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The Elf's Persuasion (NC-17) Print

Written by Morwen

27 December 2010 | 4341 words

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Haldir desires Faramir to be his lover on his last night of a visit to Minas Tirith, but is faced with the challenge of convincing the steward to bend to his desire…
Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Lord of the Rings, nor any of the characters, nor any of the locations. I just love to play with J. R. R. Tolkein’s work once in a while!
Warnings: Slash, Post ROTK, light bondage. Did I mention slash? :)
Note: For Gemenice, who posted the challenge that inspired me to write this story! The challenge can be found here. Thanks for the challenge!

It was impossible to avoid. No matter what he could do, he could not deny what he wished to deny the very most. If he carried through with this, it could cause complications, and he hated complications. Usually he could force anything he wanted out of his mind, but not this. This temptation had been itching at him for a fortnight, since he had arrived as a guest for a council in Minas Tirith.

Haldir lay quietly in his guest quarters, on a soft featherbed. Snow could be seen outside his windows, but thankfully the Men who had built the stone walls of this city were good architects. He had retired to his rooms shortly after the evening meal, partly because he had needed to collect his mind. Not in a great many years had so many thoughts had clouded his mind – not to mention his judgement. He was a great number of years old, and yet tonight, he had felt like an elfling crushing on a first love. The steward of Gondor, the new King’s righthand man and friend, had captured the heart of the usually cool, calm, collected elf. Though he appeared calm as always on the outside, he burned with desire on the inside. It was this that he could not ignore.

But there was one thing distressing him, one time limit. Though he had lived thousands of years, he now had no time left. He was leaving to return to Lórien at dawn, as the council had ended that afternoon, and the evening’s feast had left things on a good note. But for Haldir, things would not be left on a good note if he was to not do something about the feelings he had been developing for a certain man over the fortnight.

It was a man, someone whom he had not even noticed for the first two days after his arrival, but only because the man had been lurking somewhat in the shadows, always working in the background, running errands for the King and working with others outside of the official council meetings. It was almost as if the man busied himself on purpose, to keep himself from becoming too still. It was only at the first council meeting in the citadel of Minas Tirith that Haldir had first glimpsed the man, the King’s steward and beloved friend. They had been introduced by Aragorn himself, who had wanted them to get to know each other. Haldir was also a friend of Aragorn’s, since they had known each other many years ago in Rivendell when Aragorn was but a child in Haldir’s care. Haldir had been pleased to speak a few times with the Steward, but he doubted that Faramir thought of him, the curt elf from Lórien.

He lay on his bed for several hours after the evening meal, though he never slept. By now the hallways were still, and the lamps were being put out in some of the hallways. Haldir knew that this was the time; everyone was sleeping. It was the perfect opportunity. The elf slipped off of his bed and out of the room with grace, not making a sound. He made his way through the citadel, from his chambers, through the main hall, to the private chambers where Haldir knew that Aragorn and Faramir lay, in their own private chambers down the hall from one another. Haldir knew exactly which door led to Faramir’s chambers; he had learned by sneaking about rather stalkingly in the hours between meetings of the council. Haldir was extremely skilled at making himself unseen. And if he happened to be seen, he could make himself look like he had a purpose for being wherever he wasn’t supposed to be.

He made it all the way to Faramir’s door without being seen, and knocked. Whatever happened tonight, at least Haldir would know what became of it. He hated wondering about what would have happened… he had learned many years ago not to have any regrets. He knocked thrice on the door.

There was quite a long pause between Haldir’s knocks and the time when Faramir opened the door, but the elf waited patiently. When Faramir opened the door, he looked sincerely puzzled, but was still completely dressed. The elf noticed a few small smudges of ink on the man’s hands, and guessed that Faramir had been working at his desk on some of the King’s affairs from earlier in the day. The man worked far, far too much. Hopefully he could help take care of that. “Good evening, Faramir,” Haldir said, bowing to the steward. The steward bowed in turn, trying to hide his shock, and invited the elf in.

Faramir was not certain why the elf was here, but he did not mind; he had always been fascinated with the elves, and Haldir was certainly a well-known and intelligent one. He might as well entertain the elf, even though he longed to know why he was in his chambers at such a late hour. “Would you like tea?” Faramir asked, walking towards the fireplace. Haldir’s responding smirk seemed innocent enough on the outside, but Faramir knew so little right now. All right then, young one, I will play along with you… “Yes, please,” Haldir responded. Faramir nodded, turning toward the fireplace to retrieve the water kettle that had been heating up. But Haldir was already growing impatient: He didn’t know how much longer he could last before simply attacking the man. It would be simple enough, although this forest ranger might put up a good fight. How intriguing thought Haldir, That the King’s steward still wears his ranger clothes. Does he not want a wardrobe upgrade? But I am almost glad, that belt will be satisfying to take off… or perhaps it can be used as a whip…

By the time the unknowing Faramir sat down with the tea, Haldir was feeling quite relaxed. The nerves that he had felt back in his own chambers were fading rapidly. He was slowly preparing to pounce, and almost felt sorry for the soft-spoken man sitting across from him. They both sipped tea for a few moments, simply enjoying the warmth of the fire. It was amazing to Haldir that the man could actually sit still and enjoy a moment of peace, for he knew how hard the steward always worked and how distracted MEn could get. Perhaps Faramir thought him special, or was simply being polite. Either way, it was a compliment to him.

They talked with some light chatter for a few moments, until the tea was almost gone. Faramir finally got around to his question, figuring it had been long enough.

“May I ask why you have come here tonight, Haldir? Is there something I can assist you with, or any unfinished business I need to take care of? Any messages for the king?” Haldir smiled; Is there ANYTHING this gentleman will not do for others? He needs to learn to relax. Hopefully I can help you with that, Faramir… Hopefully. Haldir placed his cup on the table and said, “Actually, yes. There is some unfinished business to take care of.” Faramir had stood up and had collected the elf’s cup, turning away from his guest for a moment to place the cups on another table.

“What can I help you with, then, my friend?” Faramir asked, his back still turned. When he did not hear a response, he turned back to see that the chair Haldir had been sitting in was empty.

“Haldir?” Faramir asked gently, looking about. Haldir, poised silently behind the man, hesitated for only a split second before moving forward. He walked up silently, right behind the man, before whispering. “Yes?”

Faramir turned quickly, absolutely surprised. Right after the surprise came a look of fear, as well as awkwardness. Those blue eyes were dancing across Haldir’s face, and the man took a step backward. Haldir took a step forward, closing the space so that their bodies nearly touched.

“Haldir, please, what is this? Is this an elvish goodbye that I do not have knowledge of?” Faramir chuckled, to break the awkward silence. Haldir smirked again, letting his eyes wander down the ranger’s beautiful body. “No, no, do not be so silly Faramir.” The elf smiled. “ No, Faramir, it is not a goodbye; it is my way of wooing you.” And before Faramir had a chance to fully process the words that had just been spoken, Haldir leaned in and kissed him. The real kiss was far better than all of the kisses he had fantasized about, but did not continue straight away; he decided to gauge his victim’s reaction. Faramir’s features were unreadable, but Haldir could detect confusion and fear behind those eyes. It appeared that the man was frozen in place, unable to move. Haldir took the opportunity to lead Faramir to the chaise lounge in the corner, where they both sat down and Haldir explained.

“I have been watching you, meleth,” the elf murmured. “I have not been able to keep my eyes off of you for the past fortnight, but I cannot blame myself – you are by far the most attractive man in this entire city.”

“W-Wh-What?” Faramir seemed to come back to life, shaking his head as if to wake himself from a dream. “What are you talking about, Haldir? Are you feeling all right?” Oh, gods, why must he be so innocent and adorable? It is killing me. “Oh, I’m feeling quite all right my love,” Haldir responded, his face growing into a wide smile now. “I feel quite all right, especially now I am with you.”

“Haldir – you cannot be serious.” Oh, yes, here comes the denial. Poor boy. We shall get through this. “What makes you think I am not serious?”

“Because it’s just not right!” Faramir cried out, but his last words were somewhat muffled since Haldir’s lips were upon his again. The elf kissed him over and over, sometimes gently, sometimes passionately. “I adore you, Faramir,” the elf confessed, kissing his potential lover’s neck. He heard the little moans that were beginning to emanate from the man’s throat. “You are the most wonderful man I have met in this city. So strong, skilled, logical, and yet secretly, you are so emotional. These are such rare and wonderful qualities that I so rarely find in Men. Legolas once told me of you, and I did not believe such a Man could exist. But you do, and here you are. I leave for Lórien tomorrow, and I knew I had to do something.” After these words, Faramir was less shocked; at least now he knew the background story of what had been going on. But that still did not make things feel right, no matter how could the elf’s gentle kisses felt on his neck.

“Haldir, I don’t think-”

“Do not think, then!”


“Shhh.” The elf had moved down to his collarbone, and was playing with the laces of his tunic.

”Haldir…” Faramir’s voice carried more panic this time. The elf stopped, sighed, and looked back into the man’s eyes. He was going to have to take more drastic action. Before Faramir knew what was going on, the elf had pulled him up and shoved him somewhat forcefully into the chamber’s cold stone wall. Faramir could have attempted fighting the elf off, but decided against it, deciding to wait it out and see what happened. Haldir stared the man straight in the eyes.

“Faramir, I never need anyone. But I must admit, tonight, I need you.”

“Haldir, I honestly do not think you are in your right mind right now,” Faramir said, sounding more desperate. He was still being constrained and held against the wall by Haldir’s strong fists. For such a slight and light elf, he could certainly be strong. The kisses resumed, harder and much more passionate this time.

Faramir tried to protest, but found it impossible. And then the elf took another step, running one of his hands down the man’s chest to his breeches. A warm hand gently rested on the man’s most sensitive area. Suddenly, the elf knew that the man was hiding something; already, the flesh was somewhat hardened beneath those breeches. He chuckled, and broke their kissing to whisper, “Are you hiding something from me, Faramir? Is there anything you want to admit?” He then saw his partner’s face turn to bright red, and felt slightly guilty – but only slightly. The sight of an embarrassed Faramir was nothing short of adorable, if he was not cute enough already. The man kept his eyes down, fidgeting. Faramir was silently urging himself to relax, and pleading with himself for his arousal to diminish, but alas, it did not. Haldir continued.

“You cannot resist me,” Haldir whispered, his voice demanding. He smiled inwardly when he instantly felt the flesh grow harder beneath his hand. “You will be mine, I am sure of it. Now get to the bed, or I will make you go there.” Haldir felt Faramir shudder, and then he crossed the room and lay on the bed without a word. The elf lay down on top of him, and they delved into more kisses.

Faramir melted into the kiss. He hesitantly kissed back, before pulling away in shock at himself. Haldir relieved him of his worry by distracting him with another kiss, while he untied the laces of his tunic and breeches. He nearly ripped the clothes off the Gondorian, and removed his own robes as well. Faramir was beautiful, but still red in the face, and embarrassed of his own arousal in this situation. Haldir knew this was the case and took a moment to pause and stroke the man’s cheek.

“You ought to give in to your desires,” the elf encouraged. “Do not be afraid to try something different. Have you lain with another male before?” When Faramir shook his head, Haldir became very comforting, a totally different Haldir from the one that had pressed him against the wall a moment ago. “Do not worry, I shall care for you. You are in good hands, I promise. But first…” The elf lay kisses down all over the steward’s body, before reaching the hard flesh that awaited him. Faramir was still only half hard; Haldir looked up and knew from the focus on his face that the Gondorian was still trying to keep his erection down. Well, he knew what to do with that. The elf leaned down and licked the hard flesh wish his tongue, from base to tip, and swirled around the head a few times with his tongue for good measure. Faramir sat straight up in the bed, crying out, gasping. He had not expected such a shock. Haldir got a great kick out of that, chuckling.

“Does that feel good, Faramir? Why don’t you give in already? You are sure fun… Don’t you want to have some fun? Or am I just going to have to force you to have fun?” But instead of the reaction he wanted, Haldir saw that Faramir was trying to cover his manhood with his hands. Haldir would not have it. He pulled the man’s hands away. With one kiss, the elf had tied Faramir’s hands up over his head with one of the sheets, making it impossible for Faramir to cover himself. He was attempting to move his legs in such a way as to hide his manhood, but that was not working well, either. Haldir was pleased with his work, but the man only seemed to grow more embarrassed. He cried out in what seemed like one last plea, trying to untie his hands, whimpering. Haldir nibbled on Faramir’s earlobe before whispering, “What are you embarrassed about?”

“I always taught never to lay with men,” Faramir whispered back. “It is right with women, but not with men.” Haldir wanted to slap whoever had told Faramir this information in the face; he was shocked. The elves were always taught that lying with anyone was acceptable. But Haldir’s lips then curled into a smile.

“But I am no Man, Faramir – I am an elf, and I adore you. And I want to make love to you. You are just what I have been looking for in a partner, handsome one.” Haldir smiled one sweet smile, and laid a long, passionate kiss on the man. If there was any elven heritage in Faramir’s blood, this would do the trick. And bless the Valar, it did. Something happened. Haldir could feel the man begin to relax and Faramir started kissing back, rather passionately this time.

“Do I have your consent?” Haldir gently asked after a few moments, looking into those blue eyes. Faramir slowly but surely nodded. For some reason, with Haldir, this seemed to be okay. Besides, the elf’s kisses were so desirable, what would the rest of his experiences be like?

Haldir untied the bond that held his lover’s hands captive, letting him loose. He nodded in thanks for the man’s consent, before slowly moving back down to where he most wanted to be. He saw that the flesh was quite hard, now that the Gondorian had stopped resisting him. He teased the tip with his tongue, lapping gently until he saw that his partner’s legs were beginning to twitch. The rasping moans coming from Faramir’s throat were also giving him away.

Haldir used his hand and began stroking Faramir’s flesh at a slow pace, building up the speed over a minute or so, then removed his hand to gauge his partner’s reaction. As a result, Faramir groaned horribly in need, and he bucked his hips forward subconsciously attempting to come in contact with the elf’s hand again. The elf decided to give him mercy and stroked him again, more slowly now, saying, “I want to tease you. And then push you right over the edge into ecstasy.” With that, Haldir’s hand moved quicker than any normal man’s ever could, keeping his movements light but fast. Faramir tensed up at first before bucking his legs wildly and gasping, groaning guttural groans, every part of him twitching. Haldir did not let up on his torture, saying, “I want every part of you to scream out in ecstasy by the time you are finished here. That is as it should be.” But then, suddenly, Haldir stopped all movement, just in time to lean down and gently start sucking the now deprived tip of Faramir’s penis. Faramir rose up in bed again, yelling. The elf slowly pushed him back down with one hand, while tracing circles around the head of Faramir’s member with his tongue.

“Does that feel good?” Haldir’s voice was so sensual.

When Haldir began tracing his fingertip around Faramir’s entrance, he was met with only a little resistance; Faramir only gasped, “I don’t know what to do.”

“All you have to do is relax and I will take care of the rest,” Haldir said, pulling a small bottle of oil from his pocket. While he was unstoppering the bottle, he was surprised by the feeling of Faramir’s hand running down his chest and landing on his own stiff member. He tried to concentrate as the steward began stroking; he was certainly learning quickly. Haldir moaned once, but willed himself to be silent. Once he got the oil on his hand, he retraced his finger around Faramir’s entrance before slowly entering the tip of one finger. He slid forward just slightly, going a little deeper until he knew he had hit the right spot. Faramir reacted very strongly to the stimulation, rising up once again in the bed, yelling out almost as though in pain, and punching his feather pillow before gripping it to hold on through his pleasure. He tried to keep his mouth shut, for fear that his King would hear him further down the hallway. Meanwhile, Haldir was quite entertained. His gleeful giggle filled the stone room with a delightful sound.

“Are you enjoying that? I would say you are… it is a very good feeling!” Haldir bent down to whisper into his lover’s ear, “wait until I am inside… I will ram you so hard, little one, you may well pass out.” The little moan that came from Faramir’s lips sounded half lustful, and half afraid. Haldir stroked his partner’s prostate again, and the man shivered and whimpered, a sweat breaking out on his forehead. Faramir could not help himself; he grabbed his flesh and began to stroke eagerly. Haldir urged him on, watching him, his own arousal pulsing with desire. He would not be able to hold on much longer.

“You are soaking in fluid, steward,” Haldir said almost gleefully, after a few more moments and a few more fingers had made it through Faramir’s entrance. “I think you are ready to be taken.” The steward looked frightened, although he knew that he didn’t need to be – Haldir was probably the perfect person to learn from, and was extremely attractive to boot.

“I’m ready,” the Gondorian said. Haldir shivered at the words, his cock twitching in anticipation. He whispered into Faramir’s ear, his voice slightly rasping, “I can wait no longer, so you must be ready. I must take you, Faramir, now.” Faramir found himself getting even more excited at this. The elf was covering his own cock with oil as he said the words. Faramir turned over on the bed and waited, trying to relax. He felt comfortable with Haldir, but any unfamiliar situation was bound to make him slightly nervous. When he could feel the elf’s tip at his entrance, the oil making things slide a bit, he found himself tensing up.

“Shhhh, just relax,” Haldir said, waiting for the man to relax. “Do not be afraid, although the feeling is natural the first time.” They both waited, paused on the edge of satisfaction. Faramir finally started to relax, and Haldir said, “I am going to go in now, but slowly.” He slid just the tip of his cock into the man, and was overcome with long-awaited pleasure. The elf threw his head back, moaning. Faramir, though focused on relaxing, found his body responding well to Haldir’s entrance, the ring of muscle relaxing as the elf pushed in slowly.

Haldir slid slowly past Faramir’s waiting prostate; although the pressure felt good, it only made the man impatient for more. He wriggled beneath Haldir, moaning. But the elf was not to be hurried; he was making sure that Faramir’s first time was pleasant, not painful. That would require a little bit of patience. He moved slowly in and out, very slowly. This was just until Faramir was fully relaxed. Every time the tip of his cock pushed against the man’s prostate, Faramir would shudder beneath him, moaning and whimpering and quietly begging for more. Finally, when Haldir was quite certain that Faramir was relaxed enough, he resumed his play.

“Do you need more, Faramir? Is this not enough for you?” the elf sounded mirthful.

“I do, I need more, faster, harder,” Faramir panted back, sounding desperate. Haldir found the steward’s voice intoxicating.

“Do you need me to go harder?” the elf asked. Faramir only groaned back, deeply in need. He was trembling.

“Oh… Like this?” the elf had increased his pace significantly, moving far faster than before. Faramir shuddered and let out an enormous moan, crying out at the feeling of the elf inside of him. Every time that one spot inside of him was stimulated, he thanked the Gods for this beautiful elf, who seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. Haldir, though cold and calculating and somewhat smug in normal life situations, was an extremely free spirit in bed, giggling, his golden hair dancing with each thrust. But the elf slowed down a bit after a moment and focused on giving Faramir deep, slow thrusts that further stimulated his inner gland. Faramir’s vision was blurred, drops of sweat pouring from his face, the pleasure was so intense. And when the elf reached forward and took Faramir’s cock in his hand, the man screamed in pleasurable agony, no longer caring about keeping quiet. He was absolutely desperate for release, and knew he was close. The elf’s stroking and thrusting was too much for him. “I’ve got to come!” Faramir sounded panicked. He did not wish to finish too soon for Haldir. In response, the elf nibbled on the man’s ear, and knew that they had reached the end. Haldir heard Faramir’s cries of bliss, along with the feeling of his seed on his hand. Incredibly aroused by the sound of Faramir’s yelling, the elf shuddered and let himself go also, fully releasing himself.

They both sat still for a few moments. Haldir was already relaxed, but Faramir was still gasping for breath.

“Was it worth it?” Haldir asked Faramir.

Faramir nodded.

“Good.” The elf stood up, and redressed himself. He kissed the Gondorian one last time, looking him deep in the eyes, stroking his face gently with his hand. “I must depart for Lórien at dawn. I hope to meet you again, someday.” With that, the elf left, desiring to keep things simple for the both of them.

Faramir just sat on his bed until dawn, contemplating what excuse he could give his King to visit Lórien, ‘someday’.

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This was…wonderful. Truth to be told, I forgot about this challenge… and today I was going through the bookmarks on my computer and imagine my surprise when I found this!

I could feel what Faramir did, my heart squeezing every now and than and… awww. Thank you for sharing the story! It was nice reading and exciting too! Good work on the challenge there

— Gemenice    24 June 2013, 07:58    #

oh my God its naughty,love it:-) hope you write more Faramir-Haldir :-)

— blondie    14 December 2013, 19:18    #

Oh, both of you are wonderful; it’s Christmas time again, my usual time when I log on here and do some major writing, and I just saw both of your comments! Thank you very much! Gemenice, I’m glad you got to have a surprise reading this. And Blondie, thank you very much! I’m thinking about writing something else with Haldir and Faramir… any suggestions? ;)

— Morwen    22 December 2013, 23:23    #

Will think about it and write back when I hopefully get an idea:-)))

— Blondie    12 January 2014, 23:54    #

Hi again Morwen.I have been thinking about an idea to a Faramir /Haldir story. Could be fun if you wrote a story where Faramir had an excuse to go and visit Lórien and Haldir some day, what would happen then. Or maybe this story took plase the other way around, that Faramir desires Haldir. Just some thoughts:-)

— blondie    24 January 2014, 23:18    #

Hi Morwen, how is your writing doing,are you up to something new, hope you are ok,,:-)

— Blondie    29 March 2015, 12:28    #

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