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Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure... (NC-17)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

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…but sometimes even a king needs a break.
To and inspired by Eora. Because somebody has to take the blame. ;)

Fandom: LOTR
Technique: Pencil
Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn
Rating: NC-17
Warning: NSFW!! Mmmkay, the left half of the picture would be alright, I guess… X)

Warnings: NSFW

Posted Jan 27, 2013

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6 Comment(s)

Look, now, here I really must protest! Here I am, a great deal of the way through writing a story to accompany your delightfully inspiring coronation painting and you bombard me with this extremely distracting sketch! I really must put my foot down and say no, no, I can’t possibly, I’m not even going to look at the dimples on their bums, or the squiggle on the parchment which tells me this was a rather hasty arrangement, one borne of a ‘oh bugger the paperwork and get over here now (and bugger me)’ mentality. Nope! Certainly not going to study the king’s clenched fists on the table, nor his arched back, or the expression of a rather deep satisfaction on his face, nor Faramir’s hand on his shoulder, not even the other hand adjusting his shirt, no, no, no.

What I will look at, and therefore prevent myself from getting 100 ideas at once, is the architecture! I love the arches in the background, I can’t decide whether this is in Aragorn’s spacious but private study, or if they are taking a liberty in a more public office. The hint of the mountains beyond the balcony is so lovely as well, they bring so much depth. It seems, my dear, that you are just as skilled with the pencil as you are with watercolours, and therein lies another reason for my frustration– how on earth can I hope to match that skill with mere words on a page? A losing battle I fear, but one which I will valiantly continue, despite certain, possibly deliberate, diversions…:P

And now a less tongue-in-cheek addendum: thank you thank you, for naming me as inspiration and boggling my mind– how my ramblings could inspire such a lovely piece I do not know!

— Eora    27 January 2013, 12:57    #

Oh holy Hannah!
Raven, you’ve done it again!
First off, I just love this picture, hands down!
There’s great architecture, faint, but letting the eyes pause and then bang! Sharp, dark contrast with our two figures. … Pardon me while I howl at the moon for a moment. Woof!
This is very hot without showing a whole lot of anything and that’s a good thing imho.
I’m drawn to Faramir’s arms, so strong, and rigid; must be better that getting a whipping – certainly more pleasurable.
You’ve blown my mind yet again!

— MikoNoNyte    27 January 2013, 20:32    #

Ooh, ooh. I must say something. But first I must fan myself.

Well… I just love all the characterisation granted by the detail. They seem steady and familiar in their exchange, Faramir’s arm slung over Aragorn’s shoulder in a kind of companionable, almost brotherly way. There is something casual about it, something secure and relaxed, you can tell they do this on a regular basis and have no fear they might have to stop. Yet at the same time that sheet of paper with an ink splodge and trail on it quite clearly entail the King being scooped up and de-trousered pretty much right in the middle of writing. It speaks great passion that does not wane in the face of stability and security. It also shows their deep trust in each other, that they know each other well enough for Faramir to know that Aragorn will not perceive such interruption to his work as intrusive or disrespectful, and that Aragorn in turn trusts him enough to allow himself to give in so quickly and with such obvious enjoyment, and not worry that Faramir might think him loose or soft-willed for it.

So this tells us that what is at first glance a matter-of-fact shag against the table is in fact something that goes much deeper, both in terms of time and emotion.

December    27 January 2013, 23:46    #

Depends on the whipping, if I dare say – HURR HURR HURR. X)

Thank you, my dear! (hugs)! I wasn´even aware it works this way. Somehow the way we read (from left to right) must influence the way we look at a picture and so the perception is this: Arch, balcony, table, PORN, arch… Me thinks I like! XD

And I´m glad you like my proneness for muscles… ;) Anatomy is such an intriguing thing and meanwhile I love giving human bodies a bit of texture and, if that makes any sense, density.

Have no fear, modern medicine will doubtlessly reassure you that a good, healthy howl at the moon does you good and extends life! Speaking of it: the moon looks quite pretty tonight, doesn´t it? Would you be so kind and move over a little? Thank you… WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

— raven22372    29 January 2013, 00:58    #

Well, I guess a normal person would read it left-to-right. The way I read it though was: PORN, PORN, OMG PORN, Raven’s portfolio on the table (probably full of porn), PORN, little bird – screw the bird, why look at him when there is PORN to look at?

December    29 January 2013, 01:18    #

AARGH ARGH ARGH Stupid me! X( Sorry guys, I kinda didn´t realize that in a row of comments I cannot reply to every single one. I say, after almost, well, – two years? – that´s quite an eye-opener! Yes, I was always a bright little snowflake! XD

Okay, let´s try to sort this out. Actually my upper comment (that is the fourth on this site) was aiming to MikoNoNyte, whereas the following one goes to (opens letter) EORA! :D

So, my dear, know then that I was faaaaaaaar away of – hurr hurr – distracting you from work! Even though said distraction resulted in the sweetest description of the depicted scenery (and the happenings before). Though I must say it´s a bit eerie how easily you read my mind, for this is exactly how I figured it to be! Too bad you won´t look at it – or wait, no, it´s good, it´s GOOD!!!! For that means I will get to read a wonderful Eora fic, inspired by my – my! – drawing! I still can´t comprehend what I might have done to deserve so much honour and attention and it´s my turn to thank you and tell you that I only hope nobody will look at the picture AFTER reading the fic, for they´ll surely be disappointed. It takes an Alan Lee to capture the magic of your writing, a raven must be doomed to fail.

One funny thing – that says a lot about my perception, I´m afraid, is the fact that, when reading through your comment first, somehow my brain created a connection between the words `liberty´and ´public` and turned them to ´public library´. Which involuntarily delivers the answer on the question where that little happy place can be found. Or perhaps it was already found and is hold dear by the library staff who once had the privilege to witness a certain incident… You see, your virtual presence is enough to inspire a fluent though not quite coherent rambling!

And now to the wonderful бабушка Мороз, December!
I just hope you weren´t too cofused by my comment! Though given your sharp wit and your precise, err, analysis of the events happening on said picture, it´s rather hard to confuse you at all (safe by extremely creative battle cries). Your eye for details reveals a Sherlock Holmes-like quality – I should have named it “Tales an Ink Splodge has to tell” – and so do your conclusions. Indeed, In this state their relationship must have reached a very familiar and relaxed level. Which might be far away form reality, but then, reality is what we make of it, right? ;)

Your mention of stability and security gave me an interesting thought here (now who´s inspiring who, I wonder). We know how much the love life of political leaders is the subject of public interest, and even though I´d insist on a certain level of decency when it´s about consent and respect, I presume the world would sleep better being ruled by people with a satisfying privat life. If I would be the one to pick a person who´s in the power to press a red button, I would make sure said man or woman feels relaxed, loved and sexually satisfied!

Apart from your inspiring feedback, I love your way of perceiving the world! XD By now it hadn´t occured to me that the pile of paper on the table could be My portfolio of, erm, delicate insights of the, erm, private and social life in,erm, Minas Tirith. That adds a totally new aspect… and now I have to find the door to that room..!

— raven22372    29 January 2013, 10:03    #

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