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The Heart's Prison (NC-17) Print

Written by Alex Cat

19 May 2012 | 2522 words

The Heart’s Prison
Title: The Heart’s Prison
Author: Alex
Fandom: Tolkien
Genre: FCS
Characters: Éomer/Éowyn/Théodred, Éowyn/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest
Beta: Larian Elensar
Disclaimer: These are not my characters and I do not profit from their use.
Spoilers: Maybe some for ROTK
Author’s Note: Thanks to Larian for the bunny and Zee for the reminder to do a fic for this challenge.
Summary: Éowyn loses those she loves and hardens her heart. This is more movie than book verse.

The Heart’s Prison

This prison has now become your home
A sentence you seem prepared to pay
It took a day to build the city
We walked through its streets in the afternoon
As I returned across the fields where I’d once played
I had to stop in my tracks for fear
Of walking on the mines I’d laid
The Police (Fortress Around Your Heart)

Rohan – 3015 TA

Éowyn couldn’t wait until they got home. They had been gone for months and she had word early this morning that they were on their way home. Life here at Meduseld was dull without them. They taught her to ride and to fight and to laugh. She loved her uncle but they were her life. Éomer and Théodred, her brother and her cousin.

She stood on the steps and waited for them, saw them as they came into sight and ran down and out of the gates to greet them. Théodred caught her up in his arms and pulled her up onto his horse with him.

“Cousin! It is heavenly to see your pretty face again.” He put one arm around her and guided his horse with the other.

She wrinkled up her freckled nose. “I don’t know about pretty, but I sure am glad to see you and Éomer.” Her happy laughter rang across the plains.

Dinner was a sumptuous feast of roasted meats and vegetables grown by the farmers of Rohan and a generous amount of ale. Éomer and Théodred regaled her with their adventures, and she wished not for the first time that she had been born male so she could ride and fight with them. As it was, she was a shield maiden with no battles but to fight the loneliness of being left behind.

Late in the evening, the three of them made their way down the hall to their rooms. They were arm in arm like three drinking buddies and certainly as loud as they all laughed at some crude joke Théodred told. Éowyn’s room was the first one but she refused to go in the door.

“I’ll see you boys to your rooms,” she giggled and kissed her cousin. “‘Sides, I’m not sleepy.” She yawned and giggled as she covered her mouth.

“Éowyn, you’re drunk.” Éomer stated the obvious.

“Shhhh!” She put her finger up to his lips to make be quiet. He bit her finger. Time seemed to stop for a second as Théodred and Éowyn stared at him.

The moment passed, and they all went to their rooms.

The days stretched out into weeks and it was near time for the two Rohirrim to go out on patrol again. Éowyn was nearly frantic and she really didn’t know why. After dinner, they sat on the small balcony outside Éomer’s room until the sun had gone down and a cool night wind began to blow. Éowyn pulled her shawl around her and crawled into Théodred’s lap like she had since they were children.

“Are you ever going to marry, cousin? Your father would like some heirs. And I would like a sister,” Éowyn kissed the tip of his nose as Éomer handed him the pipe, a habit the two men had picked up from wizards and rangers over the last few years.

Éomer laughed, “I have a sister, Théodred, and I can tell you they are really rather bothersome.”

The banter went on for quite some time, the two men teasing the girl as much as she teased them.

They all went to their respective beds. Éowyn slept.

Éomer rode hard into the courtyard. He held an injured Théodred in his arms. When he dismounted, all she could see was blood, so much blood. She began to scream…

“Wake up, Éowyn, it’s only a dream.” Éomer and Théodred were on either side of her big bed, both kneeling to comfort her.

When she had finally calmed enough to stop crying, she asked them to stay. She refused to talk about the dream, but she wanted them both here. She wanted to shield them one more night.

Both were in their woolens and they got in the bed with her, her blond brother on one side and her beloved cousin on the other side. Again they slept but not for long. The dream woke her again, and before he realized what he was doing, Théodred was kissing her lips to stifle her screams. When he woke enough to know what he was doing, he didn’t stop kissing her, pulling her on top of him instead.

Éowyn felt him hard against her belly as he stretched her body on top of his. She thought about pulling away. She knew she should, but he was leaving tomorrow and he might be the last chance she had to learn about the act of love. She had shared almost everything with him and Éomer for as long as she remembered, and even though she knew it was wrong, she would share one last thing with Théodred tonight. She didn’t care what was wrong or right.

She pressed herself down against him, making sure he knew that it was not an accidental touch. She kept her eyes closed as his hands slid her thin gown down over her shoulders.

She jerked when a mouth touched the back of her neck in a tender kiss. She had not expected Éomer to touch her. Her heart jumped up into her throat at his touch.

“It’s just me, little one. I… I won’t hurt you.” His hands slipped the gown down far enough to expose her breasts to both men. She shivered in shame and something else, desire. Éomer pulled her up so that she sat astride her cousin and her brother dipped his head and sucked her pebbled nipple into his mouth.

She never was quite sure how everything happened so fast but Éomer pulled her gown off over her head and slipped out of his own leggings as Théodred watched them with a lazy smile. He moved her off of him and lifted his hips and slithered out of his woolens and threw them out of the way.

Éowyn drank them in, one a powerful blond with dark, intense eyes and the other was a slender man who had brown hair and blue eyes that were almost as dark as Éomer’s right now. She grew up around horses and was no stranger to sex and to how the exquisite creatures mated. Both her brother and her cousin reminded her of fine Rohirrim stallions, eager and proud.

She turned to Éomer and went into his arms, willingly. He kissed his sister, a sizzling, bone melting kiss that left them both shocked at the passion they felt.

Éowyn trembled, whether with fear or anticipation, she didn’t know which. She felt herself pulled up into her cousin’s strong arms to lay on top of him and Éomer moved close beside them, running a hand down his sister’s naked back as Théodred kissed her.

Éowyn was no virgin, but she had never imagined having two lovers together, especially not these two. She was even further surprised when her brother kissed his cousin’s bare shoulder, letting his tongue drag over the smooth skin. She watched, fascinated as Théodred turned his head and kissed Éomer much like he had been kissing her.

With an economy of movement, Théodred had shifted her down so his arousal was nestled against her wetness. She looked at both of them as they stared back, giving her one last chance to back out. She reached down and grasped her cousin’s cock in her hand and slid down onto him. Éomer was the one who groaned.

Théodred certainly didn’t feel like the fumbling stable boy she’d been with before as he moved her with his hands on her hips. Her next shock came when her brother moved behind her and pressed himself against the cleft of her butt. He was hard and slick as he rubbed against her.

Éowyn wasn’t sure what she should do, so she did what her body and heart told her to do. She gave herself to the pleasure and rode her cousin as hard as he wanted her to, reveling in the sensation of being filled by one she loved so much.

Éomer reached around her and began to rub her tiny nub as Théodred pinched her hard nipples. Physical delight raced through her body as she began to tighten around her cousin. She whimpered, not wanting it to be over yet needing to feel completion desperately. Need overcame all else and she let herself climax, shuddering around Théodred and drawing him deeper inside her.

Théodred bucked his hips up as Éowyn felt her brother spill on her ass, his semen running down to where she and her cousin were joined. She felt Théodred throbbing inside her as he too gave himself to the joy of their joining.

She lay curled between her brother and her cousin and thought about what she had done. She had broken the taboos of her people and she wasn’t sorry. Not in the least. She had given herself to those she loved the most and that was all the morality she needed.

Morning saw the men ride out, sad to leave the shield maiden behind.

Rohan, 3019 TA

Éowyn stood out front of the keep, watching them ride in. Éomer held Théodred in his arms on the horse. She ran toward them and stopped short when she saw the blood.

They got him into the house and into his room. Éowyn and Éomer looked at his wounds. It was a gut injury. He would die. Éomer looked almost as if he would join him. Éowyn got her medicines and prepared a draught for Théodred.

“What will it do?” Éomer asked, his dark eyes wide with fear and pain.

“It will ease his pain and his…passing. He will be able to go peacefully.” She had no tears. Her pain was too great for tears. They would come later. Now she had to do this last thing for him, for herself and Éomer.

The medicine stopped his moans and she packed soft padding over his bleeding. She lay down on one side of him and Éomer on the other.

She listened to his labored breathing ease as she thought about how their lives had changed in the years since she had taken the two of them to her bed.

The Orcs were closer and closer. And her uncle had become completely ensnared by that greasy advisor, Gríma. He didn’t even seem to know where he was anymore. And now this. She didn’t how she could go on and looked across the bed to her brother, to the pain in his brown eyes and knew she had to. Because he would.

Théodred died near morning in the arms of the two people who loved him most. He was laid to rest with his ancestors and would be mourned eventually by his father as well as his cousins.

Life went on.

Gondor, 3019 TA

The world changed again. Evil had been vanquished but it had taken much from Éowyn. Théodred, Aragorn, King Théoden. She felt so little these days. It was as if the world was tarnished and dull now.

In the Houses of Healing, she met the son of Denethor, the Steward of Gondor now. He had been injured and then his own father had tried to burn him alive. Yet he seemed to go on. He seemed to make the effort where she could not. He said he loved her. But the words meant so little to her.

The hollowness would not go away.

One night, Faramir came to her chambers. He knocked and opened the door.

“My lady?”

“Faramir.” He was so handsome with his blue eyes and brown hair. She wanted to love him. She really did.

“Would you walk with me?” His smile was gentle as she took his arm. They walked out onto the battlements. The night was clear and the stars shone. The red glow of Mount Doom was gone. The smelly smoke of burning cities was gone.

Faramir stared into the night and began speaking almost as if to himself. “A short year ago, my brother and my father lived. We were the proud Stewards of Gondor.”

“You still are the proud Steward of Gondor, Faramir.”

He turned to her, his eyes reflecting all he had lost too. “We are quite the pair, aren’t we? Standing here in the moonlight with a beautiful woman and I’m moaning about myself.”

“You are entitled, my lord.”

“As are you, my White Lady, as are you. But we must not dwell overlong on our sorrows. Or we dishonor those who died.”

His words almost knocked Éowyn down. That is what was wrong. Her cousin, her uncle, his brother would lay down their lives again for those of their people. By mourning herself to death, she made their sacrifices in vain. She knew there was one who was not dead that she must apologize to also. She had thrown his love away in her sorrow too.

Faramir walked her to her room after the chill drove them back inside. He stopped her when she started to go inside and kissed her, pressing her against the door. She stood stiff and still at first, but his kiss, just pleasant at first, changed quickly and he slipped his tongue into her soft mouth. She felt stirrings of feelings she thought were dead as she felt his arousal press her belly.

Perhaps this could work.

Éomer smiled at her at breakfast. She felt almost …giddy. Faramir had left quickly but she knew the next time he would come inside her chamber. She knew she must talk to Éomer.

“Will you come to my room for tea, brother?”

He followed her back to her room.

“What is it you want to talk about?” He knew her so well.

“I think Faramir will ask me to marry him.”

She saw joy in his face. Relief flooded over her, but she said nothing. She waited to see what he would say.

Tears filled his dark eyes. “Théodred and I talked of this day, prayed for this day to come. We both loved you. I love you still. You are my sister… you are… more. I want your happiness. It’s all we ever wanted for you. And Faramir is a good man. He will love you well.”

And so Éowyn of Rohan married Faramir of Gondor. And he did love her well indeed.

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Great incest story, credible and beautiful. Thanks!

— Nerey Camille    Sunday 20 May 2012, 12:29    #

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