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When Demands are Met (NC-17) Print

Written by Jade

20 June 2009 | 4211 words

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them, I merely play with them.
Title: When Demands are Met.
Author: Jade (elvenjade2@gmail.com)
Type: FCS
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Faramir/Glorfindel, Faramir/Elrond, Faramir/Glorfindel/Elrond
Warning: Au. Slash, Sex, naughty elves.
Summary: Faramir places his demands but is he really in charge or are they just letting him believe he is?

Written for the 2009 Midsummer swap.

Request by Angelstar3999: I would like Elrond/Faramir/Glorfindel. I would like to see both elves fall for Faramir who is either half elf or like Gandalf. Your choice. I would like to see a demanding Faramir, but also sub. Please have a happy ending.

Had anyone told him years ago that he would be living in Rivendell as one of the elves he would have thought them to be insane. Yet, here he was doing that very thing. He was grateful for a place to finally fit in and not be judged yet it still seemed strange to him. Even after being where he was for the last couple of years he still sometimes wondered when something would go wrong.

He, as well as many others, had been shocked to learn that his mother, his real mother had been an elleth. It had been no secret that Denethor had not trusted the elves. Some might say he even despised them. To learn that his father had an affair with an elleth all those years ago was surprising. Though he did not know any of the story and Denethor had only told him her name and mentioned she had been from Rivendell.

It still had taken Faramir a couple of years before he had worked up enough nerve to come to Rivendell and speak with Elrond about this. It was then that he learned more of his mother and also that she had sailed just two years before Faramir had arrived. His guilt has started then, had he not waited so long he would have had the chance to meet her. To ask her why she allowed Denethor to raise him and had not brought him back to Rivendell with her.

He thought of asking Elrond these questions but he did not find it fair to the elf lord to place these thoughts on him. Faramir had seen how much Elrond had to deal with already, he didn’t need to have more added to them and Faramir wasn’t sure Elrond would even know the answers anyway. So he continued to wonder in silence.

Since his arrival, Faramir had made many new friends but nothing compared to the friendship he had made with both Elrond and Glorfindel. He’d spent must time with each of them as often as he spent time with both of them. He often sparred with Glorfindel when each had some spare time and they both had always enjoyed themselves. Though he knew his abilities with a sword were nothing compared to the mighty balrog slayer’s, Glorfindel had always been patient with him.

Lately though, Faramir felt a change between them. Not just with him and Glorfindel or Elrond but between Elrond and Glorfindel as well. It was not a bad change, he could sense that much but there was something different, he just could not quite put his finger on it.

“You seem deeply lost in your thoughts,” Glorfindel’s voice had suddenly came up behind him.

Faramir turned to face the elf and grinned at him, giving him a small shrug.

“It is nothing,” he replied, “just passing time I guess.”

Glorfindel chuckled as he came to stand next to Faramir and both looked out over the valley below. It had become somewhat of a habit of theirs. At times Elrond would also join them.

“Have you any plans this evening?” Glorfindel asked him suddenly.

“None at all,” Faramir replied. He could have sworn that Glorfindel sounded almost nervous but as he looked over at the legendary elf, he saw only the friendly smile that greeted him.

“Then perhaps you would like to join me for dinner?” Glorfindel offered, raising an eyebrow just a little as he waited for a reply.

“I would be happy to,” Faramir replied.

They spoke for a while longer and decided where to meet before dinner. Once each of them headed towards their own rooms, Faramir decided a nice hot bath was in order and there was more than enough time for one.

“We are to dine in your room?” Faramir stopped just before Glorfindel’s chamber door.

“If you do not wish…” Glorfindel started but Faramir stopped him and shook his head.

“No it is fine I had assumed we would eat in the dining hall that’s all” he said, smiling at the elf.

Glorfindel gave him a look that Faramir cold not quite interpret but then thought nothing more of it as he followed Glorfindel inside.

“Why exactly does one single elf need a room this large?” Faramir could not help but ask as he glanced around the large room.

He had come to Glorfindel’s room before but had never actually been inside. He had assumed that the slayer would have a room full of weapons and battle plans, even maps of the lands around them. Instead he found a simple room with a small amount of furniture. A bear skin rug before the fireplace and a small collection of books. It was not at all how he had pictured Glorfindel’s room and he told him this now.

“Come,” Glorfindel chuckled as he lead Familiar out onto the balcony, “dinner is waiting.”

They mostly sat in silence as the ate, both enjoying not only the meal but the company as well. It was when they settled back for drinks that they really began to talk. Glorfindel would tell him many stories of his home lands before he came to Rivendell. Though Faramir was more than curious of his battle with the balrog, he had been warned by Elrond not to bring it up. In return Faramir told him of howl life had been while growing up in Gondor. As well as his many memories of following Boromir around when they had both been younger.

“You miss him,” Glorfindel stated, it was more than a little obvious.

“How could I not?” Faramir replied. “He had been the only one I could count on for years,” Faramir replied, “the only one I could talk to about anything.”

Glorfindel leaned back in his seat and sipped his drink slowly. He watched Faramir as the younger half elf looked out over the balcony and sipped his own drink. He envied Boromir at that moment. He wanted to be the one that Faramir felt he could count on as much as he had with his brother.

“He would have been proud to see you now,” Glorfindel said finally, getting Faramir’s attention once more. “Of what you have become since you arrived here,” he added.

Faramir grinned at him and they had once again settled into a comfortable conversation. Both not realizing how much time has passed until it had become really late.

“I should go,” Faramir said, “I have taken up enough of you time.”

Glorfindel shook his head as he offered Faramir another drink and poured more for himself as well.

“You can stay as long as you , Glorfindel replied, leaning back once more. “I have always enjoyed your company.”

Faramir could not help but smile, he had not really wanted to leave and was glad when Glorfindel invited him to stay longer.

After a while their conversation had turned to relationships. Both had been in a few in the past but neither had been in anything series yet, though they both admitted that they would like to be. When Glorfindel asked Faramir what his preference was, Faramir could not help but grin.

“This amuses you?” Glorfindel teased

“It is just that in Gondor I would have to hide my preference from almost everyone,” he said. “I do not feel as if I need to do this hear.”

“You don’t,” Glorfindel replied with a grin, “you can be whoever and whatever you wish to be.” He paused briefly then gave Faramir a wicked grin, “though you still have not answered my question.”

Faramir laughed as he set his glass down and turned in his seat so he was facing Glorfindel even more.

“I’ve have been with a small amount of woman in the past, two to be exact,” he started, “I have no regrets of this but it has always been men that I was mostly attracted to.”

“And what of elves?” Glorfindel could not help but ask.

“Them two,” Faramir replied honestly, then chuckled again.

Glorfindel nodded in reply but Faramir noticed that he seemed to be the one who was lost in thought this time. He watched when Glorfindel had gone back inside and as he followed he found him standing by the fireplace, staring into the flames.

“Glorfindel?” he called as he placed his hand on the elf’s shoulder. He wondered what was suddenly wrong when Glorfindel had not replied right away even after he had turned to face him.

“There is another reason I invited you here tonight,” Glorfindel said finally.

“Which is?” Faramir said, more curious then ever.

He waited for Glorfindel to reply yet when the elf did not say anything he had looked up at him again, this time the look in Glorfindel’s eyes was clear, desire. There was something else though, something more then just lust and desire.

He started to say something but his words were cut short when Glorfindel kissed him. Once he hear Glorfindel moan into their shared kiss, Faramir felt his own desire pressing against Glorfindel’s.

“Do you wish to stay now?” Glorfindel asked him once the kiss had ended.

“What I wish is you naked in bed” Faramir replied, unable to resist.

Glorfindel chuckled lightly and almost moaned at the way Faramir was looking him over now. When their eyes met again, he could see the desire in Faramir’s eyes and knew that it matched his own. He merely grinned now as he pulled his tunic off and tossed it aside.

Faramir heard the growling sound and realized it had come from him. He could not tear his eyes from the other elf as Glorfindel stripped out of his clothing then dropped down onto his bed.

“Is this what you wanted?” Glorfindel asked, slowly running a hand over his own chest and grinning as Faramir moaned.

“And more,” Faramir replied, moving over to the bed. He took his own time, getting his clothes off before he joined the golden elf in the bed. The normally shy quiet Faramir seemed gone now as he pulled Glorfindel flat against him and claimed his mouth in a deep passionate kiss.

Glorfindel could almost feel the change in Faramir. How the half elf became more sure of himself as he licked and nipped along Glorfindel’s neck. Not one who could give up being in charge very often, Glorfindel could only moan and grip the sheets beneath him as Faramir’s hand moved down, gripping him firmly and stroking along his now extremely hard length.

“Take what you want,” Glorfindel finally moaned, hissing softly as his pleasure and desire increased with each touch. He felt this is what Faramir both wanted and needed. Truth be told, having Faramir be in charge this was was turning him on even more.

“I had planned to,” Faramir replied, kissing the older elf hard.

Glorfindel melted against the bed when Faramir’s mouth closed around his arousal. He almost arched up off the bed as he shouted with pleasure, one hand moving to grip Faramir’s hair tightly.

Barely able to think straight, Glorfindel’s desire filled mine did manage to realize one thing. Faramir had him right where he wanted him. On the edge of his own release but had never let him go over, always keeping him wanting more. It hadn’t taken too long before Glorfindel could only pleaded with Faramir.

“That’s what I was waiting for,” Faramir moaned, already placing himself.

It was then that Glorfindel realized that Faramir already had him prepared. He could now feel the oil that had been use to ease the way but still, he shouted with pleasure as Faramir entered him.

Glorfindel had reached up to run his hands over Faramir, only to have his hands pushed away and placed above his head. He gripped the iron bars of his bed and gave himself over completely to Faramir, accepting everything the man gave him.

Both of them were breathing hard and moaning with each hard thrust that Faramir gave. Glorfindel almost came just listening to the sounds of Faramir’s pleasure. He felt the man’s grip tighten around the base of his shaft and knew then that he would only come when Faramir allowed him. A fact that only served to increase his own pleasure. He was at Faramir’s mercy now and all he could do was enjoy the ride.

“How long?” Faramir asked suddenly, breathing hard as he looked down at Glorfindel.

“Excuse me?” Glorfindel barely managed to get the question out.

“How long have you wanted this?” He asked, thrusting even harder into Glorfindel.

“Weeks” was the answer he received but after a few more hard thrusts the reply changed. “No, months.”

Keeping his grip on Glorfindel’s arousal, Faramir thrusted harder and deeper. He grinned as he heard Glorfindel shouting his pleasure once more.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Faramir growled. “Yes,” Glorfindel almost shouted his reply.

“Why?” Faramir demanded

“Feels to damn good,” Glorfindel hissed. “I need to come”

“Not yet,” Faramir replied, kissing him hard before Glorfindel could reply. He wasn’t sure had whimpered at that him but it was a sound that had turned them both on even more.

Teasing him for a while longer, Faramir knew that his own pleasure would no longer be held back. He wanted them both to reach climax at the same time. Giving just a few more hard thrust, Faramir shouted. He let his grip go of Glorfindel’s hard shaft and within seconds both of them were taken over the edge. Their cries of pleasure echoed through the room as they both came.

Both could only lay there afterwards, neither one of them speaking or even attempting to move, not even as they had both drifted off to sleep.

“You seem cheerful this day,” Elrond said, having seen the mood that Faramir had been in since he arrived in Elrond’s study that day. “I assume it would have something to do with Glorfindel?”

Faramir looked over at Elrond and could barely hold back his grin. He’d not said a word to anyone of his time with Glorfindel and he knew that the Golden elf had not spoke of it yet either. Glorfindel had also gone out to meet the returning patrol and would be gone for no more than two days.

“He did not have to say anything,” Elrond chuckled, “He was in the same mood you are in now.”

Faramir chuckled as well before he turned to glance out the window. He had not let himself think to much of his night with Glorfindel or the way Faramir had enjoyed waking him up either. The minute he replayed the memory he would feel himself growing aroused again so he had pushed the thoughts aside for the moment. He did have work to finish and if he thought to much about other things, he would never get finished.

“It was highly amusing,” Elrond said, grinning wickedly, “to see Glorfindel wince as he mounted his horse.”

Faramir had just taken a sip of his drink and almost choked on it, making Elrond laugh. It had never occured to him that it might have been that obvious to others or perhaps it was only Elrond who had noticed.

“I cannot help but be a little curious,” Elrond continued, “Glorfindel had never let any of his partners in the past claim him, it only shows how much he feels for you.”

Faramir could only stare at Elrond, hit words sinking in slowly and he could only wonder what that would mean when Glorfindel returned. He planned to talk with the golden warrior as soon as he could.

“And what is it you are curious about?” Faramir found himself asking.

“How you managed it,” Elrond said, shrugging lightly.

“He told me to take what I wanted,” Faramir replied, wondering why it was so easy to talk about this to Elrond, “so I did.”

Elrond’s eyebrow shot up at Faramir’s reply but he wisely said nothing. If Faramir wished to tell him more then he would.

Faramir did tell him more, not every detail of course but enough to give Elrond a good idea on how things went the night before. When he was done his tale, he did not fail to notice the way Elrond was breathing deeply, almost as deeply as Faramir was.

“Do you know what I think?” Faramir asked. “I think you enjoyed hearing what we did,” he grinned as he moved over to Elrond’s desk, sitting on it in front of Elrond. “I think it turned you on and I want to see how much.”

Elrond started to protest but when he felt Faramir’s hand on his arousal, he could only groan at the pleasure he felt. He did not stop the man as Faramir untied his robes.

“I was right,” Faramir chuckled, “you did enjoy it.”

Faramir wrapped his hand around Elrond arousal and stroked him slowly.

“How could I not?” Elrond moaned, gripping the arms of his chair. “Glorfindel has not been the only one who has desired you,” he admitted. “I have spent as much time with you as Glorfindel has. You have no idea who desirable you can be, do you?”

“I have an idea right now,” Faramir grinned, stroking him even harder now and watched as Elrond began to thrust into his hand. He took one of Elrond’s hands and placed it over his leggings, letting him feel his own arousal.

“You asked me once, if I could have anything I wish what it would be,” Faramir commented.

“Have you decided?” Elrond barely managed to speak the words as his pleasure continued to rise.

“Yes” Faramir replied. “I’d have you watch,” he said. “To see what I do to him and fantasize that it was you in the bed.” he said, stopping as he heard the moan that had escaped Elrond. “I can tell you want the same thing.”

Elrond was too far into his own pleasure to give a reply. He merely nodded before his head dropped back and he once again gripped the arms of the chair.

Faramir watched as Elrond came undone, enjoying how it felt to be able to bring Elrond this amount of pleasure. He chuckled as he laced Elrond’s robes back up then slid down off the desk. “I would have you both,” he said, deciding that was what he wanted.

“And we would have you” Elrond assured him, seeing the flash of doubt in Faramir’s eyes, “in any way you wish,” he added.

Faramir smiled at him and nodded before he promised they would talk more later. Before he let things go any further he needed to speak with Glorfindel and let him know what it was he wanted exactly. The thought of getting them both in his bed had never occurred to him before but now it left him hard.

He knew they both wanted him, he had no doubts of this now but would they be willing to give more then that. He wanted them both, that was for sure but not just as a one time thing. He had been in love with them both for a while now, he had just been denying how he felt. He could also not ignore that they seemed to fee the same way about him. Was it even possible to love not one one other but two? This was the question he kept asking himself as he made his way to his room.

Faramir knew Glorfindel was due to return that night. He kept going over what he would say to the Balrog Slayer in his mind. He wanted them both. He wouldn’t ask either. He would just demand. He could not deny the thrill he got at the way they reacted to his demands so far. Just thinking about it now was arousing him.

“Looking for me?” he heard Glorfindel whisper in his ear. He had sneeked up behind the half elf which had been done easily enough since Faramir had seemed distracted.

Before Faramir could even reply, he felt his leggings being unlaced. Seconds later he felt the strong fingers wrap around his growing arousal and could only moan deeply as he was being stroked.

“Or perhaps both of us?” came another reply, one that really got Faramir’s attention. He opened his eyes to look in front of him and saw Elrond standing there. His reply was cut off when he felt Glorfindel lick along the back of his ear. He may not have pointy ears like true elf but they had always been just as sensitive.

The next thing he knew, Elrond had him locked in a deep passionate kiss. Both were moaning into the kiss as Glorfindel continued to move his hand along Faramir’s length. He could feel Elrond’s own arousal pressing against him now and it only brought his own desire to a higher level.

“Bedroom,” Faramir managed to gasp when Elrond kissed along his neck. He was only vaguely aware of being moved. He didn’t bother to look to see who’s room they were now in, nor did he care. Both Elrond and Glorfindel were stripping him of his clothing and he melted as they both touched him, caressing almost every inch of him. “You are both overdressed,” he managed to breath out between kisses.

Elrond chuckled as he slid out of his robes, letting them slide down his arms slowly until they dropped to the floor. Both him and Faramir turned to watch as Glorfindel slowly stripped in front of them, earning a moan from them both as every inch of his skin was revealed.

Faramir had not realized that Glorfindel had finally moved until he felt himself land on the bed. He looked at them both and wondered when things had changed. It was supposed to be him in charge, giving the commands. Yet here he was, waiting for their next move as he lay back on the bed, breathing hard.

The shout her suddenly hear came from him, yet at the very moment that Elrond had taken him into his mouth, he had not realized that. He had literally arched his back up off the bed, one hand gripping Elrond’s hair as he was pleasured.

Glorfindel moaned as he stood back and watched. The sight alone could easily make him find his own release, however he managed to hold back for the moment. When Faramir had looked his way, he grinned knowingly and leaned over to kiss him deeply.

After a while, Glorfindel had switched places with Elrond, watching them kiss then lowered his head and took Faramir’s hard shaft into his mouth and sucking him hard. He enjoyed the deep moans coming from everyone as they enjoyed each other this way. Taking turns with each other until neither one could wait any longer. They all wanted more.

Faramir vaguely heard Glorfindel telling him anything, though he did not in reply. One minute he was moving slowly inside Elrond then could feel Glorfindel enter him in the next. Faramir’s deep moans echoed those coming from Elrond as they all started to move at the same time, easily falling into a steady rhythm.

When Elrond pushed back against him, Faramir almost lost control. He managed to reach around and grip Elrond’s arousal, stroking him when he could feel Glorfindel thrusting even deeper into him.

Faramir reached his limits first, unable to hold back any longer. The feeling of Elrond beneath him and Glorfindel behind him was just too much. The sounds of his pleasure suddenly echoed across the room as he had erupted deep inside Elrond. Though he was not sure who it was that followed after him as both Elrond and Glorfindel both shouted out at almost the exact same moment.

It took a while before any of them could catch their breath, all three having collapsed onto the bed and resting against each other.

“That was…” Faramir started to say but lacked the words to describe just how good it had felt

“Just the beginning,” Glorfindel continued for him.

Faramir slowly turned to face Glorfindel. He couldn’t help but grin as he felt Elrond move up behind him and slid his arm around Faramir

“The beginning?” Faramir questioned.

“Yes,” Glorfindel nodded. “there will be many more nights such as this one,” he added. “If of course that is what you wish.”

Faramir leaned over and kissed Glorfindel deeply before letting him know that this is exactly what he had wanted.

“Then so be it,” Elrond replied, kissing the back of Faramir’s neck, “the start of many years together for all of us.”

The end!

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3 Comment(s)

Yay……………………………………….! :D I love it… absoulutley love it. I especially love the demanding Faramir, but slightly sub guy. The way you wrote this story was just great. I also liked the fact on how you made Faramir related to another elf.. and then gave information on it. This story is well written and I would like to thank you for writting it. I really enjoyed reading Glorfindel/Faramir, Elrond/Faramir and all three together.

Wonderful story…. :D THANKS ONCE AGAIN

angelstar3999 :D :D :D :D :D

— Angelstar3999    Monday 22 June 2009, 7:28    #

This was great. Loved it that Faramir turned out to be half elf and lived his life in Imladris. They will have lots of love between the three of them.

— balrog    Monday 22 June 2009, 7:45    #

That’s … HOT

— phytha    Thursday 25 June 2009, 1:28    #

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