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Last Kiss (NC-17) Print

Written by El

09 July 2007 | 4628 words

Title: Last Kiss
Author: El (duathunsidhe@yahoo.com)
Pairing: Boromir/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Slash, Incest, Tissue
Feedback: Please
Summary: Boromir and Faramir find something special.
AN: This was a rabid plot bunny that would not leave me alone. I normally do not write for Boromir and Faramir, let alone in incestuous relationships. So please, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Last Kiss

Minas Tirith, Gondor July 6, 3018 (TA)

He took a deep swig from his goblet, staring out over the city as night slowly descended. Tomorrow he would leave his beloved home on a quest he thought pointless. A dream was just that… a dream. What could the Elves do for them? Why would they help now when they hadn’t done so in the many years past? It was a diplomatic thing and Boromir was anything BUT a politician. In point of fact, he was a warrior through and through, devoted to defending his city, his people and, most importantly, his little brother.

Taking another swallow, his thoughts turned to his beloved sibling and the less than pure fantasies that lay locked in his head. Ah, if Denethor knew how he longed to claim his brother, he would have banished Faramir from the city. As irrational as it was, Denethor would blame the younger for the fault of the elder. He knew he was his father’s favorite, knew the Steward insanely blamed Faramir for their mother’s death. No amount of rational argument could sway Denethor’s mind. Boromir could only strive to counteract the harsh and demeaning words his father spewed.

At some point, he did not remember when, his love for Faramir had changed. It had become something more, something sweet and forbidden. When he thought of his little brother, his body swelled and ached. Many nights had seen him stroking his shaft to thoughts of driving the rigid flesh between the perfect swells of his sibling’s buttocks. He imagined Faramir crying his name in passion as he spilled against the sheets, or better yet, the taut ridges of his body.

Boromir had given up trying to drive the thoughts from his mind, from his heart. He knew it was not possible, had known it from the night of Faramir’s 18th birthday. The intimacy his brother had allowed him would not leave him alone, but rarely had it been repeated in the following years.

Absently he moved to his bed, his hand stroking the straining length of his cock through the tight leather of his leggings. Setting his ale on the nightstand and tossing his tunic aside, he slowly unlaced his breeches. His shaft slipped out, hard and dripping. It had been this way for so long, the fact no longer surprised him. Faramir could get him worked up faster than the most skilled prostitutes in the whole of Gondor. He’d made a point of investigating that particular fact. The most perfect night had been had in his brother’s room just down the hall seventeen years ago.

He groaned as his mind took him back through time. The feast that night had been done only because the people expected it. Denethor was ever aware of appearances. The food was exceptional only because the cooks loved the Steward’s younger son. The music beautiful for the same reason. Faramir had been happy… for a change. That is until Denethor had had enough of people fawning over what he considered a worthless piece of flesh, neither man nor soldier nor son.

With harsh words made worse for being spoken in front of so many, Denethor had driven Faramir from the hall. Silence had blanketed the room before Boromir had told his father what a bastard he was in no uncertain terms. He had left to find his brother despite the Steward’s demands to the contrary.

Flashback: Minas Tirith 3001 (TA)

Carefully he opened the door to Faramir’s room. Slipping inside, he turned the lock to prevent any kind of repercussions from their father. Then he continued through to the sparse chambers beyond. Soft sobs echoed in the silent dark.

“Faramir?” he whispered as he moved towards the bed.

“Go away,” came the sad mumbled voice.

“Oh no Little One,” Boromir said, joining his brother on the bed. “I will not leave you to your thoughts for I know what path they will travel. I will not let you take blame for his actions or think they hold any truth. They do not.”

“Why does he hate me so?” Faramir asked as he turned to face his brother.

“It is his grief,” Boromir said as he tucked his arm beneath his head. “I do not understand it fully but Father has not come to terms with her death.”

“I do not think he ever will,” Faramir mumbled. “He does not love me and I do not know how to change that.”

“It may not be something you can change,” Boromir sighed as he placed a kiss on the furrowed brow. “Perhaps some day Father will come to his senses and see how very special you are.”

“Am I special to you?” his brother asked hesitantly.

“Ah Faramir,” he sighed. “In more ways than I thought possible.”

“What do you mean?” Faramir asked snuggling closer, unmindful of the way his body brushed against Boromir’s.

The older man ground his teeth together as his body sat up and howled. He wanted Faramir, badly. His cock strained against his breeches, begging to feel the young Gondorian around him. He let his hand wander up to cup the back of his brother’s neck, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply.

“Is something wrong Boro?” Faramir asked at the small growl that slipped from between pressed lips.

“I… Little One… I have a confession to make,” he said slowly, trying to calm the rapid beating of his heart and the pulsing in his groin.

“A confession?”

“Yas,” Boromir answered. “and a request.”

“Anything Boro,” Faramir answered quickly. “I would do anything for you.”

“Even if it is something forbidden? Something that could get you banished or worse.” he asked. At his brother’s quick nod, he sighed. “I love you Little One. More than a brother should. I desire you as a man desires a woman… or another man.”

“Oh,” Faramir’s perfect mouth formed a little ‘o’ of surprise. His eyes darkened at the very thought of what his brother was saying. He felt his shaft twitching. “Oh… um…”

“I do not want to upset you,” Boromir said as he ran his fingers through the soft curls. “I just cannot keep silent anymore. I have tried finding satisfaction with others, but to no avail. None of them can relieve the desire I feel for you.”

A tentative hand stroked down his velvet covered chest, making him shiver as pleasure raced through him. Faramir’s touch continued down, passed his belt to his thigh. Slowly, hesitantly it moved upward to cup his aching arousal in long slender fingers. A loud groan ripped its way from his throat and Boromir gave an involuntary thrust forward.

“You are so hard…” Faramir whispered in awe. “For me? This is for me?”

“By the Gods, yes. It is for you Little One,” Boromir moaned, his eyes drifting closed. “There is not another person, male or female, in all the world that gets me harder faster than you.”

“You are huge,” his brother said softly. “I want to see. Show me please Boro?”

All he could do was nod his acquiescence. Tentative fingers, shaking with unnamed emotion, slowly untied the lacings to his breeches. The fabric parted revealing his long thick shaft. The tip glistened as Faramir stared. Boromir groaned as his cock jerked in response to that gaze.

“I have heard some of the guards talking…” Faramir whispered. “About how… um… how two males… find pleasure.”

“Stalking around the city again have you?” Boromir chuckled softly. He loved the way his brother blushed.

“I… what would you have of me Boro?” he murmured as he stared, his fingers tracing over bared flesh.

Though untouched, Faramir had spent many hours eavesdropping on the soldiers. He’d learned many things but had no practical experience. Now, looking at the length and breath of his brother, he wasn’t quite sure he wanted it. Although, he had to admit, the sight had him quivering and tingling with pleasure.

“I see a bit of fear in your eyes Little One,” Boromir whispered as he tipped his brother’s head up and placed a sweet kiss upon his lips.

“I… mm,” Faramir paused as he felt the tip of Boro’s tongue trace his lower lip. He gasped softly and the slick appendage slipped inside his mouth. Jolts of unexpected pleasure shot straight to his groin, making his cock pulse and swell. He pressed closer to his brother.

“What?” Boromir asked when he at last let Faramir up for air.

“I… do not think… I am quite… You are so big Boro,” he admitted with a blush. “I…”

“You are afraid I will hurt you if I enter your backside,” the older man finished softly. At his brother’s nod, he continued. “I wish to find release with you Faramir, to feel your skin against mine as I come. But I will not do anything to harm you.”

“Then how?” he asked.

“There are ways to accomplish what I want without breeching your body.” Boromir explained. “But first… we must remove these clothes. They are in the way and I wish to look at you.”

Slowly the brothers undressed, their eyes roaming over each bit of skin revealed by the discarded fabric. A blush tinged Faramir’s skin from head to toe. Boromir smiled encouragingly as he extended his hand. Once they returned to the bed, he pulled his brother into his arms, kissing him with all the passion inside him. He could feel his Little One trembling in his embrace.

Faramir tore his mouth away on a loud moan as their cocks pressed together. Pleasure shot through him, making his body clench. He unconsciously rocked his hips to extend the sensation. Hot lips moved down his neck, nipping and licking their way to one taut nipple. Amazement travelled with the pleasure at how connected his groin was to the tight buds on his chest. He did not realize how sensitive they were to the flicks and nips Boromir bestowed upon them.

“Ah Boro,” he cried, arching his back as sensation after sensation assaulted him.

“I knew you would be this way.” Boromir whispered against wet flesh. “I knew you would respond freely, feel every sensation so intensely. I want to be the one to wring those cries from your lips. I have dreamed of you.”

Faramir whimpered.

“I have fantasized,” the elder brother growled. “Of taking you, of feeling your tight passage wrapped around my cock, of your voice calling my name in pleasure as you came. I have dreamt of this.”

In one smooth slide, he enveloped Faramir’s shaft, burying his nose in the tight curls at its base. The flavor burst inside his mouth like ambrosia, addicting and exquisite. He revelled in the near scream that came from the younger man’s throat as he set a steady rhythm. He knew it would not take his brother long to climax and he wanted to taste it upon his tongue, feel it sliding down his throat.

Faramir didn’t know which end was up. His body was a mass of sensation as hands laid claim to virgin skin and mouth played sweetly over his cock. He had touched himself, even going so far as to stroke his own passage, his curiosity making him a bit adventurous in private. But he had never thought to experience anything like this, not with his brother.

“So good,” he whimpered. “Boro… I… can’t… too much.”

“Come for me Little One,” Boromir whispered as he took his brother deep again. Mere seconds later, his mouth was filled with the most delicious nectar he had ever tasted. A moan rumbled through his broad chest as he swallowed, drawing out Faramir’s peak with each contraction of his throat muscles. It seemed as if his orgasm lasted forever and he wanted to get it all.

Finally Faramir collapsed against his bed, panting and whimpering with the aftershocks. Slowly Boromir moved up until he could rest his head next to the soft blonde locks. He waited until his brother opened his eyes.

“Are you alright Little One?” he murmured, nuzzling his neck and placing gentle kisses against his skin.

“More than alright Boro,” Faramir murmured. “Is it always like that?”

“No,” the elder answered. “It is better.”

“Better?” he asked curiously. “Is that possible?”

“Oh yes, Faramir,” Boromir chuckled. “Much better. And when you are ready, if you wish, I will show you how exquisite it can be.”

“I… I think… I do not think I can do that tonight,” Faramir panted softly. “But… you have not…”

“Ah no,” he laughed softly as he kissed the tip of his brother’s nose. “I have not… yet.”

“Tell me what to do Boro,” Faramir whispered breathlessly.

“It would be easier if you turned over,” Boromir instructed. “Place your back against my chest.”

“I won’t be able to see you,” the younger protested.

“Yes you will. Look,” the older answered, pointing towards the mirror hanging on the wall. “You will be able to see us, see me as I come… because of you.”

“Because of me,” Faramir whispered.

Boromir pressed against his brother’s back. His hands danced over smooth skin as he ran his mouth along the curve of his shoulder. Reaching down, he stroked Faramir’s chest, tweaking his nipples until whimpers turned into cries of pleasure.

“I love the sounds you make,” he purred.

Faramir panted softly, his body burning with pleasure, with sensation. He felt the press of his brother’s shaft against the soft swell of his buttock, felt the slickness against his skin. Whimpering softly, he pressed back as Boro continued to take him higher and higher.

He ground his teeth, trying to maintain control as Faramir’s sighs and mewls of pleasure threatened to unravel it. Reaching down with one hand, he wrapped his fingers around Faramir’s shaft, stroking slowly as he pressed his own aching cock between his brother’s thighs from behind. A low moan rocked his body at the sensation of silky flesh wrapping around him.

“Yes,” he growled. “You feel so good Faramir… I… damn…”

Boromir pushed further until the head of his manhood brushed against the tight skin of his brother’s sac, his shaft rubbing the virgin passage. Another groan echoed through the room as his precum made each slide easier and more exquisite. Each push of his body pressed Faramir’s cock through his grip.

“Look Little One,” he growled as he raised his eyes to the mirror. “Look at us together, how beautiful you look. Do you feel what you do to me? How hard you make me? Oh Gods, Faramir… I want to come between your thighs… I want to see it glisten against your skin.”

“Boro, so good…” Faramir whimpered. Each thrust of his brother’s cock between his thighs, pressing against sensitive flesh, the feel of his shaft in the slick grip of Boromir’s hand, sent his mind reeling. His felt that tension again, the twisting knot deep in his abdomen.

“Ah Faramir,” Boromir groaned as he felt his peak riding him hard and fast. “I… am…”

Faramir opened his eyes and stared into the mirror, watching his brother’s head fly back as hot liquid spilled between his legs, coating his balls and passage. He shuddered when his release came within seconds. Ah so beautiful, he thought. His brother looked incredible… passionate, masculine, perfect.

Vision darkened by the intensity of his peak, Boromir collapsed behind Faramir. Without thinking, he pulled his Little One tight against him, heedless of the sticky mess. His hand wandered down between his brother’s thighs, cupping his softening shaft and dipping into the cooling liquid of his seed.

“Almost perfect,” Boromir whispered as he drifted to sleep. “Love you Little One, with all my heart.”

(End Flashback)

Grunting, Boromir’s entire body shook as he came. He let his hand slide to the bed as he panted for breath. Nothing since had come close to rivaling that night. He doubted anything would. He knew his love for his brother was forbidden, knew his father would punish Faramir for it. So he denied himself the joy of Faramir’s touch until he could stand it no longer. Only then would he seek his brother’s chambers and give them both release.

When Faramir had shown interest in others, Boromir had stepped into the background, letting him spread his wings. Yet, the threat was there. Hurt Faramir and one faced the wrath of the steward’s older son. He could not stop the pain that pierced his heart when he saw his brother with someone, but he did his best to conceal it from Faramir.

Now he must leave. Who would watch out for his Little One? Certainly not their father. Denethor would make Faramir’s life hell. He had made friends among the court. Everyone loved his little brother… everyone but the man who SHOULD love him.

So lost in his thoughts, Boromir did not hear the door to his chambers close. Faramir leaned against it, studying his brother as he lay, wanton on the bed, his cock limp against his belly and shining with his seed. He looked… incredible.

“Boro?” he called softly as he walked across the room. He had learned early on to be quiet. The very sound of his voice would send his father into a rage.

“You have caught me a bit…” Boromir started.

“Beautiful,” Faramir murmured as he climbed onto the bed. He stopped his brother from closing his breeches. He stared at the liquid gracing the firm ridges of Boromir’s abdomen. With a little whimper, he leaned down and ran his tongue through it. The muscles beneath his mouth jerked in surprised response.

“Faramir,” he breathed.

“Shhh Boro,” his little brother whispered, using his own private nickname for the soldier he loved. “Let me do this for you.”

Leaning his head back, Boromir let his brother have his way. Each moan and groan seemed only to make him more arduous, more determined. He buried his fingers in the blonde locks, guiding the sweet mouth to his rapidly returning erection.

Somehow, Faramir managed to strip them both without ceasing his activities. His brother had truly developed his pleasure talents. He growled as fingernails dragged down his thighs. His muscles quivered as sensations danced along his nerve endings.

“Little One,” he moaned as he stared.

“Not so little anymore” Faramir answered as he brushed his cock against Boromir’s thigh.

“No,” the older man breathed as a slick tongue flicked over the soft skin of his balls. “Not so little.”

“What would you have of me this night Boro?” Faramir purred, looking up into those blue eyes, eyes that held nothing but love for him.

“Ah, Little One,” he smiled. “What I would have of you would not allow you to sit comfortably for a bit.”

“Would you…” Faramir blushed before he continued. “fuck me… slide your hard cock deep inside my body and ride me hard until we both screamed?”

“Do not tease Faramir,” Boromir growled low as his body clenched in response to those words, “I do not have the patience nor the control this night.”

“What made you think I was teasing?” the younger man asked as he straddled the soldier’s hips. “In these last years, I have had my share of lovers, all of them exquisite and special. There are only two things I have left to give and they have been yours for some time now.”

“You speak in riddles,” Boromir hissed as their cocks brushed and rubbed together. “I hate riddles.”

“Then I shall solve this one for you,” Faramir whispered as he wrapped his long fingers around the combined width of their shafts. “I have but my body for the taking and my heart for the loving left to give. I have allowed no one to claim me. That is for you and you alone Boromir, just as my heart is yours. For so long I have kept this inside but… I… I cannot explain really… I just cannot let you leave without sharing myself with you, without telling you what I feel. There is a part of me that fears I will never see you again Brother and it tears me apart inside. Please… drive this shadow from my heart. Let me feel your love. Let me wake tomorrow morning with your arms about me and your body joined with mine.”

Without saying a word, Boromir pulled Faramir down into his embrace, his mouth claiming with a ferocious passion as the words worked on his body. He was incredibly hard, leaking already from his brother’s sweet ministrations. Rolling over, he pressed him back into the mattress, growling as their shafts were pressed more firmly between their bodies. He rocked his hips, drawing whimpers from his little brother.

“If you are able to walk tomorrow,” Boromir rumbled as he nipped his way down Faramir’s neck. “I will be duly impressed Little One. I intend to mark you as mine in no uncertain terms. You will never doubt my claiming of you.”

“Love me Boro,” the younger Gondorian panted as he lifted his hips.

“More than anything,” Boromir promised.

The time for words was done and the time for kisses and caresses began. Strong hands callused from sword and bow moved over heated skin. White teeth nipped, drawing gasps and snarls of pleasure. When Boromir could not wait any longer, he slipped his hand between his brother’s thighs. He took a moment to caress the tight sac with a firm hand and then continued down to the quivering passage that lay further down.

A moan ripped from Faramir’s throat at the first gentle stroke. He felt his brother’s surprise more than saw it and smiled even as he gasped for breath.

“You are already slick,” Boromir murmured, the very thought nearly pushing him over the edge. “I wish I could have watched. What a beautiful sight you must have made, your own fingers buried in your sweet backside.”

“I wanted nothing to delay our joining,” Faramir blushed. “Not even that.”

Claiming his brother’s mouth in another passion filled kiss, Boromir positioned his straining shaft against the ring. Gently he pushed despite the almost overwhelming urge to thrust wildly. He would not hurt Faramir. Not now and not ever. He watched the handsome face below him as he drew back, looking for any sign of discomfort or pain as he pressed forward. The only indication was the small wince his Little One gave when the head of his cock finally slid passed the tight muscle.

Inch by agonizing inch, he entered the slick passage as Faramir moaned beneath him. His shoulders would bear bruises where his brother gripped.

“Boro,” he panted as he tossed his head back and forth.

“Aye Little One,” Boromir growled, dropping his head to Faramir’s shoulder as he came to the very end of that first thrust. “You are so tight… incredibly so.”

“Full and… stretched. Boro it… you… feel… perfect,” he moaned as he shifted between the older man’s weight. “Please… give it to me… make me scream Boro.”

With another growl, Boromir began to move, dragging his cock almost completely out. Then he pushed back in steadily, angling to hit that sweet spot deep inside. As always, his aim was true and Faramir arched wildly with a scream of pleasure. His body clenched around Boro’s shaft, dragging a moan from him.

Nothing before compared to this moment. Nothing after would ever come close. This was his deepest wish and his darkest forbidden fantasy. To have Faramir beneath him, surrounding him, and screaming his name as he brought him the most exquisite pleasure.

“That’s it,” he murmured as his brother voiced his pleasure. “Let me hear you Little One.”

Faramir was not a quiet lover and Boromir loved every minute of it. He was so responsive, so vocal… so giving. He moved faster, harder, to each demand the younger man made. Cries of ‘don’t stop’ echoed through the room until finally neither one of them had the capacity for speech. Then the room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, grunts and moans punctuating each hard snap of Boromir’s hips, each thrust of his cock into Faramir’s tight slick passage.

Faramir saw stars and his vision darkened as each dead on strike of his prostate sent a tidal wave of pleasure crashing against his senses. He couldn’t hold on anymore, didn’t want to.

“Yes,” Boromir growled, sensing his brother’s orgasm. “Come for me, Faramir.”

What else could he do? His voice bounced against the walls as he screamed Boromir’s name. His body arched, pressing his cock between their bodies as spurt after spurt of his essence coated their stomachs. His pleasure kicked up another notch as he felt his brother’s seed coating his insides.

He couldn’t see, didn’t need to see. All he needed to do was feel. Faramir’s body contracted around his shaft, gripping him tightly as the inner muscles spasmed with his peak. Nothing could stop his response to those sensations and Boromir felt his body explode inside his brother. He threw back his head, roaring his pleasure before collapsing against the trembling body beneath him. What followed immediately after, he couldn’t say.

When the sun rose, it found them still in entwined together, still joined, the two men slept, sated and peaceful. Faramir twitched as the light hit his eyes. After a few moments, he opened them and glanced down at the tawny strands of hair covering his shoulder and chest. He smiled softly as he ran his fingers through the silken locks. Their love was forbidden and they would have to hide it, but he would never regret it, never regret this night and the exquisite pleasure they had shared.

In a few hours, Boromir would leave for Rivendell, to seek the assistance of the Eldar. Faramir couldn’t explain the dread he felt and wished it would go away. He wished he was going in his brother’s stead for he felt something, some nameless doom, awaiting on this journey. Yet, he knew his father would never trust him with such a task. Denethor trusted him with nothing. Not like Boro. His brother had been his champion since he was born.

Later, when he stood on the steps of the citadel, watching his brother as he mounted his horse, a small secret smile graced his fair features. He caught Boromir’s eye and conveyed in the one look the love he had for him. Boro, in his way, gave the tiniest of nods that spoke volumes. Then he turned his steed and rode out of the city.

Gondor Febuary 26, 3019

He stood waist deep in the Anduin. The water felt cool and crisp. He looked up the river, the hazy light hiding the water. He looked around for the source of his anxiety and spotted the white boat floating slowly towards him. Dread and denial swept through him as it came closer and closer. Unconsciously, he started shaking his head, denying what he knew was true. The boat bumped against his legs and tears streamed down his cheeks as he looked into his beloved brother’s face.

Slowly those blue eyes opened and Boromir sat up. Without a word, he cupped the back of Faramir’s neck and placed one last kiss on his brother’s sweet lips.

How could either of them know that their first night together would also be their last?


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8 Comment(s)

Oh wow, this was so incredible I just had to comment.
I am going to read this again, cause it was so darn good and hot and wonderful..

— Nemain Isa    Monday 5 November 2007, 21:46    #

Thank you Nemain Isa. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It was a plot bunny that would just not leave me alone.

— El    Tuesday 6 November 2007, 15:39    #

This is, hands down, the best story for this pairing I’ve had the pleasure to read. At first it was so well written, so arousing and hot, but then at the end…I think this may be the first time smut has ever caused me to cry. I cried. You have my great respect for this story, which invokes more than the full gamut of emotions.

— Drift    Tuesday 14 July 2009, 7:18    #

wow. I have read a lot of stories centering specifically around the events before Boromir’s departure to Rivendell, most of them going a similar way, what with the foreshadowing and all of that. All of them have saddened me, the brothers being my favorites, but this one actually made me cry. It is very beautiful.

— Ilduwynne    Wednesday 2 September 2009, 11:15    #

Thank you everyone, for your kind comments. This was, as I’ve said, a rabid plot bunny that would not let go. It was as if the muse had grabbed her whip again, like she did on “Something to Prove”. I don’t normally write for Boromir and Faramir. I find them difficult, but this story just flowed from my fingers. I must admit to crying while I was writing the ending. I love stories that make you feel for the characters, share their emotions, and I try to do that with each piece I write.

— El    Thursday 3 September 2009, 3:54    #

Absolutely awesome. Well written , simply lovely. Among the best stories, thank you for writing it :)

— Ula    Monday 9 November 2009, 20:13    #

that was just perfect. please write again for the brothers mir. so beautiful. i will read it again and again.

— NAELE    Tuesday 7 September 2021, 12:41    #


— NAELE    Tuesday 2 November 2021, 10:53    #

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