for your kind review!

It is a nice incentive to go and write more. :)

elektra121    Wednesday 5 January 2011, 10:15    #

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