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Forceful persuasion...

By Gemenice

Posted 7 August 2009

I’d like for it to be someone/Faramir (Aragorn, Éomer, Haldir preferably, but it doesn’t really matter who as long as Faramir is the submissive one – so really it’s author’s call to decide the second character).

I’d like that someone you choose to be in love with Faramir and officially decide( and announce) to woo him. But to make it a little harder for Faramir’s admirer – I’d like for Faramir NOT to be in love with the person you’ll choose to be his partner/lover (at least from beginning obviously ^^;). Make the partner work hard to get Faramir, to make him fall in love with him. The admirer can be a little forceful in his persuasions (pressing Faramir against the wall,, groping, few forceful kisses, you got the drill, maybe even bondage, but NOT rape – it’s on you).

Well the place is yours to decide as well as the time, and please no Éowyn or Arwen in the story.

Good luck!

Stories inspired by this challenge: The Elf’s Persuasion by Morwen


2 Comment(s)

Congratulations, you just cured my writer’s block! :D I’m going to do this story. Should have it up in a few days, hopefully. :) Cheers!

— Morwen    24 December 2010, 09:14    #

UPDATE: I posted the story! It’s called The Elf’s Persuasion. Hope you enjoy!

— Morwen    28 December 2010, 00:38    #

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