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6th Anniversary Challenge: Eleven-year-old Faramir

By Fëawen

Posted 13 March 2010

I have a challenge, or a request rather, I would like to see a story set before the war.

Faramir is eleven and has just begun with more serious military training. He is known to the soldiers and the cadets just as Boromr’s brother and the Steward’s youngest and lesser son. They see him as a weak and scared boy who would much rather read and write than fight. Boromir has left for horse training in Edoras so there is no one there for him.

After being hurt both physically and mentally by both his father and the cadets too many times he runs away.
Starving, lost and exhausted he stumbles into someone of free choice (not Boromir). What will happen next is also free and it does not have to be a happy ending.

This is a challenge posted in celebration of this archive’s 6th Anniversary — please keep them coming!

Archivist’s Note: This challenge inspired Radical to write The Lesser Son.


2 Comment(s)

I will gladly take on this challenge! It might be a few days before I can begin writing. And a week or more before a first post xD Bare with me.

As much as I LOVE darkfics, it will probably have a happy ending (I’m such a softy). It will definitely be AU. (Just finished an outline for the challenge! Huzzah!)

If you have any more requests for this challenge feel free to send me a message!

Thanks for the bunny!

— Radical    12 June 2010, 04:18    #

Thank YOU for wanting to write it. What I would like is alredy posted now the story and the coming plot is in your skilled hands

— fëawen    16 June 2010, 22:59    #

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