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Pippin’s Not So Sweet Predicament Print

Written by KC

31 March 2004 | 1585 words

Disclaimer: The characters are owned by Tolkien
Summary: Pippin = Mischief
Series: This is in the same universe as ‘Grief’, Elf, Wasps and an ‘Angry Wizard’ and ‘Stubborn Stewards and Bright Red Paddles’.

Pippin Took was bored – bored, bored, bored. And as the entire Shire knew, a bored Pippin was a dangerous creature! A creature to be feared! A creature to be avoided at all costs! The only problem was - whilst the entire Shire knew this, Pippin was not, at this very moment, in the Shire. Pippin was in Minas Tirith - the land of the unsuspecting, the land of the blissfully ignorant.

Frodo and Sam were still recovering after their ordeal in Mordor and Merry from his wounds gained on the Pelennor Fields. All three older hobbits were content to rest, eat and talk. Pippin’s tweenager exuberance was a little too much for the older hobbits to handle at the moment, so the tweenager was encouraged to ‘let off some steam’ elsewhere.

So Pippin found himself, temporarily, banished and bored. The young hobbit wandered aimlessly around the city dodging people and horses when suddenly, the tweenager was struck by a wonderful idea. If the young Hobbit had been in the Shire, right this minute, with the same look of mischief on his otherwise angelic face, the hobbits of the Shire would have been boarding up their places and evacuating.

Inspired, Pippin sought out the kitchen and his room to collect the items that he would need.

About an hour later the young hobbit, carrying a sack with all the items that he had collected, made his way to Lord Faramir’s chambers. Pippin really liked Faramir but thought that the young human was far too serious of late and needed to loosen up. Pippin knew, as he was still a member of the palace guards, that Faramir was in a meeting with Strider and would be for an hour or two more. So he checked that Faramir’s chambers were clear and then set about implementing his idea.

The young hobbit placed the sack on the floor and removed its contents; a light wooden bowl, a pot of honey, a waterskin filled with water, a feathered pillow, some twine and a knife.

Pippin moved a chair that was sitting in front of the desk across the room, over to a tall chest of draws that was conveniently placed near the door. The young hobbit gathered together the wooden bowl, waterskin and honey, walked over to the chair, climbed it and placed the items on top of the chest of draws. Standing on tiptoes on the chair, Pippin poured the honey into the wooden bowl and mixed in some water from the waterskin so that the honey was not so thick.

The young hobbit climbed back down the chair and gathered together the pillow and the knife. Taking the knife Pippin created a slit down the entire length of the pillow. He took the pillow and twine to the chair and then climbed back onto the chest of draws, being careful of the bowl filled with very runny honey.

Very carefully, Pippin placed the bowl of honey on the shelf that was above the door. The shelf ran the around the wall of the entire room. It was used to place items on show, such as sculptures and pictures. Pippin used the twine to rig the bowl to tip when the door was opened. The young hobbit did the same with the slit pillow, filled with feathers.

Pippin removed the incriminating evidence from the chest of draws, placed the items back into the sack and moved the chair back to its original position. Pippin placed the sack out on the balcony that was situated, through glass doors, behind the desk.

The young hobbit hid out on the balcony so that he could see in through the glass doors. Pippin then waited for Faramir to arrive. It was only a few minutes later when the door opened and in walked, not Faramir, but Gandalf. The bowl with the very runny honey tipped, spilling the contents over the wizard and the feathers fell covering the wizard and sticking to the honey.

Faramir was behind the wizard and had been spared the honey but wore a few of the feathers. Pippin, whose heart was now in his mouth, did not know that Faramir’s eyes could go so wide. Both Steward and wizard stood, stunned, for what seemed like hours. Faramir was the first to move as he walked, carefully, past Gandalf and into the room.

“One smirk, one laugh from you, Prince of Ithilien and that chastisement I gave you on the tower will seem decidedly lenient,” Gandalf growled in a very soft, very dangerous voice. Faramir coughed, trying desperately to keep his face impassive as he watched rivulets of honey, with feathers attached, make their way down Mithrandir’s face.

“Peregrin Took!! Get in here now!!” Gandalf shouted as he realised that this could only be the work of the young hobbit.

Pippin started and then cringed. The young tweenager realised he was trapped as he could not climb down from the balcony. Shaking, Pippin opened the balcony door and shuffled into the room. Faramir’s heart went out to the very frightened, very young hobbit.

“Mithrandir. As this was obviously meant for me and not you, I think I should see to Master Peregrin,” Faramir said interceding on Pippin’s behalf. “Maybe you should go and …” Faramir completed the sentence by waving his hand indicating that the wizard should go and wash off the honey and feathers.

Gandalf turned his full glare on Faramir who accepted it without flinching.

“See that you do, son of Denethor!” Gandalf growled, realising that he was too angry to deal with the young hobbit. “Fool of a Took!” Gandalf growled as he turned and stormed out of the room.

Faramir let out a breath he did not realise he was holding after Mithrandir had gone. The Steward turned and looked at Pippin who had not raised his eyes from the floor.

“Pippin, follow me,” Faramir ordered as he walked into his private chamber. Faramir sat down in a chair by the fireside. Pippin stood in front of him, eyes still lowered. Faramir cupped and raised the young hobbit’s chin until Pippin eyes met his. “What, young one, was all that about?” Faramir asked in his normal, gentle tone.

Pippin sighed.

“I thought you were too serious of late and needed to loosen up,” Pippin answered, pouting slightly.

Faramir blinked and shook his head in bewilderment but could not help smiling a little.

“This must be a hobbit custom, Master Pippin, for I am not sure if I was the one wearing honey and feathers, I would feel loosened,” Faramir said reasonably. “I thank you for your genuine concern for me; however, what would happen if you had done this in the Shire?” Faramir asked the young hobbit.

“A sp…spanking,” Pippin answered in a very small voice.

“And so it shall be, Master Pippin”, Faramir said gently but decisively. “Leggings down and over my knee, please.”

Pippin lowered his Leggings to his knees and clambered, with Faramir’s assistance, onto the Steward’s knees.

Faramir wasted no time in starting the punishment. He proceeded to spank the young hobbit with steady swats until the tweenager was squirming and whimpering. Faramir concentrated first on the buttocks and when they had reached a particular shade of red, moved to the young hobbit’s thighs. Pippin’s whimpers became sobs. Faramir continued for a few more very hard swats and then ceased the chastisement.

“Sorry…sorry…sorry,” Pippin said over and over.

Faramir rubbed the young hobbits back and quietly crooned to him.

Realising that the punishment was over, Pippin clambered down from Faramir’s knees and pulled up his leggings. Still crying the hobbit turned to leave. Faramir placed a hand on Pippin’s arm, turned him around, lifted the repentant hobbit onto his lap, careful of his sore posterior, and rocked him as he cried.

“All is forgiven, little one,” Faramir crooned to Pippin. Pippin started crying even harder. “What is this, little one?” Faramir asked, perplexed.

“You sound just like Boromir. I miss him.” Pippin sniffed.

Faramir tried to swallow the lump that suddenly lodged in his throat.

“So do I, little one, so do I,” Faramir said as he continued to rock the young hobbit.

After a while Pippin stopped crying. The young hobbit pulled away from Faramir slightly and smiled. Faramir placed Pippin on his feet.

“I think it is time for you to go and get a mop and bucket and clean up that mess you made out there,” Faramir ordered the young hobbit.

Pippin scrunched up his nose at the thought. Then he brightened.

“After that I can have something to eat. I wonder if they have any bread and honey.” Pippin said as he walked out of the room.

Faramir could only smile in wonder and bewilderment at the resilience of hobbits. The reference to bread and honey made Faramir remember the honey and feathers Mithrandir was wearing as the wizard had stormed out. This thought led to the giggles and the giggles led to laughter. Faramir was in full flight when Aragorn and Legolas stepped into the room. The look of bewilderment on both their faces had Faramir howling in laughter. It was a long time before the Steward of Gondor could find voice enough to tell the King and elf what had happened.

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Good story. :)

— Bilbo    Tuesday 25 March 2014, 22:06    #

Great story 😊 I loved seeing Pippin up to no good and Gandalf getting the brunt of it.

— Lilkikay    Saturday 7 November 2020, 3:55    #

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