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Major software update - please report errors

Mar 05, 2020

We’ve just updated the site to all the latest software. Please let us know if you spot any errors by either commenting below or sending us an email at admin@faramirfiction.com

What happened?

The core code of faramirfiction.com was written back in 2006. A lot has happened since then: the internet has evolved, but – due to a lack of time from yours truly – this site has not. Our host has now switched off an outdated version of PHP, the software that underpins much of the internet. This forced us to finally get busy and get the site working with a current version of PHP but as that takes a lot of time and effort — and as nowadays spare time simply isn’t as freely available as it was back in 2006 — what you’re looking at now can still be a little rough around the edges. My main priority was to get the core of the site up and running so visitors can at least read the stories.

I’ve noticed an error, what should I do?

It would be much appreciated if you could let us know what’s going wrong. You can either comment below or send us an email admin@faramirfiction.com. Please include:
  • a link to the relevant page, and if you were sent to a page that isn’t working, url of the page that sent you there
  • a description of the error
  • the browser you’re using
  • if the issue is difficult to put into words, a screenshot would be nice

When I browse the site on my phone, it’s a complete mess!!

Yeah, I’m still working on a mobile stylesheet. Currently, it’s based on the print style sheet, so it looks pretty grim, mostly lacking in any colour and graphical elements, crucially, with the navigation menu in an awkward place all the way at the bottom. Most mobile browsers have an option to request the desktop site – tick that box and you’re back to how it used to look.

What if I want to contribute something?

So far, the priority was on getting the front end (the site you’re looking at now), so the back end (the admin side of the site where you go to post your stories) is still pretty untouched. Especially the ‘write’ form was heavily edited before to make posting your work as intuitive as possible. Right now, that write form looks as it looks in any brand new Textpattern installation. It should be fully functional, it’s just that form fields will be in a different location, might be labelled differently and all tooltips and other instructions are missing. Also, you might have to reset your password before you can log in.

We’ll try to get everything back up to speed and the tutorials updated, but that might be some time. In the mean time, you can send in your work to admin@faramirfiction.com .


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