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A Challenge for Both (G)

By Raven22372; with Pippin

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Finally – Book!Faramir!

Technique: Water Colours, ink pencil
Pairing: Faramir/Pippin
Rating: K
Warning: None

Long ago – well, *cough* very long ago I promised Iris a book!Faramir. For some reason inspiration decided to take the long way yet finally it came when I was reading the amazing The Gifts in small Packages – written by the also amazing December. I hope I won´t give away too much when I say there´s a beautiful scene in the last chapter in which Faramir teaches his squire (a certain Peregrin Took) how to shave him. A request that, for several reasons, puts poor Pips in a delicate predicament (and Faramir in the serious danger of getting his throat slit).

So, if you would like to accept, this one is for both of you.

High-resolution version available at LiveJournal

Posted Dec 11, 2011

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5 Comment(s)

Oh! Your book!Faramir is a bulky chap! Love it! Thanks for sharing

Iris    Sunday 11 December 2011, 10:59    #

Why yes, he is a warrior, right? ;) – However, confession time: I love drawing muscles and sinews and all the shapes you can see under the skin. Once I get carried away I would even equip Legolas with a sixpack!

— raven22372    Sunday 11 December 2011, 11:07    #

OMFG I laughed so hard when I saw Pippin’s face. He’s, like, totally blacked out xDDD Poor chap, though. Anyway, if I may, I’d make the humble suggestion to actually use his expression as the thumbnail for this work, the current icon doesn’t do it justice. Anyway…

Seriously, this is the best Christmas gift ever! (Don’t tell my mom I said that) Because, ridiculously enough, I’ve found this only now, and it is Christmas – must be fate, lol.

As for build, well, I’ve never found much explicit description pertaining to that question. We know that Boromir was big and broader in the shoulders than Aragorn while also being a little shorter. But then again, Aragorn was very tall and lean, so no wonder. Besides, it doesn’t say anywhere that B and F had the same body-type, which as brothers they may have had but then again may have not had. They were said to look alike – but to what extent…? Basically, all I remember of Faramir is that he looked very tall to Frodo and Pippin (again, big surprise), and that he was taller than his other three rangers (but we don’t have their heights for reference), and that he looked to Eowyn as an unbeatable warrior… So I reckon that as long as you make him look strong, anything goes and the rest is up to each reader’s own interpretation ;)

Also, there’s no saying Legolas didn’t have a sixpack. We never saw him naked, did we? Alas…

Anywho, before this turns into yet another one of those walls, or has it already? Anywho again, let me wrap this up with an enormous thanks and a crushing bear-hug! I never would have thought this story would serve as such strong inspiration for a Tolkien artist, and I’m boundlessly grateful for the time and thought you’ve put into this piece! Smooch!

December    Sunday 25 December 2011, 19:36    #

You´re so welcome! :D (smooch back) Heheh, I´m glad Pippin´s face expression works fine (though it cannot match the image of that scene you gave me). XD All the time I was pondering about a motif for book-Faramir without ever getting a grip on it and suddenly– bang! – there it was. The enormous amount of emotional and intellectual depth of both your fics and comments appears to magically fuel your fellow-fans´ creativity… :)

I was a bit insecure regarding (book-) Faramir´s physical appearance. It is often mentioned (partly in fanfic) that he is built less tall and broad than his brother – yet, as you said, he still seems to be a remarkable appearance. As far as I remember the timeline Faramir is about 36 (or was it 39?) when he meets Frodo and Sam. Given the war is over now and Pippin has returned to the Shire, lived there for a while and travelled the long way back to Minas Tirith, we can assume Faramir is somewhat about 40 now. I noticed that from a certain age the human body undergoes a suble change – it is not about getting bald and fat (at least not necessarily), rather about getting more… grounded. I could not explain it any better. Maybe solidity is good word. Like… less slender and lithe and therefore more settled in itself. And then I thought that even though he is mainly a politician now he surely would not stop practising his fighting skills so… I think adding a few muscles would do him no wrong. And yes, I would trust Legolas to challenge Gimli in a contest of caber tossing. Bet he would train for weeks! X)

— raven22372    Tuesday 27 December 2011, 17:52    #

I’d be more than happy to do anything I can to fuel the fellow-fans’ creativity :):)

To my knowledge, it is mentioned only in fanfic that he was less tall or broad than Boromir. I don’t rmemeber Tolkien ever addresing the matter, although of course I may be wrong. For myself, I have always imagined him somewhat more lithe and slender than Boromir, for intuitively it felt to me such a bulid would be more fitting for his stealthy rangering job, while Boromir was more into running out of the bushes roaring and brandishing his heavy sword – that’s my impression. My own inner image of him is that of someone with kind of like a pro swimmer’s body: tall and lean, with good muscle definition but without them bulging like those of a body-builder. He would be broad in the shoulders and have well-developed arms, shoulders and upper back, due to the archery and swording, but he would not look heavy or hefty. But again, that’s just my personal thinking, not particularly based on any hard data… As said countless times before, if K. Shmiel’s Faramir could come alive, he’d totally be my pick, but since that seems rather unlikely… Well, I’d say Jo Weil from Verbotene Liebe (especially the later seasons) would’ve made a very fine Faramir, both in looks and in acting, seeing as he is quite a superb actor. Fair enough, he’s not exceptionally muscular, so in my imagination, when seeing him as Faramir, I do add him a bit of gym-hours a week, heheh

December    Friday 30 December 2011, 3:05    #

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