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Winter's Rest (R) Print

Written by Monica

09 March 2005 | 25774 words

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Title: Winter's Rest
Author: Monica (monicahoagland@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Faramir/Elrond
Raiting: Rating will vary with each chapter (will eventually be NC17)
Disclaimer: Absolutely! I own nothing associated with LOTR. This is for fun only.
Beta: Thank you LadyHawksshadow. Also thanks to Minx and KC for handholding and kind encouragement.
Timeline: Takes place the first winter after the War of the Ring.
Quite AU! Cannon events can and will be altered to suit the muse.
Summary: The new Steward of Gondor is sent away for healing, and discovers unexpected love and an old secret.

Chapter One

Elrond of Rivendell nodded to himself as he read the latest message from the scouts, reporting that the small party was only a few hours from arrival at Imildaris. The Elf Lord was satisfied that all was in readiness and stood, smoothing his robes, and put the letter in a box before walking out onto the balcony off his study. Idly he looked toward the path that the riders would soon be arriving on, curious to see his guest and patient. It had been six months since he had left Minas Tirith and last seen the newly invested Prince Faramir, Steward of Gondor.

During the past months many letters had been exchanged between Rivendell and Gondor. Elrond always read letters from his daughter and foster son with pleasure, happy to hear about their new lives, giving them advice when he could. Less than two months after he had returned to Imladris, Aragorn and Arwen both began to speak of being concerned for the young man who had become the new Steward.

Faramir had been slow to heal from his wounds saving the White City despite Aragorn's healing. He had quietly and unobtrusively shouldered responsibilities and burdens that he had never imagined that he would have to bear, and performed those duties admirably. It was not until he had nearly collapsed during a council meeting that everyone realized that he was not as healed as he claimed. In all the celebrations for the new king and queen, and all the work in establishing peace after the War of the Ring, no one realized just how exhausted the young Steward was.

Aragorn cursed himself for failing in his healer's duties and set out to help his Steward. But he was thwarted by Faramir stubbornness, and by the depth of the wounds that had been inflicted. Faramir was not one to allow for any weakness in himself, and pushed himself beyond all reason. And even Aragorn could offer little solace for some of the injuries: how could one heal the fact that his own father tried to kill him?

Faramir threw himself into work, trying to hide behind duties and responsibilities. He respectfully but firmly refused Aragorn's offers to take time to rest, and the new king was bemused to learn that while he might now rule Men, he could not make his stubborn Steward obey him in this particular order.

Arwen wrote that she had hoped that Faramir would pursue the affection between him and Éowyn, but to everyone's disappoint the two had quietly ended any potential relationship. Éowyn returned to Rohan with her brother shortly after Aragorn's coronation and there was no sign that Faramir was interested in any of the young ladies at the new court.

Throughout the summer and fall Aragorn had indeed been burdened with many duties, as had Faramir. But as the first winter since the War of the Ring approached, things began to settle down and Aragorn turned his attention anew to his Steward. Faramir was getting no better and it was time for action. Letters were exchanged between Gondor and Rivendell, and it was decided that the only way to truly get Faramir to rest was to remove him from the White City. Everyone knew that the city held too many memories for the young man that hindered his healing. Perhaps in a new environment he would let himself relax and be cared for.

Elrond offered to take Faramir into his house and offer him his healing and Aragorn and Arwen eagerly accepted. Winter would be a slow time in the City; there were no pressing duties that would require Faramir's presence and he would have time to hopefully heal and rest, far away from reminders of the War. Once the winter snows settled in, it would be months before Faramir could return to Gondor and he would have ample time to recover.

Aragorn tried to present it as a request for his Steward, but Faramir was too bright to be fooled. He was not happy, especially when the king admitted the true motives, but there was nothing he could do. His belongings were packed and the king hand picked a group of Rangers to accompany the Steward. It was perhaps a sign of just how ill he was that Faramir offered little protest. He quietly accepted the order, and left the city.

Elrond looked forward to spending time with his new houseguest. The young Man he had briefly met during the celebrations in Minas Tirith had intrigued Elrond. A warrior, yes, unquestionably, but his soul had also spoke of being a scholar, one who loved to learn. The Elf Lord had not had the opportunity of any long conversations with the new Steward, but he remembered being impressed by his intelligence and wit. Gandalf told Elrond of Denethor's final madness and Elrond was impressed with Faramir's quiet dignity and efficiency during the time of Aragorn's coronation.

Elrond admitted to himself there was a certain elegance and beauty about the young man that attracted the Elf. Faramir was unlike other Men that Elrond had encountered, and so vastly different from his brother Boromir. It would be a pleasure to have the Steward in Rivendell.

Several hours' later riders appeared over the pass, and Elrond's keen eyes spotted them even as the signals from the sentries were sounded. He gathered his thoughts and turned to go to the courtyard. Erestor, his chief advisor, already waited downstairs and they went out to greet the riders.

Elrond watched as the party arrived, quickly scanning the Men to find Faramir. One of the figures had the hood of his Ranger uniform pulled up around his head, and he knew that this was his young guest. The Man dismounted his horse, turning the reins over to a groom. A moment's hesitation and then he approached the Lord of Rivendell.

"Lord Elrond." Faramir made himself push back the hood of his cloak, knowing it would certainly not due to great the Lord impolitely, and bowed respectfully. Manners and protocol had been pounded into him from his birth and he in fact found it easier to take refuge in formality at times when his emotions threatened. He was not happy about being sent here, but knew that Elrond only wished him to be well.

"Prince Faramir," Elrond returned, using the young man's new title. He saw the blue eyes flicker and then look down, and guessed that Faramir was not comfortable yet with his awards. Aragorn had been delighted to bestow the man with the title, knowing it was well deserved, but Faramir was rather embarrassed with the new position.

Elrond was already appraising his patent and he was dismayed to see that Aragorn's misgivings and concerns had not been exaggerated. Faramir had never been truly muscular, but now he was decidedly thin. His eyes were bright and betrayed his weariness despite Faramir's efforts to avoid the Elf Lord's gaze. His entire being spoke of disquiet and unease. Elrond knew that he would need all his healer's skills to help this young mortal.

"I bring you greetings from the King and Queen," Faramir continued, his voice calm and polite. "There are letters for you and others in Rivendell in the luggage." He started to gesture to one of the guards to open a bag, but Elrond raised his hand.

"I am delighted to receive their letters, but papers can certainly wait. It is cool this evening. Come; let us go into the house where the fire awaits." He ushered his guest through the doors of the house where Erestor was waiting. The advisor effortlessly took charge of directing the unloading of Faramir's things and guiding the servants, letting Elrond take Faramir into one of the studies where a fire was warming the room and tea was waiting. Faramir handed over his traveling cloak and riding gloves to one of his men and followed Elrond without argument.

"Your journey went well?" Elrond asked, gesturing for Faramir to take a seat while the Elf fetched tea from the sideboard.

"Very well, thank you." Faramir was still angry at being packed off from Gondor, but knew to mind his manners. "It seems that all the lands had a good harvest this year, and no one has spotted Orcs for some months around Gondor. It will be a fine winter."

"It is a new age," Elrond agreed, smiling as he handed Faramir a cup and took a seat across from the Man. "I have seen many winters, but this one does promise to be a time of peace and prosperity. We are all blessed to have the curse of Sauron removed from Middle Earth."

"And to have the king restored in Gondor," Faramir added firmly. He took a sip of the tea, and smiled at the unusual taste.

Elrond nodded in agreement and smiled at his guest. "I wish to hear all the news from your lands, but it can wait until tomorrow. And I have received news from the Shire that you will no doubt be interested in hearing. Our little friends are doing well after their final scuffle in throwing Sauroman out."

Faramir looked amused, his eyes lighting up for the first time. "When I told the valiant Pippin that he was a true warrior of Gondor, I never intended for him to take up arms in the Shire. And we heard that Merridock was equally persistent in showing his new skills in battle."

The Elf lord chucked at the words. "I fear that the stories were accurate. We always wondered what would happen when Halflings were let loose on Middle Earth. Now it is time to see the results." He decided to gently change the subject a bit. "We should have ample time to discuss our friends. I would like you to join me and the household tonight for dinner and then listen to the songs in the Hall of Fire."

"I would be honored." The Man had heard of the legendary hospitality at the Last Homely House, but he was still very pleased to be invited on his first night to dine with the household.

"Then I will escort you to your rooms. I am being a poor host making you sit in your traveling clothes after you have reached more comfortable surroundings," Elrond smiled. "There is a bath waiting for you and your things should have been unpacked by now." He stood and Faramir followed his lead.

The Steward hesitated for a moment after putting his now empty teacup back on the small table. "I must thank you, my Lord," he said softly, holding himself a bit stiffly suddenly. "The king and queen were most grateful that you were able to take me in."

Elrond raise his eyebrows at the words and Faramir's depressed tone. "I am grateful that you were able to come and stay this winter," Elrond said firmly. "I consider myself to be fortunate to have your company." Faramir looked about to protest and the Elf raised a hand slightly. "Tomorrow we will talk about what has brought you here; tonight, I am welcoming my honored guest. I will hear no other talk." He looked at the young man sternly, and then smiled to let Faramir know that his words were meant kindly. Faramir nodded and then followed his host upstairs.

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7 Comment(s)

this is a very good story,i hope you continue this love it hould follow faramir back to Gondor7 pick-up Elrond not being abe to stay away. but its a beautiful story

chela — chela    Monday 30 April 2007, 4:36    #

I agree with chela. There should be one more chapter to Elrond’s and Faramir’s story. Perhaps Elrond’s last days in Middle Earth? This was wonderful.

— balrog    Saturday 12 January 2008, 10:47    #

This is a very good story. It’s one of the first stories I ever read on this site, and I think it’s one of the stories that inspired me to start writing on my own! Thank you for this lovely story. :)

— Morwen    Saturday 2 January 2010, 20:56    #

A very nice story.
Well written with a good plot.
Thank you for sharing it.

— Lille Mermeid    Saturday 26 June 2010, 15:57    #

Almost a year has gone by, and I’m back to read this story again. I love it so. :) I hope you write more stuff soon!

— Morwen    Thursday 30 December 2010, 10:52    #

Wow, lovely story!
It made me laugh and say a few “Aaaw“s, and the “I am your father!” Amazing!
One of the best I’ve read ^^

— Laivindur    Sunday 6 January 2013, 1:57    #

I really enjoyed this..you have a great way of depicting both Faramir and Elrond that seemed so natural and believable. Thanks for thsi

— sian22    Saturday 23 August 2014, 0:55    #

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