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Rainy Nights (NC-17) Print

Written by Wingy

22 December 2007 | 1225 words

Title: Rainy Nights
Author: wingy
Pairing: Faramir/Haldir
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: UST, handjob

Written for the 2007 Midwinter Swap

Request by Getty: Faramir and Haldir, a rainy night and a talan in the tallest tree of the forest, Faramir confesses some of the things he has endured at his fathers hands and Haldir wants to help him. Sex not necessarily required, but would be nice, lol.

Rainy Nights

Faramir watched the fat little drops of rain patter down from the gilded leaves of the trees to the ground, hitting the occasional elf head or cloak hood. Everyone was coming inside, to their talans, to wait out the gentle but steadily falling rain.

He sighed quietly, resting his arms loosely on one knee, letting the other leg swing down from the raised windowsill-like platform that jutted out a ways from the rest of the floor, though it wasn’t encased with glass, but open to the air.

It was very rarely unpleasant weather in Lórien, Faramir supposed. He’d relaxed and leaned his head back against the casement, listening to the white noise of the rain, when he was startled; opening eyes he’d not realized he’d closed as Haldir stood in the middle of the room, dropping his cloak and clothes with a few rather wet squelches.

“I thought you would be with your brothers at this hour.” The thought was spoken quite softly, not expressly directed at the elf, but Faramir still looked in his general direction as if expecting an answer. His eyes were calm, and quietly grey, a steady color that caught Haldir’s attention every time he saw them.

“We were caught unexpectedly by the storm,” the elf explained as he dropped the last of his clothes and went to the bathroom for a towel to dry off. “We decided to go our separate ways for the afternoon and meet again tomorrow, perhaps.” He gave the man a slow smile, folding the towel around his waist to keep it in place and taking a seat behind Faramir on the windowsill, hands loosely resting around his waist.

“Was there something you had planned?” Haldir asked, leaning his head forward and raising an elegant eyebrow. His fingers rubbed along Faramir’s shoulders, surely and gently like a longtime lover’s.

Faramir shook his head slowly, rolling his shoulders when Haldir began to knead them slowly, biting into the tense muscles. “Not really. I…” He trailed off into a sigh as Haldir’s fingers worked the knots free one by one, spreading a comforting warmth over his back and shoulders.

“Mmm. You…?” Haldir finished for him, brushing aside the loose queue of hair at the nape of the man’s neck and barely pressed his lips to it. “What about you?” Faramir almost chuckled and shook his head. “I’ve taken up a great deal of your time with these talks between Gondor and Lórien.” He reached back and felt his fingers stumble over Haldir’s cheek. “I expect you’ve grown weary of those.”

Haldir, still massaging his lover’s shoulders, nodded shortly and brought his hands up over Faramir’s on his cheek. “I’ll be properly recompensed, I’m sure. Tell me, meleth, how does your father stand letting you travel as much as he does? He must miss your beauty when you are gone.” He hooked his fingertips into the waist of Faramir’s breeches, holding his hips close.

“Oh, aye.” Faramir’s voice turned bitter. “He misses the opportunities to humiliate me, and I dare say he makes up for it.” Haldir blinked at the sudden change in attitude, turning Faramir’s face to the side in concern, drawing the pad of his thumb over the crest of Faramir’s cheekbone.

“Is there something wrong, my love?” The elf moved his hands to lie in the hollows of his lover’s hips, pulling him back to sit snugly between his thighs. “Your moods are fragile as of late. Have you received news that has upset you?” Faramir laid his head back on Haldir’s shoulder, shaking it slowly, indicating ‘no’. Haldir inclined his head silently, waiting for his lover to say something else and twining his fingers together, low on Faramir’s hip.

Faramir, feeling the pregnant silence start to grow, let out a small sigh and continued. “There are some things parents should never do to their children.” He stroked his fingers carefully over the entwined hands just below his hipbone. “It’s past and unimportant.”

“Mmm. I beg to differ.” Haldir dipped his head and pressed a short-lived kiss to the side of Faramir’s neck, then another, and another. He trailed his way up to the man’s earlobe, taking it between his teeth and biting lightly, licking the shell of his ear temptingly. “Tell me what happened.” Haldir wrapped an arm loosely about Faramir’s shoulders, rubbing his cheek against his lover’s like a cat.

Faramir sighed and shifted uncomfortably at the command—because it was not a request—and started the long tale. “My father…he insisted on—on showing me how to properly pleasure a woman. He had found me and my lover at the time in a… a compromising position, and…” He swallowed thickly at this point. The idea of reliving that pain wasn’t something he was too keen on.

“He decided to set about this himself, and he…” Faramir faltered, his voice cracking in a most unseemly manner. Haldir’s light grip on his shoulder tightened, leaning his torso back against the elf’s. Faramir laced his fingers with the slimmer, paler ones on the cap of his right shoulder, bringing them up to briefly press his lips against them.

Haldir smiled at the gesture and said in a tone that spoke volumes about his idea of Denethor, “Any man who does that should be punished to the full extent of the laws he is bound by.” He nuzzled the column of Faramir’s neck, moving one hand from Faramir’s hip, across his body and sliding his long fingers into the waistband of his breeches. The man’s breath hitched at the skin-to-skin contact.

“Your fingers are cold as ice, Haldir.” He covered the elf’s fingers with his own warm ones, pushing his breeches lower down on his hips. Haldir himself merely grinned into the back of Faramir’s shoulder, sliding his fingers down to wrap around the man’s sex, tugging at it until it started to fill and swell. “Let me see how quickly they will arm when I do this.”

Faramir groaned at the icy touch, pushing his hips forward into Haldir’s fist, rocking between that and the hardness behind him, resting against the bottom of his tailbone. He brought the elf’s free hand down from his shoulder to push the hem of his shirt up, guiding it to his chest where it latched on to a diamond-hard male nipple and rolled it between skilled fingers.

Haldir, with both his hands occupied, ran the tip of his tongue up the back of Faramir’s ear lobe, feeling the shudder that it sent through the man. He pulled his hand up and down the length of Faramir’s already-engorging cock, feeling a content but still cocky smirk crawl up his face as the warm fluid rush spilled over onto his fingers.

Faramir relaxed back into the elf’s chest bonelessly, lazily kissing the shadowed underside of his jaw. Rain had always been one phenomenon he’d liked to watch, and he smiled, as he thought, and now I know why.

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2 Comment(s)

Dear sweet Valar………… Silents………. That was amazing….I just love Faramir/Haldir stories……. But this one wow…. I like how Haldir brings Faramir out of his dark thoughts……….

Hugs, Angelstar

— angelstar3999    Sunday 23 December 2007, 5:57    #

Wingy, I am sorry it has taken me to long to thank you for my wonderful story, I love the interacting between Faramir and Halidr, very touching and sweet!!!! Thank you again.

Getty    Saturday 26 January 2008, 15:41    #

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