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The Coldest Winter (R) Print

Written by Geale

09 January 2009 | 77501 words

OK, this is not the most action filled chapter in the history of slash, but I like to work things through properly — and the boys needed to do some talking. Change of perspective as well: we’re back in Aragorn’s head.

Chapter 11 – Dining

Aragorn was staring into space. He was utterly dumbstruck. Beside him, Faramir sat in complete silence. None of them had spoken a word since the door closed before them, and that had been a good long while ago.

Sitting on the bed with his back against the heavy headboard, he felt strangely detached from his own body. He vaguely suspected he would fail to focus on any thought that might have tried to cross his mind. Not that any did, as far as he could detect. All in all, Aragorn had lost all sense of reality and was now floating free in a hazy mist of numbness and disbelief.

At long last, he spoke in a slow voice:


He turned his head to fix his eyes on the younger man whose face carried a mostly blank look, although slightly tinted with doubt and incredulity.


“Did we just… Did he…?”

“I think so.”

Aragorn turned back his head and resumed his staring.

Long moments passed.



“Do you mind killing him, please?”

A weak smile appeared on Aragon’s lips.

“Do you not think there might be more worthy causes for Andúril?”

“No,” Faramir answered him flatly.

Silence fell yet again between them as the afternoon grew older and dusk approached. Somewhere inside, Aragorn recognised hunger, but since he had no idea where his body ended or began, he found no solution. Instead he lowered his gaze and took in the pile of leaves, herbs and pots containing various creams that were lying in his lap.

The leaves were of the same sort that he had been given before, the ones he was expected to soak and place on his legs. No matter how good and reasonable a healer he was himself, and withstanding the fact that he probably would have ordered the same treatment to someone in his own condition – Faramir would laugh himself to death over this when he saw it.



“If we survive this, will you have dinner with me tonight? Alone?”

“I am beginning to think we did survive, so yes.”


Aragorn drew a few deep breaths and before they could slip back into their shared state of shock, he turned back to Faramir and caught his eye.

“We should rise now, before we turn into stone trolls.”

Faramir nodded and gradually began to awaken his dormant body. He bent forward to stretch his back, he lifted his hands and rubbed his eyes, he stretched out his legs and wriggled his toes. Amused, Aragorn watched this last action.

“Wriggle mine for me, will you?” he suggested.

Faramir smiled, the first real smile since that morning, and shook his head. “Nah, I only have so much energy.”

However, despite his own words, Faramir got out of bed and walked over to the window. He leaned closer to the glass and then with an exasperated groan he flung his hands into the air.

“I do not believe it! More snow!”

He spun around and Aragorn caught sight of those emotional eyes which were burning with frustration. The room was lit only by a couple of oil lamps and since none of them had stirred the fire for hours, the shadows were creeping forward from their corners.

Faramir stood in his wrinkled white shirt with his copper locks all ruffled and messy. Had the room been a little darker, he might have passed off for a ghostly vision – albeit a handsome one – but now, with his displeased and annoyed expression, he mostly resembled a glum adolescent. Aragorn decided his appearance indeed was a mixture of a hungry hobbit and a wind-blown, grumpy Gimli. His height being the main difference.

Also deciding this would not be the best time to tell his lover exactly that, Aragorn rested the back of his head against the headboard and gave an encouraging smile.

“Even this winter will end at some point,” he said.

Faramir frowned. “You suddenly seem very comfortable,” he said. “Was it not you who hated this constant snowing?”

“Ah, yes,” Aragorn agreed, “I did. But it appears things have changed since then and I have everything I need right here.” He inclined his head to Faramir and was pleased to see, even in the growing darkness, the Steward blush.

“Well, I want to be able to go outdoors without freezing to death in an instant,” he muttered.

“Meaning you prefer being outside than in my company?” said Aragorn.

“Of course not!” Faramir immediately cried out, eliciting a broad smile from his King. “I only meant that with some finer weather maybe both of us could go outside together.”

“Oh, a very good reply!” Aragorn laughed. “Now come over to my side and help me rise please?”

Faramir did as he was bidden and with joint effort, Aragorn was pulled to his feet. Having not been out of bed all day, his body was unused to standing up and he rested against the strong frame of the other man for a few minutes. Faramir held him close and now and then ran his fingers over Aragorn’s back, sending shivers of pleasure through him.

With Faramir’s help, he had dressed sometime in between the Healer’s visits but both of them were still barefooted and the stone floor was cold.

“I should get a rug for the floor,” he commented.

Faramir chuckled. “You are too romantic, Aragorn,” he said. “Here I am – how did you put it – ‘everything you needed’, and you are thinking about carpets?”

“I am being practical,” Aragorn defended himself. “If I can cover up these tiles of ice, you can hold me like this for much longer.”

“Or at least until dinner.”

Aragorn backed away from him slightly and took hold of his shoulders. He studied the Steward’s face before him intently, searched it.

“What is this now, Faramir…” he said softly, feeling a smile growing in his heart. “You are answering back in a different way. Is this…” He tipped his head to one side. “Is this confidence I see?”

The younger man in front of him bit his lip and refused to meet his gaze. Instead he studied the floor, as if to decide where indeed to place the potential rug.

Aragorn tried to make him look up, but Faramir’s only answer to his efforts was to close the temporary distance between them and bury his face in the crook of Aragorn’s neck. The King was now the one who brought his arms around his lover and stroked his hair fondly.

“I like it,” he whispered.

He did. It was as if Faramir was finally stepping out of the shell that seemed to hold him captive.

And as the shell opens, the pearl shines even brighter than I ever thought possible.

“I like it,” he repeated. “I am honoured.”

Faramir only buried his face deeper among Aragorn’s dark tresses, but being as close as they were, it was easy for the King to notice how the other man’s breathing first quickened and then slowed down again.

After a little while, still stroking his hair, Aragorn spoke once more:

“Now, I am hungry, love. I believe you said that was when you would let go…”

Faramir dove out of his embrace and stood facing him. In the faint, but warm light of the lamps, Aragorn saw two wet streaks trailing down his cheeks. Ever so tenderly he stroked his thumbs against the soft skin underneath Faramir’s eyes. Then he gently kissed him, placing his lips against those offered. He simply let them rest there, as if performing a sacred act.

When he deemed them both steady enough, Aragorn slowly released him and in silence they pulled on the rest of their clothes, keeping close to each other.

After extinguishing the oil lamps, Faramir held up the door for Aragorn who stepped through and into the much brighter corridor. Moving forward, it did not take long before Aragorn accepted the arm Faramir offered him. Continuing on quietly, fingers soon entwined, and during the brief stops Aragorn needed, he sank into Faramir’s embrace gratefully.

As they gradually made their way towards the dining hall, Aragorn rejoiced in the peace that grew in his mind and extended to his stomach. And during their next break, when Faramir kissed him ever so slowly and leisurely, Aragorn realised he cared not the tiniest bit if anyone saw them – and judging by the way Faramir’s tongue sneaked into his mouth, the Steward minded not either.

Arriving in the dining hall had meant confronting reality and a piece of the outside world. King and Steward were met by a couple of anxious servants who were wondering when to serve what where and for whom.

It took a few moments for Aragorn to realise they were referring to his guests from Erelas, still in Minas Tirith and presumably hungry.

It felt strange, to be reminded of them. And yet, it was only yesterday he had pointed out – by taking matters into his own hands, so to speak – to Deren that he was not planning on giving Faramir up for anything. As if Faramir were an elegant piece of furniture. But desperate times require desperate measures, and things had turned out very well, if Aragorn was any judge.

But no matter how much of a statement he had made, he felt not the least inclined to dine with Deren and the others, and also, he had promised Faramir they would eat alone. Therefore, he now ordered the servants to set the great table in the dining hall for the guests, while he and Faramir would dine in private, in a smaller room.

He led Faramir towards a pair of doors and ushered him inside.

“Why do you smile like that,” Aragorn asked curiously when they had settled down near the fireplace. “Not that I mind, of course,” he added, not wanting the other man to think he was doing something wrong.

A peculiar smile had grown on Faramir’s lips since they first stepped inside and he was now looking about the room as if he knew something Aragorn did not.

“I was here before,” he explained. “I came here after the council, to clear my head. Or to simply disappear,” he added with a shrug. “I left my coat here as well. Coming back inside, it was soaked through. I am afraid I forgot all about it.” He nodded at one of the chairs near the balcony door.

Aragorn turned in his seat to look for himself but no coat was to be seen.

“You are lucky, then, that you live in a palace. Your coat is probably back in your room, washed and dry.” He shook his head. “Sometimes I miss my Ranger days,” he mused, fondly remembering his old, well-worn dark green cloak which had mysteriously disappeared when he became King.

“Only sometimes?” asked Faramir softly.

Aragorn felt his eyes burning into him, bringing forth feelings and memories he almost always did his best to suppress.

“Slightly more often than that,” he admitted, resting his head against the back of his armchair.

The room was bathing in a soft light, spread by both candles and oil lamps. It was small, so the flickering flames in the only fireplace were enough to keep it warm and comfortable. The modest heat was such a difference from the perpetual cold that seemed to penetrate every part of the palace that Aragorn felt uplifted despite his lingering melancholy memories.

“Let us not dwell on times long past,” he decided. “I want to concentrate on the present.”

He leaned forward and reached for Faramir’s hand as if he needed the touch to remind him of what he had gained, rather than what he had lost. To simplify things, Faramir pulled up his own armchair alongside Aragorn’s, so close that he was able to rest his head on the King’s shoulder without too much trouble.

Aragorn stroked his hand, found a faint scar that he followed with his fingertips and traced an invisible pattern in his palm, enjoying Faramir’s struggle not to scratch it.

“You do know that I have loved you for a long time?” Aragorn asked him quietly.

It was both a question and a statement; for many months they had circled around each other, knowing and yet wondering at the same time. He wished to make sure.

“I fell in love with you at once,” Faramir said in a low voice. “I think you symbolised everything that should have been for many years…” he trailed off.

Aragorn continued to caress his hand.

“When you spoke to me, you looked at me – you saw me. It was new to me,” he finished finally.

“It was hard not to look at you,” Aragorn replied, smiling to himself when he recalled their first meetings, when matters of state had slipped his mind completely as the late Steward’s youngest son had walked into the room.

Faramir moved uneasily against his shoulder. “You know what I mean,” he mumbled.

Aragorn nodded. “Yes, I know,” he soothed. “I know.”

There came a knock and the door to the antechamber opened. The same two servants stepped inside and if they reacted to the way their King and Steward were sitting, they did not show it. Instead, they produced a small table to place between the couple and the fire. Swiftly they laid it, left and came back with food and wine.

In silence, the King watched them work. Faramir was still resting his head on his shoulder but Aragorn had noticed how his breath caught when the servants came in. Therefore, he made a point of not moving. Twice, he had asked Faramir to stay and this time around he was not going to let him down.

“Is there anything else, my lord?” the remaining servant asked him now, a woman of thirty perhaps. Aragorn remembered having encountered her in the City, just after the War. Her husband had been found among the dead, and she had three small children to feed so Aragorn had offered a place among his staff.

Of course, she was far from the only widow who needed help, but at least it was something. To her, it had meant a lot, he saw that.

Giving her a warm smile he shook his head. “Not at present, thank you.”

She gave a nod and left, cautiously closing the door behind her. If Aragorn was not wholly deceived, he thought he noted a hint of a smile in the corners of her mouth.

Faramir stirred in his seat, sat up properly and let out a long breath.

“You were not nervous, were you?” Aragorn teased him.

“No,” Faramir answered as his pale cheeks regained some colour. “I am only exhaling. I have been told I should do so on a regular basis.”

Aragorn regarded him curiously but Faramir showed no sign of further explaining his words. Instead he lifted the pitcher and poured wine for them both. Aragorn accepted his cup and as they shared the first taste, he was beginning to feel very relaxed indeed.

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Thank you for reading and liking! Makes me very, very happy!

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Love the turn this story has taken: very different from the usual and yet very credible within the context you have created for the two of them!

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Still reading and enjoying. Absolutely love the interaction between the two of them!
I do believe poor Faramir thinks more than I do ;)

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Thank you, thank you!
Hehe, yes, our dear Faramir certainly has an active mind. The story continues… I don’t seem to have the heart to end it, so please, do continue reading! :)

— Geale    Thursday 14 August 2008, 19:40    #

I so often see this pairing portrayed in a way that makes it seem like they are in a relationship because it is convenient. That or Aragorn tolerates Faramir’s adoration.
It makes me so happy to read a story where they are so clearly in love!

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OMG! JERK! how do you just go whacking the king i hope faramir kicks deren’s ass next chapter coz we all know that he’s the one who did it.

magos    Friday 12 September 2008, 18:10    #

Haha! Instead of writing another chapter, I should just send you over to Minas Tirith to straigthen things out! ;)

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This is fantastic! It’s been quite a while since I hit a ‘TBC’ and actually groaned aloud. :P You’ve got a real talent – thank you so much!

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Gods, thank YOU! I don’t know exactly what made you groan, but it must have been the lo-ve-ly Deren! ;) Have faith, all of you – there will be a new chapter arriving, hopefully this week. This season is alway hectic so I don’t have that much time on my hands right now. Thank you for your patience!

— Geale    Tuesday 21 October 2008, 20:03    #

Oh I love this story. I want to take Deren out myself. I hope Faramir gives it to him when he finds out he’s the one. These two need some happy time. I cant wait for more.

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Cliffie? What cliffie? Who, me? NEVER! :D Imagine instead how horrible it would have been if the whole story had ended here and now… Oh, I am so happy to see you engage in this! We have holidays over here this week so I’ll probably do some writing sooner than later this time around. Keep those yells coming ;) I DO love you all!
//the author who is feeling just a tad bit evil tonight

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Oh this vile little man! I’d like to teach him a lesson. I hope he gets his. Poor Faramir. I just knew he was going to be in trouble in the next chapter. Awesome work. Can’t wait for more as always.

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Ouch! That was low. Deren doesn’t miss a trick, does he? Please don’t let Aragorn be merciful with this one like he was Grima. This is no time to be noble.


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exhaaaaaaales Thank you! (I actually said that out loud a couple of times.) I was honestly quite nervous when posting this chapter since I don’t want to disappoint you and yet… well, I’ve given all of my reasons above. Hah! I feel much more at ease now! resumes breathing

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Ilove the way you describe those two, it’s a lovely variation of the more usual fare. Although I got used to the concept of mpreg in fantasy [however could THAT happen? ;-)] I prefer your way, especially in this case. I’m always happy to discover a new chapter. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, thank you! I’m falling more and more in love with this story as I go along and I will be sad to see it end. I’m insanely happy that, so far, you all seem to approve of my decision regarding Aragorn’s future children. Don’t worry, I have it all worked out. I actually do. Hugs to you all! Oh, and cookies!

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I’m rather glad you have gone with a more canon solution to their issues. It makes it easier for me to think it really happened that way! ;-)

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So even as you let Aragorn be merciful, you won’t let the little bastard off the hook? I admit he deserves a bit more than a smack on the fingers…
Merry Christmas and a very happy and content New Year to you!

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Will love whatever you do. Thanks!

— Vanwa Hravani    Saturday 27 December 2008, 12:50    #

Trixie: I do get your point ;)
Minkicat: Same to you! I’ve been debating with myself since forever what to do with Deren… and this was my solution.
Vanwa Hravani: I’m considering… I am. I think that maybe you gave me an idea actually. I do hope all of you will endure a never-ending epilogue! I should try to work it into the last chapter though… OK, I’m rambling. Let me see what I can do for you! And, YES, I took him some time to finally ask the big question! Men… ;)

— Geale    Saturday 27 December 2008, 16:51    #

As Always truly excellent. I will be sad to see this story end as well. I anxiously await each new piece. So glad they are finally together forever. I think some copper locked children would be nice also. However, I think Legolas or Haldir could be persuaded to get our dear Deren between the eyes for his treachery. I’d volunteer to do it myself but I’m sure I’m not nearly as good with a bow. Then let the scavengers have him. Cruel I know but I so hate anyone trying to hurt our Faramir. Poor lad has suffered enough. Thanks so much for this story. I have enjoyed every bit of the ride.

— Kelly    Tuesday 30 December 2008, 21:42    #

I’ve loved reading this fic! you portray the relationship so beautifully! It’s tender and sweet and hot all at the same time:)

— minx    Thursday 1 January 2009, 11:43    #

Oh Geale! That was the most beautiful yet, and that’s saying something. I could feel each touch, and every one was so full of pure love. Lust born of love is such a special beast, and so hard to portray. Yet you did it in spades. Now I’m in love with both of them. Sigh. Your Aragorn is the most gentle and loving and truly admirable I have read. These two both have such strength of character. I’ll be awaiting the epilogue with baited breath – as many parts as you like. Write on lady!


— Vanwa Hravani    Friday 2 January 2009, 18:57    #

You’re all so sweet – thank you!
Kelly: I’ll put you in my next story, if you’ve worked up your skill with a bow by then ;) We shall see what happens in the epilogue…
Minx: I’m glad they’re not only fluffy, but hot as well! That’s always so… very nice, I find ;)
Vanwa: I’m blushing over here. You spoil me! Not saying I don’t like it, though! I’m actually curious about what you will think of the epilogue – which will be in two, long parts. And that’s partially your fault! :D

— Geale    Friday 2 January 2009, 22:07    #

Thank you for including me. I shall practice diligently as to be ready for my challenge. This last part was wonderful. My curiosity is piqued for the epilogue. I can hardly wait.

— Kelly    Monday 5 January 2009, 17:36    #

What I will think about the epilogue? Ah…Sigh. Big long exhale. Love it. Love them. Love your writing. Thank you!

Very happy to see Deren get an arrow in his back, in his gullet, in wherever else he got them. Really like the way Eachann tries to be merciful, yet flashes on Elessar’s ‘unspoken wish,’ how when he finally lets fly, it’s without thought but with the smooth immediacy of both necessity and justifiable honor, targeted by the unseen voice and years of skill. Just as I would picture one of Faramir’s Rangers. What a strong and touching legacy of his command, followed by scenes of his continuing grace as a parent. Also like how Eachann went back the next morning to retrieve his arrows, both covering his tracks and not wasting even good iron on the trash that was Deren. In few words, shows that both the man and what happened to him are unworthy of further notice. The ultimate vengeance. He is only a blip in the past.

The parent sex scenes (early morning, curious children) were oh so well written and so true to life without being either saccharin or unrealistically feral. They speak of deep and abiding love, strengthened, rather than interrupted, by the presence of children. And what to say about the final gifts of naming and of cradling in one another’s arms and Creation? Well, I’ll have to follow Aragorn’s advice here. The words would never do. Know that I’m smiling and content and so enjoyed the journey. Thank you.

— Vanwa Hravani    Friday 9 January 2009, 15:42    #

Phew, I’m glad I did justice to the rangers! Since I’m not very used to writing – any of – them. But I do happen to like Eachann actually, and I figured that he should be the one to… bring matters to an end.

I’m certainly not used to writing family scenes either, but after I had sorted out Eldarion’s character, I just couldn’t stop! (If I’m allowed to say so myself – I love him!)

But, no matter how many children Aragorn concieved, I don’t want his and Faramir’s relationship to change into either a boring one, or a chokingly fluffy one. They are still individuals, and they have their own story – the children, as you say, are adding to it, simply.
And thank YOU for coming all this way with me. New journeys await. Let us see where they take us.

— Geale    Saturday 10 January 2009, 17:05    #

Ooh! That was quite the perfect epilogue. I am glad their relationship endures with the same quiet intesnity. I love how sweet and loving these two remain with each other, and how perfect they are with the kids! I also liked the little bit where Faramir feels for the mother as well. I tink he certainly would be cognizant of her feelings.

Quite a perfect ending, and the sequel is most looked forward to:)

— Minx    Sunday 11 January 2009, 17:01    #

Thank you Minx! Perfect, you say? You won’t hear me complaining… ;)
No, I can’t see Faramir punishing the mother or the kids like that. Ah! He’s so noble it’s endearing!

Now, I am working on a new story, but it’s not a sequel, and has nothing to do with TCW. Primarily because presently I don’t know what a sequel would be like. But who knows, one of these days maybe I will? Thank you again!

— Geale    Monday 12 January 2009, 12:30    #

Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!! Eachann is my hero!! I love that Deren got what was coming to him. And there will be some slightly copper haired children after all. I’m so glad with how everything turned out. I love Mirairael’s name. That was perfect! What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

— Kelly    Monday 12 January 2009, 18:13    #

Oh I forgot to ask before. I was wondering on the pronunciation of Mirairael’s name. I made the assumption that the ai will follow the long I in pronunciation. Is that right? That is a beautiful name. Just wondering for my own amusement. Thank you

— Kelly    Monday 12 January 2009, 20:16    #

Finally got caught up in a timely manner! I have truly enjoyed this tale. It is romantic without being cloyingly sweet. I adore the teasing and banter between the two along with the dry wit.

I have been intrigued by your use of personification and especially liked,’ Her white apron immediately drew the attention of the firelight which excitedly coloured it orange.”

I thought it added a sense of realism that Faramir experienced hurt at Aragorn’s determination that his line must continue. (Doubt if Aragorn would have been thrilled if the situation were reversed either ;-)

Finally, the scene back in chapters 8 and 9 with the under the table seduction was one of the hottest things I have ever read. Wow!

Thank you for sharing!

— trixie    Monday 12 January 2009, 20:39    #

Kelly! Thank you dear! It’s lovely to see so many exclamation marks in a row ;)
I was quite happy with her name too. As for the pronunciation… Well, since I made it up myself (sort of, not stealing the light of glory from Master Tolkien who created the languages) I could not say for certain. Also, I’m far more used to Sindarin than I am to Quenya. However – bear with me now – this is my guess:

‘Mir’ – ‘meer’, as we know already from Faramir’s name.
‘ai’ should be pronounced ‘ai’, as in ‘rye’, which here I would rather see pronounced as ‘a + i’, to tell you the truth, ie as separate vowels.
As for the vowels that are not any of the six diphthongs ( ai, au, eu, iu, oi, ui), I’ve heard that they are to be pronounced separately.
So that should give us: Meer-ai-ra-el?

Anyone who knows this better is welcome to share their knowledge – I have an email address!
I hope I managed to shed some light, though. Perhaps…

— Geale    Monday 12 January 2009, 21:05    #

Trixie, you too have made it to the end! And with some very nice comments as well. I like those!

Yes, I am the person who personifies a lot. But it does make the world so much more interesting! And I highly suspect I will carry on with this winning (?) concept in the future.

And, actually, now that you mention it… I think Aragorn would have been most displeased, had it been Faramir who must take a lover in order to continue his bloodline… That is a very interesting thought indeed!

Ah, the chapters 8 and 9… As a dear reader of mine put it: “The good old under the table action”. I guess that I should include some “on top of the table action” next time ;)

And thank you for reading! For my part, it’s been a pleasure writing!

— Geale    Monday 12 January 2009, 21:23    #

That was kind of what I was thinking. Thank you for the assistance. I think its a cool name. Also I agree wholeheartedly with the under the table seduction scene. I know I read that several times, especially the hallway parts when Aragorn informed Faramir he didnt like to share “anything”. If I had Faramir I wouldn’t share him either.

— Kelly    Monday 12 January 2009, 21:45    #

No, our King doesn’t like sharing… and it now it has served to inspire me further. Give me a couple of days! ;)

— Geale    Tuesday 13 January 2009, 15:22    #

Well now, this sounds intriguing! Since I have some free time this week, I’ll be waiting to see what you come up with ;)

— trixie    Tuesday 13 January 2009, 17:07    #

Oh I just love when you are inspired. Means good reading for me! I’m on the edge of my seat

— Kelly    Tuesday 13 January 2009, 23:17    #

what a wonderful story! i couldn’t stop reading it! PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!

— HugeFan!    Tuesday 22 December 2009, 15:41    #

I think my favorite parts are the perspectives of the elements (the dawn light and the temperature), but I loved the whole story.
The healer was definitely my favorite character, that old dude was awesome.
I’m also very glad Aragorn got his rug, he seemed very happy.

— Anna    Tuesday 17 August 2010, 23:09    #

Thank you! This universe still has a special place in my heart…

Anna, the healer takes his work very seriously ;) And rugs are important! I was pleased that you made the rug connection :)

Thank you for reading!

Geale    Wednesday 18 August 2010, 8:47    #

WOW – a bit tired now after reading for the whole night, but I just couldn’t stop. – WOW

Congratulations on the characters you have written for us readers.
The relationship between Aragorn and Faramir sounds far more convincing than most of the other fanfics have them.
The under the table scene gets full points – not for originality, but for very well written indeed.
The healer is a gem – I’d love to see more interaction with him – perhaps some more stories about the royal family?

BTW I was missing the lecture on positions given to Aragorn and Faramir by the healer…. but one can’t have all, can one ?;-)

Thanks for sharing this great story,

— Kathurien    Thursday 30 September 2010, 1:22    #

Thank you so much! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed it!

I’m afraid the healer’s lectures are closed to the public and I can do very little about that. He’s a stubborn one…

I feel very comfortable in this universe but I will honestly say that I have no ideas for another sequel right now (one already exists – Tale Telling). Although, pretty reviews, such as yours, always make me want to write more :)

Thank you again!

Geale    Wednesday 6 October 2010, 19:19    #

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