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Visions (G) Print

Written by Tal

15 September 2010 | 226 words

Title: Visions
Author: Tal
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Faramir & No Pairing

A Faramir vignette, written for the Aragorn Angst Group weekly prompts: King & Grateful.

Boromir had imagined a king in Minas Tirith, Faramir knew, though not in the same way as Faramir. His brother had imagined himself on the throne, leading a united Gondor in a glorious battle against the East, taking the enemy’s war to its own gates.

Such had been Boromir’s vision.

Faramir missed his brother, but he did not miss his dream of kinghood, had never agreed with it. He would have served his brother had the dream come to pass. Reluctantly? Perhaps. Not with a clear conscience, at the least. For in his heart, Faramir had always been waiting for another king.

His own vision of this king: a man of legend, tall and regal, stern and wise. Faramir would have served him with every fiber of his soul, however frayed; would have toiled silently and endlessly in his favor, day and night. And if this king, now and then, would have nodded acknowledgement at him at the end of a long day—well, Faramir would have needed nothing else.

Such had been his own vision.

Sitting on the carpet at Elessar’s feet, his head resting against the king’s knee and Elessar’s hand on his shoulder, both of them reading documents of state in the warm glow from the fireplace, Faramir swelled with gratitude for how both visions paled next to the true return of the king.

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8 Comment(s)

I love the Father/Son relationship between Aragorn and Faramir, it’s my new favorite obsession.

— Anna    Wednesday 15 September 2010, 18:48    #

This – however short; or maybe that’s exactly why – is fantastic! Thank you!

Geale    Thursday 16 September 2010, 10:14    #

Father/son is one way to look at it, yes :-) Thanks for reading, Anna!

And thank you, Geale! It means a lot to me, coming from you.

Tal    Saturday 18 September 2010, 0:56    #

This is lovely.

— Bell Witch    Sunday 19 September 2010, 5:44    #

Thanks, Bell!

Tal    Monday 20 September 2010, 3:13    #

Lovely story! I didn’t take it as father/son, but then I rather like them as a pair. I just finished reading “Voices Past and Present” — do you mind if I regard this one as the happy ending? ;) I like your characterization of Faramir very much in both.

— Mira Took    Tuesday 28 September 2010, 8:19    #

Thank you, Mira! I deliberately left the nature of their relationship open to speculation. And I like your idea of making this the aftermath of “Voices,” though chronologically I wrote “Visions” first. Good to have some comfort after all the hurt :-)

Tal    Tuesday 28 September 2010, 14:08    #

Lovely, just beautiful!

Nerey Camille    Wednesday 27 July 2011, 18:58    #

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