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Nothing but a Scratch (G)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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Thanks to December for inspiration!

Technique: Water Colours, ink pencil
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Rating: K
Warning: None

After having a long and thoughtful chat about sanitary issues in Minas Tirith (how the heck do they get all the water and fire wood up the mountain?) I felt the urge to do something that contains marble interior or a sort of Roman bathhouse atmosphere. Totally not my fault that in such an environmentpeople tend to be only half-dressed. X)

The background story: Well, I just assumed that Boromir would be a hell of a sparring partner in fighting lessons. From time to time he gets carried away by his own magnificence and then somebody who was actually not supposed to get hurt bears a “friendly” scratch. Of course afterwards Boromir is terribly sorry and turns into an awkwards little teddy bear – whereas his brother finds himself being the one who has to offer some comfort.

High-resolution version available at LiveJournal

Posted Dec 11, 2011

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2 Comment(s)

Lol, Boromir is all like, what have I done?!

May I just add that the idea of these two sparring has for long tickled my imagination in a variety of ways. There’s room for so many emotional nuances in such situations… Mmm, maybe you’d get inspired to depict that, too? ;-p

December    25 December 2011, 20:42    #

Heheh, yes, I think Boromir´s life holds frequent occasions to say “What have I done?”! XD

Oohoooo… you mean… a scene full of tension, with emotions either narrowly hold back or unleashed? With tender care for each other blending into the will to maintain ground… I see, that promises to be an interesting tableau…. And just in case you happen to feel like sharing one or two of those imaginations – please do not hesitate! :P

— raven22372    27 December 2011, 16:14    #

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