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An End to the Warring Season (PG) Print

Written by Alex Cat

14 October 2010 | 247 words

Title: An End to the Warring Season
Fandom: LOTR
Author: Alex (Email)
Type: 200 word Double Drabble
Note: This is for mistressminx13, who asked for Faramir in the fall.
Summary: Faramir looks back in the autumn of the year.

An End To The Warring Season

Autumn had always been Faramir’s favorite time of year. It signaled an end to the warring season when Boromir would come riding home with his armies.

Boromir would ride into the White City on his best horse, dressed in his finest and he and his army would lead the parade, followed by the farmers and craftsmen. Faramir looked at the golden leaves and thought back to the feasting and celebration that happened when the outlying areas brought their crops to the Minas Tirith to trade and to celebrate.

Their father would be happy for the first time in months; his favorite son had returned home. But that had never bothered Faramir, such was his own joy at having his brother home safe and sound for another season.

But this fall, Boromir would not come. A year ago he had gone to Rivendell and had never come home. His father had died and the true King had come again to Gondor. He and Éowyn lived in Ithlien as Prince and Princess, his reward for his family’s stewardship and perhaps for the loss of Boromir.

Autumn had always been Faramir’s favorite time of year. It signaled an end to the warring season.


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Very poignant! Thanks for sharing that!

— Ria    15 October 2010, 02:15    #

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